Your best sex position according to your horoscope

Your astrological guide to your best sex yet.

According to the stars, in 2017, each sign is set to sexually prosper, with success and abundance astrologer Eloise Meskanen pin-pointing the exact sex position that will get you there (and the best suited cosmic partner to match)..

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The BEST workout for your astrological sign

Want to up your fitness? Your dream workout is written in the stars...

Another year, another new excuse(s) not to get fit.

And hey, don't think we don't get it… Heck! With scores of sweat-spirational sporting activities to choose from, it's pretty damn difficult to find a fitness routine that actually sticks.

(Mainly because such strenuous brain-power should be reserved for the more important things in life – y'know, like pondering the necessity of that third thirst-quenching, lip-smacking Aperol Spritz you promised yourself you wouldn't have…)

Here, with the help of cosmic alchemist and astrology guru Eloise Meskanen, we've uncovered the Zodiac-approved workout to help you love exercise/reach your fitness goals in 2018.

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