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Aligned Life

Be Deeply Supported to Harness the Creative Power of the Sun, Moon & Planetary Cycles, so you Can Find Your Own Flow, Empower your Soul Mission & Work With Life, Rather Than Against it.

A 12 Month Magicmind with Eloise Meskanen.

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Is your soul calling you to step up into your purpose, but you’re confused about what that is?

Do you want to go from astrology student to master practitioner?

Are you ready to step into your purpose and lead the way you were born to?

$333 AUD / month for 12 months

$3500 AUD paid in full

The Apprentice program is for those people who:

Are already working as a coach, healer or facilitator.

Have some understanding of astrology already.

Want to master the art of intuitive astrology.

Desire to use astrology in their unique field of work.

Astrology is undergoing a modern-day renaissance as a growing movement of people turn to their soul’s blueprint for the answers to questions such as:

Who am I?

What’s my purpose?

How can I live my best life?

Astrology lights the way to a greater sense of meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

A modern-day astrological guide is not a predictive fortune-teller but a skilled intuitive mentor, one who translates the symbols of the soul and illustrates the available potentials.

We support the client to access their own wisdom, meaning and truth, to own their power as the creator of their destiny, and to exercise their free will and conscious choice.


This Training Is For You If:

  • You want to develop expert-level proficiency in astrology and use it alongside your existing professional modality or modalities.

  • You desire to stand out in your field by offering unique and innovative work that empowers your clients to be who they really are and live the purpose they incarnated with.

  • You’re ready to supercharge your intuition to receive, translate and transmit the meaning of complex astrological symbols with ease and grace.

  • You’re ready to commit to your unique soul purpose, share your gifts and develop an authentic style and body of work.

  • You want to be supported to live in alignment with the cosmic and earth cycles and create your success in a soulful, sustainable way.

  • You already have an intermediate knowledge of astrology, either by participating in my SoulStar Collective program or other equivalent learning.



  • 12 months of astrology and soul work mentoring

  • Rich personal and professional development

  • Master the art and science of astrology

  • Up-level your life and business and operate from your genius zone

  • Supportive community of like-minded people

The natal chart can be rightly interpreted only by men or women of wisdom: these are few.
— Sri Yukestwar

The Apprentice Program Includes Advanced Training In:

Symbols, myths and archetypes.

Developing and trusting your intuition.

Meditation, channelling and using/accessing altered states.

Chart synthesis - finding the core meaning of complex chart factors.

Creative and experiential processes - personal myth and narrative, dialogue, imagery, ritual, ceremony, embodiment, amplification, active imagination, psychodrama, gestalt, art therapy, soulcraft, dreamwork and more.

Discovering and releasing past life karmic complexes.

Path working and alchemy - the higher spiritual purpose of astrology.

Astrological formulas for various types of clients and client work - life purpose, childhood trauma, past life blocks and gifts, vocation and career, money and success, relationships, parenting, children etc.

Specialist techniques - midpoints, antiscia, polarity, the traditional humors.

Energy medicine and astrology - creating vibrational change.

Medical astrology and the physical expression of the zodiac signs and planets.

The different “schools” of astrology - esoteric, evolutionary, humanistic, psychological, traditional, experiential.

Ethics, communication and best practices for client work.

Your personal legacy, calling and soul purpose.

Developing a unique and authentic body of work.

Branding and marketing yourself with authenticity, based on your own chart.

Your personal career, money and work signature, and choosing the right business model for you.

Running your business with the cosmic and earth cycles for sustainable success.

Facilitating events and circles based on the seasons, planetary transits and lunar cycles.

You will also have the opportunity to qualify as a Brand Your Soul guide, a unique soul branding process that’s highly sought-after by service-based entrepreneurs.


The Training Is Delivered Via:

Eight modules with live online mentoring calls.

Six 1:1 sessions with Eloise.

A five day/six night immersive, retreat style training in magnificent Bali, including all meals and accommodation (both single and shared rooms are available and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis). Flights to and from Bali are not included.

Fortnightly online support sessions.

A full set of hard copy printed manuals and workbooks from the Cosmic Alchemy curriculum (including the 100,000+ word, full-colour course manual).

Online group for support from your fellow students.

Practical experience in being an astrological guide in the Cosmic Alchemy community, including opportunities to mentor new students in the online forum.

You may have the opportunity to work as a trainer for the School of Cosmic Arts upon graduation.

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Professional Accreditation

The Apprentice program is currently in the process of IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) approval. Successful graduates can secure IICT membership and professional insurance.


The SoulStar Collective (which will be called Cosmic Alchemy in 2019) is a prerequisite for the Apprentice program.

As the Apprentice program trains students in advanced chart techniques, synthesis and facilitation, it assumes an intermediate level of astrological knowledge. If you have not completed the prerequisite program, it must be completed concurrently with your Apprentice program.

Class Size / Spaces

There are eight (8) spaces available in the Apprentice program. The intimate group size allows you to receive not just group training but private 1:1 mentoring with Eloise, which is extremely rare in professional certification programs.

Professions Which May Benefit From This Program

Spiritual/Reiki Healer



Doula/Midwife/Birth Worker



Acupuncturist/TCM Practitioner

Yoga/Meditation Teacher

Womens/Mens Circle Facilitator

Life Coach

Health/Wellness Coach

Relationship Coach

Performance Coach

Business/Career Coach

Brand Consultant/Designer

Intuitive Guide/Psychic

Spiral Practitioner

Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner

Start Date & Duration

The Apprentice program begins in MARCH 2019 and concludes in DECEMBER 2019.

This is the only intake for 2019. The next intake will commence in 2020 and the price will increase.


$5,900 AUD for SoulStar Collective graduates.

$7,900 AUD for those who haven’t completed the SoulStar Collective, and this includes the prerequisite program.

This tuition fee includes a fully inclusive retreat, six 1:1 mentoring sessions with Eloise, hardcopy training manuals and a weekend workshop.

12 month payment plans are available, with a 10% surcharge.

Book Your Interview

Enrolment is via interview only. To apply for the personal journey, please book a 30 minute call with Eloise by clicking the button below.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the program, and receive all the details of what . If we both agree that the Apprentice program is right for you, you’ll be offered a space in the 2019 intake.