Privacy Policy


Alrighty then.

In case you've got way more time on your hands than anyone should have when there's Netflix and Facebook (and work, right?), and you're keen on reading the fine print of it all...

Basically, I'm a one-woman show and I don't have anywhere near the time, resources or motivation to do anything sneaky with your data.

I'd like to have more of that Disney villain in me but Saturn in Scorpio won't let me break the rules when it comes to privacy and secrecy.

Maybe I should tell him it might help us make a shitload more cash...

Anyhoo. What happens on tour, stays on tour.

That means whatever you tell me about who you are is kept private and for my eyes only.

If you're a Virgo-type and you want ALL the details, here goes:


When you opt-in for a free gift or download

Your name and email address are added to my ConvertKit database. They reckon they're GDPR compliant. I'm fairly happy with them. They do the job of sending the emails, right? What more can you ask for?

After you get the free download and decide to stick around, I'll usually send you two emails each month - one with my new moon blog, and one with my full moon blog.

Occasionally I don't have the time or energy to write so you won't hear from me AT ALL.

Occasionally - every few months or so, or whenever I'm like "Shit, gotta make some sales!" - I'll send you info on promotions and special offers. 

If you get sick of hearing from me, there's an "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each and every email I send. Click it and go your own way!


How your data is stored and used when you visit my website:

Facebook Pixels

I do have those Facebook Pixels installed on my website but fucked if I can figure out how the hell to actually set up a Facebook ad.

So, your data will be stored by the FB pixel, but it's unlikely you'll be targeted by an ad when you're scrolling through your news feed looking for hot gossip or random videos.

Seriously, the last time I ran a FB ad was in 2015.

I now do all my advertising energetically via the astral plane - which means you may get the unexplainable urge to get in contact with me about one of my services when our past-life soul contact is triggered into action. 

If I get my shit together and this changes, this ol' privacy page will be the first to let you know that you're likely to get stalked by me on FB.


The internet kind, not the yummy kind. And certainly not the funny kind. Until they become legal in Australia. After that, you never know...

I don't actually know what the fuck an internet cookie does, other than it collects some sort of data for analytics or something.

Do you know?

I do know this website uses them because.... The internet, right? They all use them.

If you don't want cookies with your browsing experience, you'll need to talk to your browser about that. Go to your settings and turn them off. Ok? But stuff might not work properly then. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Google Analytics

So I use Google Analytics to (occasionally) track the types of folk who visit this site and the stuff they like to look at most when they're here.

I usually get all excited about optimisation and stuff when I open up the Analytics dashboard, and then it just gets added to my ever-growing to-do list, gathering dust with all the other shit business owners put off infinitely.

None of your special personal data is stored by Google (that's what they say, right?), but you never damn know with Google. They know WAY too much about all of us. 

If you're not cool with Google's infinitely curious data-mining tentacles, I'd suggest smashing up your computer and all your devices and going to live under a tree somewhere.

I might see you there someday.


When you book a 1:1 service with me (a reading etc.)

Your name, email address and birth data (time, date and place of birth) are stored in my online booking system Acuity.

This stuff never, ever gets used for ANY OTHER PURPOSE. Again, I'm not that damn organised - waaaay too much Pisces in me.

I don't add your email to my marketing database. I don't even up-sell you more expensive stuff.

I don't sell your birth details for fake IDs. I wouldn't even know where to start.

I pretty much just use your details to draw up your astrology chart and figure out your soul purpose and then tell you all about it. Ya know?



When you sign up to my program the SoulStar Collective

Your name, email & postal address are stored by my membership provider MemberSpace. They reckon they're GDPR complaint so I guess we'll have to trust them on that. 

I use your postal address to send you the cards and books you'll need for the course.

I'll never send stupid printed advertising materials to your letterbox, because what a waste of time and money, right? No one reads that stuff.



Credit Card & Payment Details 

If you buy stuff off me, money needs to change hands. The security of those transactions is handled by my two payment processors, PayPal and Stripe. Both appear to be complaint with the Law and GDPR and such as far as I can tell.

Did you know Elon Musk was one of the co-founders of PayPal? Man that dude is ambitious. First stop payment via email, then it's off to Mars! I get exhausted just thinking about it.

I don't personally store your credit card details. I don't personally know your credit card details.

I don't even let myself use my own credit card, dammit. Those things are the like the devil!

If you need to update your card details that's handled entirely through Stripe & PayPal - or Acuity, who can act on their behalf. 

Don't EVER email your CC details to me, because I use Gmail and that's about as secure as the fence around my yard - which my dog escapes from everyday when the grey cat across the road does it's little "Can't catch me!" dance.



Want ALL your data permanently erased, like we never even met?

That can be arranged. I know people who know people, ya know what I'm sayin?

Just kidding. All you need to do is send me an email at, and we (I use the royal "we" here, because it'll be me) will make sure every last scrap of personal data stored on the systems is gone for good.

Except for your purchase history, of course - because that all needs to be kept for tax purposes. 

Ok so that's pretty much it.

Rest assured your info is relatively safe with me, as safe as is generally feasible in this Neptune in Pisces age of of "Boundaries? What Boundaries?" online interactions.

And if you've read this far... Congratulations! 

Now please, on with your life.