Your Year Ahead

Personalised 12 month energy forecast to help you plan your strategy, find your flow and co-create magic this year.

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Do you want to make the most of your unique and authentic energies over the next 12 months?

Would you love an accurate cosmic overview of the most important themes for you next year, with guidance on how to co-create with your archetypal beings to create your most soul-aligned desires?

How about a quarterly map of what to expect, and what to focus on, so you're working with the energies all year?

Plus intuitive insight into what makes you, you, so you're empowered to be your authentic self?

Things we can cover in your session:

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With Saturn moving into his home sign of Capricorn, it's time to get real and build something big in our lives. Find out where you need to focus your energy, do the work, and be responsible for seeing something through to completion. What's your personal mountain in 2018-19 and beyond, and how can you work with Saturn to achieve it?

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With Uranus moving into Taurus, our sense of material security is being shaken-up, and the things we used to take for granted are no longer a sure bet. You can see this playing out collectively in the traditional monetary system, which is being disrupted by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Where is the revolution happening for you, and how can you use it to awaken to your soul's genius and deep-seated abundance, rather than crumble as you cling to the old?

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With Jupiter excavating the underworld in sexy, deep and dangerous Scorpio, we're all on a journey of reclaiming our lost power. What shadowy places do you need to enter in 2018, so you can call back your full soul power? In what area of life can you find an abundance of opportunities, healing and riches next year? 

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With Neptune still floating through dreamy, spiritual Pisces, our connection to the Divine has never been stronger.  (Nor has spirituality ever been as fashionable.) Where and how are you being asked to surrender your ego, dissolve your separate self, and return to the womb of Source? How can you transform self-sabotage into sacred service, and enter into a deeper connection with your own God self?

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Pluto, the bringer of transformation and Lord of the Underworld, is still churning through Capricorn. He's the secret agent responsible for the downfall of the banking, commerce and government systems over the last decade. But his quest isn't over yet. Which part of your life is he stripping back and laying bare, so your soul's mission can come forth with more power?

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Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is swimming through our deepest spiritual wounds in Pisces. Wherever we feel separate from our Divinity, Chiron is helping us return. Your Pisces house and planets have had a crucifixion of the highest order over the past several years, and as Chiron prepares to leave Pisces and enter Aries, it's time to drink the last drops of this transcendent medicine. Where have you been rewired in closer contact to the Divine, and what sort of courage, boldness and warrior energy will your healing journey be activating in you next year?

Sessions are ninety minutes long, and take place via Zoom.

Each session is tailored to your unique situation, desires and challenges in 2018-19. Some of the archetypes listed above may be your leading characters next year, or there may be others you need to work with instead.

You'll get a map of who's most prominent, when, as well as an overview of your major themes - Love? Money? Business? Communication? Healing? Travel? - laid out chronologically, quarter-by-quarter. 

And, since I work very intuitively during the session itself, we'll follow the energy to see what needs to be illuminated in your life right now, and over the coming year.


I loved my Year Ahead reading with Eloise - it was clear, insightful and gave me a great sense of the energy of my year and how to plan business and personal activities to the most advantage.

I’ve had astrology readings before and often found them to be quite scattered or high level but this was not the case working with Eloise. The year ahead reading truly surpassed my expectations, it was detailed and specific to my needs. I loved the summary PDF that she sent afterwards which has become my roadmap for the year ahead.

I guess you can say I was truly impressed because I just signed up to work with her more intensively in the SoulStar Collective - I wouldn’t want to learn the art of astrology from anyone else and I’m thrilled she is sharing her gifts with the world in this way.
— Kathryn Hocking, Soulful Launching Strategist and Soul & Energy Medicine Practitioner
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What you Get

  • One 90 minute 1:1 intuitive astrology reading with me via Zoom (like Skype, but better).

  • An mp3 recording for you to listen to whenever you like.

  • Comprehensive written notes on your energies for each quarter of the next 12 months, for you to refer back to during the year ahead.

Plus: Clarity on your themes, energies and life cycles during the next 12 months.

More connection to your authentic self and unique soul purpose. 

The confidence to work creatively with your challenges and harness your highest potential next year.

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