Hustle & Flow

Are you hustling? Pushing, striving, go-getting?

Chasing down deals and putting yourself out there like there’s no tomorrow?

You’ve got your Yang on, girlfriend. And that’s a good thing! You need Mr. Yang, so you can go out into the world and get what you want.

Women all over the world are claiming their Yang, after millennia of staying put and taking whatever is given to us.

We no longer have to act as pawns in someone else’s game, content to simply receive, while men go out and make things happen. 

But we need to balance our masculine drive with our feminine, attracting force.

Otherwise, we end up hyped-up, over-worked, burned-out and stressed out. And we miss out on the magnetic, attractive force that lies dormant in us: the Yin to our mighty Yang.

If you've got too much Yang, no matter how hard you push, you never seem to break through.

Life gets harder, instead of easier. Because you’re out of balance. You’re only honouring half your energy.

If we’re all Yang, and no Yin, we don’t make room to receive our desires. All our hard work is in vain, because we literally aren't creating the space to let what we want in!

Whenever we’re striving towards our goals, we need to pause and honour our Yin.

So we can accept the gifts owed to us, rather than pushing them away with too much hustle and bustle. 

Mr. Yang knows how to go out and get his desires. 

Ms. Yin knows how to lie back and draw all good things to her.

They work as a team, within you, me, and the whole of creation.

I spoke with Sex Goddess Caitlin Grace today about how we need to honour the still feminine space within us, not just the outward-focused masculine. We need to let ourselves BE, rather than just do-do-doing.

(You can hear our full conversation here on this week's episode of Vixen Radio. Caitlin and I cover everything from Kim K's naked form, to self-love and body image, and sacred sex as the pathway to financial, personal and planetary transformation.)

As we spoke, I realised that honouring our wild, natural rhythms is key to creating the lives - and world - we truly desire.

Everything moves in this same dual rhythm, light and dark, up and down, in and out.

When we move with it, we enter the flow.

We're not robots. We can't keep striving and hustling, living to the programs in our mind, and expect to feel happy and fulfilled.

We need to honour the natural cycle of all things. Step into the dance of creation. Connect to our wild, embodied nature, and become a part of nature herself. 

Here's one simple way to return to our natural rhythms: after every Yang action we take, we allow Yin's receivership to activate.

We take time out, we stop, and go inwards. Just like the tides on the shoreline, we gather our energy to us, we sit in the mystery for a while, where nothing is certain and perhaps things feel a little flat. And when we are ready, our creative potency rushes through us again. And we go out into the world, more powerful than before.

The most powerful way to do this is to work with each phase of the Moon.

Each phase of the Moon is either Yin or Yang. We take action at the Yang times, and flow inwards with the Yin phases.

This ensures we’re moving with creation, rather than against it. It keeps us in the flow, rather than the constant overwhelm of our ego.


Here’s how it looks:

YANG: New Moon - Plant your seed of intent for the coming month. Take the first major action towards making it real.

YIN: Waxing Crescent - Surrender. Let go of your striving and turn your attention inwards.

YANG: First Quarter - Take the next big step towards reaching your goal.

YIN: Waxing Gibbous - Surrender. Turn your attention inwards and give thanks for what you’re receiving.

YANG: Full Moon - Claim your success, or shift your intent to incorporate the changes you need to bring in. The Full Moon is a time of manifestation and adjustment.

YIN: Waning Gibbous - Relax. Turn your attention inwards and give thanks for what you’re receiving.

YANG: Last Quarter - Take the last phase of action towards achieving your intent. 

YIN: Waning Crescent - Let go of the last month completely. Declutter. Give thanks. Make room for a new seed to be planted at the New Moon.

(Acknowledgements to Ezzie Spencer for her fabulous work in teaching Lunar Abundance.)


When you follow this process for an entire month, you’ll create with more success than ever before.

The Moon is the body who helps us manifest in physical reality. Following her cues is the easiest way to create our desires.

Up until now, I’ve been following the Yang phases every month. But I've forgotten all about the Yin.

At the New Moon, I make a detailed plan for what to do during each Yang phase. I create, launch and market according to the Moon. It's sped up my life beyond all comprehension.

Now I realise I’ve been missing half the power! I’m creating great things, but the overwhelm is still winning out. I’m striving and hustling way more than I'd like.

It’s time to honour my Yin, in this month of Piscean surrender. 

So, for the rest of the month, and every month to come, I’ll be giving as much attention to the Yin phases as the Yang.

Taking time out to rest, let go and surrender. So the each action phase I take is in alignment with my true nature. 

Do you feel it's time to honour the power of your Yin?


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