Pisces New Moon & Solar Eclipse: Surrender & Rebirth into the Flow

“I have all the time in the world to surrender into the present moment. My soul's purpose is unfolding in perfect timing.”  Melissa Sandon


This is a powerful month of clearing out karmic closets, so we have space to welcome a burst of new life when the astrological new year begins at the Equinox. 

Each eclipse brings a necessary death of the old, so that new life can shine forth in its place. Wherever Pisces falls in your chart is where your ending will be. And you'll emerge from the waters baptised anew.

It's time to let go of everything that no longer serves you, so you can start birthing the soul work you came here to do.

Pisces teaches us surrender. We don’t need to control our lives, because we are not separate beings in a cold, cruel world. We are part of the flow of all creation. It’s not our job to worry about results of our actions, because the greater intelligence we are born from has it all figured out.


Our job is to show up with an open heart, be a clear channel for Life to move through us, and align our words, deeds and path with the greater truth, no matter what happens around us. 

We're co-creators, not dictators.

The Moon has just opposed Jupiter, bringing our detailed and critical ways to a head. If you’ve gone crazy with analysis paralysis and detail-obsessoin, get ready to let it all go and step into the flow. The time for micro-managing is done. 

The Moon makes no forming (future) aspects, so the story is very simple: Pisces is the last sign. Eclipses bring final endings. The Moon is void of course, and so nothing will come from this cycle but the final release of old Piscean delusions, and the welcome return of hope, healing and faith in its place. Connection to the source, once nothing’s in the way. 

To create our new beginnings when the Sun moves into Aries, we must first free our stuck energy and begin to let it flow. Surrender what we need to, while it’s time to let go. Soon, the whole of life on Earth will begin again at the Equinox. So make some room, declutter your junk, and create some flow. 

Last fortnight, Virgo taught us to pay attention to the details, to refine our plans, and make sure what we care about is in perfect health. We learned the value of being productive, sticking to a routine, and continually improving ourselves. Doing our daily work is how we get things done on Earth, and how we are of practical, useful service to others.


Now we need to let go of the details, and surrender to our path of service to the world at large.

Pisces doesn’t care for the details. The details are in God’s hands. Imagine if the leaves on a tree started worrying about what colour they were, or which way they were growing? The tree would go insane. And so do we.

We are a part of the mystery. The mystery that moves through us and seeks to heal the rift between the separate self and all-that-is. That is the dance we are in. The game of hide-and-seek we play.

Virgo gave us our daily routines, the grounded structures we need to exist productively within the mystery. Now the safety of our structures and plans are in place, we can let go and allow ourselves to be guided and transformed. And when we surrender to what we don’t know, can’t see, and don’t have a chance in hell of controlling, we begin to flow. 


I found myself in tears on the beach this week, thick in the midst of opening my flow.

As I stayed there by the sea, embracing the energy moving through me, I felt ancient pains and vows releasing with each tear I shed. When the flow slowed to a trickle, I realised I'd come out the other end. And in place of all those blocks and locks, my soul had anchored into me.

I walked around for the rest of the day feeling utterly transformed. A vortex of wild creative power came alive inside of me; an endless, cosmic cauldron from which all things are born.

I saw and felt my mission on Earth as clear as the ocean before me. I saw the mentors who guide me now and our past lifetimes together. I felt how the Earth fully supports me, so that I don't have to worry about anything. 

And I let everything else in my life go. I let go of needing my business to look a certain way, when I've strived and managed and directed for so long. I let go of all the outcomes I'd ever hoped for, knowing what was coming was beyond my wildest dreams. I let go of every piece of baggage keeping me from my purpose.

All I was left with was myself, my daughter, and my soul. My ultimate responsibility was to myself, and the life I had created. I sat on the beach, anchored onto the shoreline of Byron Bay, knowing the earth and the sky would provide the rest. And not caring either way.

Because here's the thing: when we find our purpose, we realise it's so much bigger than any of the details we're obsessed about. When we commit to fulfilling our life's mission, life takes care of the rest. It has to. That's what evolution's all about.

And on that day, I couldn't care less. I let it all completely go.
I surrendered the identity I'd created around the work I'm here to do, the person I'm here to be. I realised who I am is so much bigger than anything I knew. It wasn't up to me.

This eclipse falls in my first house, of identity and the separate self.

Where does it fall for you?

What is the work you soul longs to birth through you, on behalf of the world?

What do you need to surrender first?


Pisces is a dual sign. So there are two ways we can surrender our selves this month and open to our final endings:

One fish swims upstream, seeking union with the Source and re-integration with all that is.

One fish swims downstream, seeking escape in fantasy land and annihilation of the self.

Neptune’s flood can either swallow us whole, as we let go of all boundaries and lose ourselves in transcendent bliss - happy to sit on a cushion while the world around us burns, sacrificing our individual identities because we can’t face the truth about ourselves.

Or the King of the Ocean can wash away our falsehoods, and reconnect us to our own Divinity - setting us free to act from the heart on behalf of the world; a joyful channel of hope, faith and healing for all, in full acceptance of darkness and light because we have seen, known and done it all. 


We get to choose how to move this month: forwards, with the evolution of our world, or backwards, in dissolution of our own precious selves.

To deny our day-to-day truth in search of the higher realms (no matter how we seek them) is to miss the point of life of Earth: which is to be HERE, now. With our feet on the ground, our hearts open wide, an open channel for Life, creative and inspired.

Not to spend our days dreaming of a better place, somewhere over the rainbow, where spiritual bypass enable avoidance. Not to invest our energy into becoming ascended masters who frolic with unicorns amidst glittering gold and violet rays, because we can’t face the pain in our too-human hearts and our imperfect lives.

We are human. And we are Divine. But the moment we forsake our humanity for the Divine pleasures we crave, we’ve missed the point of life on Earth.

Turning our back on the world is is not the path to liberation. 

We’re here to swim in life, with life, on behalf of life. To heal the rift between our terrified egos and the cosmic creator. To inspire, and imagine, and commune, with hope and faith that all the pain the world has ever seen is not for nothing. There is a better way.


I used to long for my final liberation, when all my karma was cleared and I got my golden ticket to the higher realms for good.

Never to be drawn back to this god forsaken Earth again. Good riddance, I spat. Who wants an ego? They’re nothing but trouble.

It took me a long time to embrace being a human. With a body, a personality, likes and dislikes, amidst gravity and inconvenient time/space limitations.

It took years of facing the floods I’d locked up inside me, before I surrendered to the flow and let life start to carry me. Stopped denying my own existence, and started embracing my radiant uniqueness.

Now I know there’s no greater gift than to walk this Earth as a human creator. To make a difference in our own way, and leave it better than when we came.


We're here to enjoy our reality, not deny it. To anchor the unseen life force within us, not seek it above us. To welcome our power so fully into our bodies that it transforms us from the inside out.

Pisces rules the feet, and this most spiritual of signs truly needs an anchor in the physical world. Otherwise, we can’t heal the rift we seek to mend. We can’t channel the work we long to birth. We can’t be the change we wish to see.

First, we must anchor in 3D space/time reality. There are plenty of beings in the other realms working alongside us. We're here to do the work on the ground.

So when we find anchor this month, and prepare for surrender, Pisces offers us the ultimate ego-release: the ending of our most cherished myths, so we can pass through the eye of the needle and begin again with the cycle of life.


Which Piscean myths do you need to surrender, so you can renew yourself at the Equinox?

You martyr yourself, believing you suffer for the good of all. Get down off your crucifix. The old myth about the glamour of salvation through suffering is a lie that’s ready to die.

You slip away from suffering, programmed to avoid reality rather than letting it all flow through you. Stand still and feel it, complete the process. Your soul will be born through you as you allow all of your experiences in, and out.

You lose yourself in hysterical drama, bobbing about like a helpless cork on an endless ocean. Find your anchor on the earth. And ground your sorrows, rather than drowning in them. 

You catch others in your net, fanatical about saving them (and the world), rather than letting go and allowing their true power to emerge. Turn your attention to your own life. It’s the only thing you’re responsible for, so why are you avoiding it? (See number 2).

You’re wedded to your inner victim, binding yourself in helplessness to your own worst nightmares. Invite your alter ego, the Vixen, into your life. Start imagining what you really want instead. (And if all you can imagine is even more traumatic happenings, go through 1-4 again.)


Don’t think I’m condescending when I call out all these games.

I speak, as a double Pisces, from both personal and universal experience. I speak because this month is my final ending, too.

I’ve swum both ways. Every which way. Such is the life of the Fishes (and I’m a double Fish, mind you).

Meditation, gurus, drugs and alcohol. Emotional crises and inspired imaginations. The tools are simply neutral, it’s how we use them that matters. 

I’ve sought Gurus to dissociate from everyday reality. My first religious experience was on Ecstasy in a nightclub. I've used plant medicine to commune with the higher realms, and turned emotional crises into breakthrough awakenings.

It matters not what we do, but why and what we learn from it.


What are your Piscean tools, and how will you use them wisely this month?

How do you intend to surrender to your baptism and rebirth, so you can move forward with evolution, rather than backwards into dissolution?

Our intent from here needs to be clear, lest we fall under the Neptune’s glamorous spell, and feel ourselves above this world, rather than a full-blooded participant in it.

We don’t inspire the world by seeking salvation from above. We do it by accepting we are dual, embodied beings. Who sometimes fuck up, and sometimes give up, who sometimes wallow, but most importantly get back up.  

When things go wrong, the Fishes look for the blessing. Seek the opportunity. And embrace the mystery with gratitude and joy.

And the Fishes do the same when things go right.

That’s the path of Pisces: unconditional love. 

Not throwing ourselves on the rocks, or clinging to drama and games. Not running off to a magical, more conducive place.

But going with the flow, being at one with all of life. Filled with faith that we are worthy of everything seek. And knowing life brought us here to give us all of that.


This Super New Moon eclipse will powerfully affect our internal tides. And it's wise to be aware of which fish we're swimming with. 

Like the Fishes, parts of us swim up, and parts of us swim down.

Are our intents leading us further into the heart of the flow, or steering us swiftly out of it? 

Do we intend to destroy our connection to what causes us suffering, by manipulating what is until we feel some sweet relief?

Or do we intend to strengthen our connection to who we really are, by staying in the river of Life, no matter what we meet?

When we dance with both the Fishes, the angel and the dragon, we realise our darkness is our Divinity. There is nothing to be afraid of. 

When we surrender into the mystery, our true power will rise to meet us.


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