Your Year Ahead

A personalised twelve-month astrological forecast to help you plan your year and find your flow. Work with life, rather than against it, by harnessing your planetary transits, progressions and solar return energies.

Get an accurate overview of the most important themes for you in the coming year, with guidance on your best times for action, rest and creation. So you know what to expect, how to navigate your challenges, and what to focus on, when.


Your major planetary transits over the next twelve months. This gives you an overview of the archetypal themes and life cycles that may have the most influence on you this year. You’ll receive a list of key dates so you can remember what’s happening, when.

Your progressed Moon and other significant progressions. You’ll understand which “phase” of life you’re in, and the overall mood of your life for the upcoming year.

Your Solar Return chart. This is your astrological birthday, and gives you a snapshot of what to expect for the year ahead.

Some of these PLANETS may be key for your next 12 months


Jupiter enters ambitious Capricorn at the end of 2019 and will join Saturn and Pluto in 2020. This triple conjunction may catalyse a powerful restructuring, expansion and consolidation in your natal Capricorn house. It’s time to get real. What could this mean for you, and how can you harness this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?


Chiron in Aries is healing wounds of independence, assertion and self-esteem. Which part of your life is Chiron breaking open and helping to integrate? Uranus in Taurus is revolutionising values, money and ownership. Where is he shaking up your stubborn status quo? Neptune in Pisces is dissolving ego boundaries and inspiring imagination and escapism. Where is Neptune connecting you to the divine love of Source?

ALL SESSIONS ARE tailored to your situation, desires and challenges

I work very intuitively during the session, so we'll follow the energy to see what needs to be illuminated in your life right now and over the coming year.


I loved my Year Ahead reading with Eloise - it was clear, insightful and gave me a great sense of the energy of my year and how to plan business and personal activities to the most advantage.

I've had astrology readings before and often found them to be quite scattered or high level but this was not the case working with Eloise. The year ahead reading truly surpassed my expectations, it was detailed and specific to my needs. I loved the summary PDF that she sent afterwards which has become my roadmap for the year ahead.

I guess you can say I was truly impressed because I just signed up to work with her more intensively in the SoulStar Collective (Cosmic Alchemy) - I wouldn't want to learn the art of astrology from anyone else and I'm thrilled she is sharing her gifts with the world in this way.



Sessions are held on Zoom, which is an online video conferencing platform. This means that we can meet online, wherever you are in the world.

You get an MP3 + video session recording, a copy of your astrology chart and a PDF with your key dates and transits for the year ahead.

I see clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am - 5 pm Melbourne time. If these times don’t work for you, contact me here.

Your Year Ahead sessions are 90 minutes. The price is $290 AUD.

There is a concession rate of $230 AUD for people who are full-time students, unemployed, or on a pension or disability benefit. (Use the coupon code CONCESSION when booking).

Sessions are available until mid-December 2019. I won’t be taking on new clients after that time.