My astrology session with Eloise was easily the best I’ve ever had. She has a special intuitive gift and ability to see your highest self and potential.

I not only received powerful clarity which has helped me confidently step forward on my path. I also gained deep and profound insight into who I am on a spiritual and emotional level, which helped me heal and embrace the fullness of who I am.

If you want clarity, understanding, and confidence in who you are, and how to bring your unique gifts to the world, I would highly recommend Eloise.
— Simon Wing-Lun.

Eloise, your approach, your warmth, your knowledge! Where do I start? My soul, my inner-workings were there as was my entire life story - you found it all!
— Evonne Shawz

It was like you knew the “Me” I am meant to be, and gave me ways I could become her.

I feel like since seeing you EVERYTHING has changed. I have a lot more clarity on my soul work. My confidence in my intuitive abilities has sky-rocketed. I’m stretching myself in ways I never imagined I could, and going deeper than I thought possible.
— Christina Hira.

I have been blessed to have my chart read. Eloise came into my life when I was seeking certainty and reassurance. The experience was an incredible one full of aha moments and brilliant realisations.

Since the reading, life has been powering ahead at light speed and I often reflect on the information Eloise shared with me - and the brave steps I’ve taken since. And say a big thank you, Eloise
— Kim Somerville

I feel immense gratitude for the work we did together. It was so potent with energy healing, discovering and digesting old wounds, it was like the stripping back I had needed for so long.

You were the most beautiful support, your words of wisdom and huge love you invested into every chat and email.
— Samara Holliday.

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