Test them out - get them running really well at E&W first

$150 for the day to start with - BETA / feedback etc


beta test them as a one-day workshop + prep materials

run test ones in july/august/sept  - byron oct + daylesford dec

Art of Stars

Cosmic Mandala

Solstice Visioning Event

intro - act out the planets 

astrodrama on the terrace

Paint your astrology chart - background


paint your chart - foreground


costs - 75, 25, 75


summer solstice dinner @ wombat hill

sunset ritual on the terrace



solstice ritual


- design your intent for 2019


new moon cosmic mandala circles

put your intention into the world

full moon gatherings

release your creation


saturday playshops - cosmic mandala playshop


at the empress & wolf

paint your destiny

art & astrology weekend playshops

create your cosmic mandala

a sigil for your highest potential

unlock the meaning of your astrology

(paint your chart beta)

Open / guide / channel / call in / evoke / communicate / serve

spiritual development - heart resonance

archetype play

welcome dinner, drop in - heart resonance + intention

working playshop day

free dinner time