Are you looking for guidance on the path ahead? 

Do you want a higher perspective on your challenges and the potentials available to you right now?

From time to time I offer personal astrology sessions via Zoom (online) and in-person at my home in Daylesford, Australia.


What we can cover during your session:

Life cycles - your transits and the phase of life you're currently in.

Relocation - the place(s) on Earth you're most suited to live in or travel to.

Your personal destiny and calling - what you're here to do with your life - your purpose, if you like.

Relationships & family - how to understand and get along with those you love - as well as what you need in a relationship.

Your innate strengths and weaknesses - an in-depth look at your birth chart.

Launch timing - finding the best date and time for your product or business launch.

Insight into a specific issue or problem - focusing deeply on one part of your life.


What I can't do for you:

Make concrete predictions on what's going to happen in the future. We explore potentials, I don't do "fortune-telling."

Fix your life. Astrology helps you understand the symbolic meaning behind your life's events and connect to your own deeper wisdom, so you can work consciously with your own myth and inner story. Sometimes you'll need more than this - I'll be happy to suggest further work/resources/practitioners to support you where needed.

Tell you what you should do. My guidance is intended to leave you in charge - what you do next is up to you! 


One-off sessions:

Contact me to book a session. My rate is $250 AUD for 75 minutes.

Relationship readings that require more than one chart are charged at $350 for 75 minutes.

For a detailed look at your year ahead, click here.


Ongoing work:

I work on a monthly retainer with entrepreneurs who want regular guidance and updates on their astrological timing and themes.

Contact me for more details.