Branding, Planning & Leading with the Stars

Creative astrology playshop

Venus Magic

october 25 & 26

Temple Byron Bay

taurus full moon ritual

sensual perfume creation

venus painting


with eloise meskanen

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The Intention

Unleash your Creative Power

You love ritual alignment to the moon and seasons.

you want to experience the magic of byron bay's vortex under a glorious full moon.

you're a sensualist who needs to 

why then / why you / why this / why care / why pay


The Venue:

Temple Byron


the price:

$450 AUD

2 x $250


Optional upgrade

Sensual Perfume Banquet

full moon fire ritual on the beach

25 october

astrodrama / perfume elixir / beach ritual

provide lunch + dinner


12 people max

100 pp + 300 = 990 /  350 x 3

200 costs 2 days



full moon in taurus

venus in scorpio

uranus in taurus

lilith conjunct Pluto

10am open, introduce intentions

10:30 drop-in to chart, access energy

11am perfume

1-2pm lunch

2pm share / intentions

2:30pm weaving / painting

5pm finish / beach / pack-up

sunset share picnic at little wategos 6:00pm

sunset 7pm

moonrise 7:30pm

fire ritual 8pm

full moon naked swim


realistic.... DREAM BIGGER


ist installment - pay costs / 2nd pay julie / 

pre-work - set new moon intentions

get a free download of my sun + moon class when you sign up - start working with the moon + seasons now

equinox group call - set seasonal intentions

new moon group chat - 

pop-up facebook group  - from new moon onwards.


$950 / $850 x 12 = $11k - $5000 expenses = 6k


$880 pif  / $990 pp


3 part payment - 330


brunch optional

moon in taurus sextile venus, trine saturn

ground the energies / release the genius

As women we honour both our privilege and our pain

we sit on land that was once the home of ***

a civilisation rich in wisdom, culture 

let out the spirit - the bay deva

tell stories about the magical bay....

the vortex at the the coastline - the easternmost point

the place that has my heart, my name



june solstice - back in byron


temple byron



800 - hire

100 - dinner on the beach

3:45 am full moon nude swim


from 9:30am brunch start the next day

yurt debrief

magical artwork 11am - 4pm


lilith dinner, full moon ritual on the beach, fire 


200 - 


Astrological Magic & Manifestation Playshop

Taurus / Scorpio Full Moon, Venus in Scorpio

As Venus conjoins the Sun at 1:16am Saturday...

Bespoke Perfume Manifestation Elixir

Seduce & Create your Desires

picnic moonrise dinner at beaches byron / beach cafe?

empowered sexy lush abundant setting 

wed 24 / thurs 25


2 x 15, 1 x 60  (10hrs session time)

Day 1 - hall - wheel work, chart work - open up to your energies - am 10-12

perfume workshop 1 pm - 4:30

day 2 - full moon ritual - am 10-12

creative integration work - pm 1-4:30

6-12 people

Limited to 12 people.

800 costs - 100 ea

297 perfume

50 food

$990 EB

$1090 Full

cosmic alchemy playshop

Magic & Manifestation

october 25 & 26

taurus full moon & venus in scorpio

Temple Byron Bay

astrology, art & RITUAL with eloise meskanen

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