Terms & Conditions

Use of this website

By using this website, you agree that you're a human person who lives on the planet called Earth. This website is available to people of all genders, races and belief systems. I do use the occasional swear word, so if you're not of legal swearing age, please ask your mum and dad before continuing.

Australian Consumer Law

As I'm based in fabulous Australia, the services I provide are compliant with Australian Consumer Law.

Refund Policy

For 1:1 services - individual readings and Brand Your Soul packages:

As these readings require my personal time and energy to prepare and deliver, there is no refund for these services. If you're not satisfied with your reading or 1:1 service, you need to let me know at the time of our session and I'll negotiate a resolution with you.

For group programs - the SoulStar Collective:

If you're not satisfied with the content or delivery of the SSC, you have until the time specified on the sales page (the page that you signed up through) to claim a refund. This time frame is clearly detailed on the sign up section.

Cancellation, Rescheduling & Lateness Policy


If you decide to cancel your appointment, you can use the link in your booking confirmation email up until 24 hours before your appointment time. Your payment will be held as credit for future services. Your payment won't be refunded.

If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time, your payment will be used to cover your missed appointment. You will not receive a refund or credit.


Appointments can be rescheduled until 24 hours before the appointment time, using the link in your booking confirmation email.

In the event of a genuine illness or emergency, appointments will be rescheduled within 24 hours of the appointment, provided you email me as soon as you can.

Missed appointments (that is, if you simply forget to show up) will not be rescheduled or refunded. 


If you are late for your appointment and do not let me know you're running late, the following terms apply:

Late by 15 minutes or less: your full appointment time will be honoured.

Late by 15-30 minutes: your appointment time will be shortened accordingly.

Late 30+ minutes: your appointment will be cancelled and your booking treated as a no-show. 

No refunds or credits will be given for late appointments. If you're running late for your appointment you need to let me know via email as soon as possible. I can be flexible within reason if you give me some notice, but can't guarantee your full appointment time can be honoured in all circumstances if you're late, as my schedule may not have the room.

Use (or misuse) of information on this website

The aim of my website is to help people. But I can't guarantee the information and advice I provide is going to work for everyone. And although I have access to some pretty stellar cosmic insight, I can't possibly foresee all the ways you might use the info on this site and all the things that could go wrong because of that.

I ain't no fortune-teller.

Therefore, all the information on this site is given in the spirit of helping you use and understand astrology, but the way you use this information is entirely at your own risk.

The decisions you make are yours alone to make. This includes business and marketing decisions. I take no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred from the use of the information on my website. I am not a financial advisor or business advisor and suggest you seek advice from a suitably qualified person before making changes to your business or financial situation.

Copyright infringement

The content on this website, including the copywriting, blogs and articles, are protected by copyright law. I hold the full rights to everything I publish on this site - as soon as it is created and published.

I do not permit the unauthorised use of any content on my website - especially the content on my blog posts.

If you wish to share or repurpose any of the content on this site on your own website or social media page - including the content in my blog posts, or excerpts from my blog posts - you need to do the following:

  • Credit me, Eloise Meskanen, as the author. 
  • Publish the full URL or place the URL in a link next to the excerpt or full article you have used.
  • Publish the blog/page title next to the link if you have used a full page or blog post.

This is not just the law but common courtesy. 

If you want to use the content I've created for printed media, please contact me to discuss.

Limited Liability

The limit of any damages that may be claimed is equal to the original purchase price of the product or service that was purchased. I am not liable for unforeseen damages that go beyond the original purchase price.