Brand Your Soul

A power session for spiritual business owners. Find the heart and soul of your authentic personal brand and align your business to your true self, so you make money serving your soul clients and build a biz doing what you love.

The World Needs You
Exactly as You Are

But when you're not clear on who what makes you unique, who you’re meant to serve, and what you have to offer... Promoting, growing and even working in your biz can feel pretty awkward.

There's no flow, because you're getting in your own way.

Your soul clients can't feel you, because you're trying to be someone else.

You can't shout your message from the rooftops, because you don't know what the heck it is.

And you're not doing your soul work, because you're confused about how to use your gifts.

If your soul is rattling in its cage…

It's time to live your purpose and share your gifts with the world.

You've followed the the internet marketing gurus and their seventeen-step-funnel-mastery-formulas. All that’s gotten you is a total identity crisis and the slow death of your soul's passion. Ugh.

You want to actualise yourself, fulfil your life's mission and do your thing in the world. You want to make money, but you won't sell your soul to get ahead. You want flow, alignment, purpose and abundance. And why should you settle for less?

Here's the thing:

Aligning to your soul's superpowers is the key to authentic success.

You were born with a branding blueprint. It’s written in your stars. If you’re the face, name, heart or soul of your business, then you can use your astrology chart as your business and marketing map. 

You can quit trying to be someone else, and start being YOU, instead.

Brand Your Soul is a deep-dive into your true essence and an exploration of how to bring more YOU into your business.

We'll clarify:

Your unique brand charisma - so you can shine like the star you are and stand out in the crowd.

Your soul tribe & niche - so you can serve the souls you're here to lead and make bank doing what you love.

Your visual style or marketing message - so you can feel good about being seen or heard and make an impact when you show up.


How to stand out in the crowd by being who YOU are.

What makes you different to every other coach, healer or tantric sex priestess online?

Your Sun, that’s what. It’s how you shine, your purpose in life, and what makes you special. Discover the archetypal, and practical, qualities of your business X-factor, so you can empower your authentic self rather than squeezing your business into a boring box someone else created.


There's a tribe of souls out there waiting for you. Isn't it time you found them?

Your Moon is your soul tribe archetype, and it shows how you nurture your clients, how you relate to the public, and what your people need from you. Discover how you’re already uniquely qualified to serve a special group of souls, and what their problems are.


Finally, let’s tweak your brand’s style or marketing message (depending on what you need help with most).

If you can’t put all of this into words, or visuals, your brand won’t make much impact.

We won’t have time to write detailed website copy, or redesign your whole website, but we can lay down a key phrase - or colour and style ideas - to help you stay true to you and articulate what you do. So you can feel clear and confident when expressing yourself and sharing your work with the world.


Coaches, healers and creatives who need clarity on who they are, who they serve, what their real gifts are and how to bring them to the world in a business that feels authentic and abundant.

If this is you, get ready to end your confusion, step into your power, and build the soul-centred biz you were born to lead.


“You illuminated my soul, and provided guidance specific to me, based on my innate nature, on how to use my soul gifts to step in and trust what my soul is guiding me to do.

Most importantly you provided me clarity around my vision, charisma and leadership style and potential, and what my soul clients really need from me. Your Brand your Soul report resonated so deeply with me, it provided me with clarity and purpose enabling me to trust and propel myself forward in my business confident in the services I provide to those soul clients guided to work with me. Thank you so much.

It truly has made sense of why I am the way I am, the struggles I face or have faced and given me permission to be the real me, not something that is expected of me or more acceptable to the masses.”


“The amount of clarity I got from my session with Eloise is amazing. I had all these loose fragments about who I was here to serve before my session and Eloise pulled them all together and tied them together into one big, cohesive whole that just feels right. It’s magic!”


“The session was SO illuminating. Um, perhaps even a little too much so! It provided so much validation. That I was totally on the right track and that I really should give up second guessing myself. Eloise’s insight and encouragement and genuine LOVE of astrology was just such a treat to experience.”


“I've done so many of those ideal client questionnaires and it hasn't got me anywhere close to what you've been able to do.It has given me crystal clear understanding of who my ideal clients are, what they want help with and why they come to me. The confidence and self belief I felt was powerful. You nailed it! ”


“Eloise is amazing! Our session was full of insight and it gave me a greater understanding on myself, my ideal client, and it helped me get more clear on how I'm supposed to help them. I've found it makes a huge difference when you have clarity! I highly recommend working with Eloise!”


“Working with Eloise helped me get in touch with who I really wanted to work with and what my priorities were. She helped me find the missing pieces of the puzzle.”


“If understanding your tribe is important to you, LEAP on this. Eloise's genius is solely focused on WHO your SOUL is here to SERVE. She's brilliant!!!!! Plus her words will serve up the perfect copy to freshen up your website or sales page.”



Sessions are held on Zoom, which is an online video conferencing platform. This means that we can meet online, wherever you are in the world.

You get an MP3 + video session recording, a copy of your astrology chart and a PDF with your Brand Your Soul core themes.

I see clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am - 5 pm Melbourne time. If these times don’t work for you, contact me here.

Brand Your Soul sessions are 90 minutes. The price is $290 AUD.

Sessions are available until mid-December 2019. I won’t be taking on new clients after that time.


If I could sum it up in one word, it would be 'clarity.' Thanks so much Eloise!

Cynthia Lamb,