Neptune in Pisces: Fishing for Dreams


Neptune, ruler of dreams, fantasies and transcendence, is currently wafting through its home sign of mystical Pisces. Until 2026, we're being bathed in the bliss of spirit, or drowned in the fog of deception - or both.

Neptune dissolves the boundaries between things, helping us surrender our separate egos and return to Source. It also helps us disguise and deceive, to shape shift and pretend: to "glamour" ourselves or others into believing and feeling something other than reality.

Neptune is reality-bending, imagination and visioning, and believing it before you "see" it.

Neptune, of course, rules politics. It's also heavily involved in marketing, music, art, and the film industry. Whether it's a rock concert or a rights rally, anything that brings large groups of people together to feel something, lose themselves in an ideal, and imagine or aspire to an emotional vision has the scent of Neptune on it.

Since Neptune slid into Pisces in 2011, the boundaries between people, countries, and entities have become blurred beyond recognition. The internet has dissolved the concept that we are individuals living individual lives. Globalisation has washed away the borders between nations.

Neptune isn't interested in protecting your sovereignty, but in bringing you closer to everything and everyone else. And if one of the sacrifices you make is the loss of your privacy, then it's a small price to pay for Oneness. No wonder Google has its Moon in Pisces.

Neptune rules over the collective sea of emotion - the collective unconscious in which we all float, feel and dream. As a planet of the collective it, along with Uranus and Pluto, influences the tides that change the course of humanity, and the themes that define the zeitgeist of each decade or so.

Neptune is the planet of what's trendy right now. It inspires the symbols that unconsciously play out behind the scenes of the collective imagination. So, as it floats through the signs, it defines the trends that capture the ideals of a generation.

When Neptune transited Aquarius from 1998-2012, the big trends were in science, technology, and the awakening of the global human community. The internet appeared with a bang. Science was God. Technology was King. Google became a verb.

Back in the '80s, Neptune in Capricorn coined the phrase "Greed is Good." Shoulder pads, capitalism and big institutions held sway as the Sagittarian silliness of the 70s disappeared in a puff of adventurous, religious smoke.

Now, in Pisces, Neptune brings God to the masses. Spirituality has become cool again. Previously the domain of daggy religions and flaky new agers, the dude in the sky has gone mainstream.

It's never been trendier to play with crystals, divination, channelling - and to re-imagine the Divine in the image of whoever you assume it to be. Man, woman, unicorn - it's all relative. God is who you believe it to be. And he's everywhere right now in this New Age of global enlightenment.

Tired of being a human? Raise your vibration and ascend your ass right out of here. Neptune holds the Golden Ticket to the 5th Dimension. Just make sure your aura is shiny enough, and your halo can fit through the keyhole.

Ditto drugs - Neptune's relaxed, or entirely dissolved, laws around Marijuana - both medically and recreationally. Psychedelic research, shelved since the 60s, promises medically-sanctioned healing for humans facing terminal illness.

Neptune's tools, once reserved for mystery school initiates, can eliminate the fear of death (such an egoic thing, right?) and bring humans into conversation with the Divine. 

And maybe it's perfect timing. With global oceans set to rise at some point in the not-so-distant future, humans are coming to grips with the realisation that fairly soon, the earth may be deluged, and humanity kind of fucked.

Neptune's tides are rising, and Piscean compassion for the poorest, the neediest, and those at the bottom of the food chain is rising also. No longer can individuals stay blind to the butterfly effect that our actions have on the rest of the world's existence. The choices we make affect us all - this is Neptune in Pisces. Where one suffers, we all suffer. Where one rises, we all rise.

We can either build an Ark, or go down with the Titanic.

Neptune inspires both an idealistic yearning for Oneness, and the hopeless victimisation of feeling so lost at sea that life becomes chaos. Bobbing like corks in the ocean, we can either surrender to the will of Great Spirit and let go of life as we know it, or try to find solid ground and wail against the force of the tides. 

Neptune showers its blessings in direct proportion to how willing we are to surrender. If we fight, we'll drown. If we float, we'll be carried - even if we end up somewhere totally different to where we intended.

When we realise we're not just living our life alone, but we're enmeshed in the web of creation, Neptune grants us its blessings.

We can draw from the well of eternity, realising that this life is but a dream, and we're the ones dreaming it into being.

We can drink from the soup of creation, making room for Grace to enter our lives and take us somewhere beyond what we could ever imagine alone.

But we need to use the practical discernment of Virgo, Pisces' opposite, to sift through the emotional ideals and come to terms with what's real, and what's not. Critical thinking - a specialty of Virgo - has never been more lacking, or more needed, than in this day and age of irrational emotional subjectivism.

Without the ability to sort the bullshit from reality, we can become easy prey for shadowy Neptunian interests - as our emotional strings are pulled en masse, we dance like puppets to a tune that does not serve our highest potential.

If we can discern where our astral body is being tugged at, we can release the hooks. But if all we do is follow our emotional impulses, getting swept up in the collective emotional tsunami, we'll become tangled in a web of lies. Transcendent visions and emotional ideals are beautiful, but not if they allow the wool to be pulled over your rose-tinted eyes.

We're halfway through Neptune's cruise through Pisces. Our ability to dream a new dream for the world has never been more inspired.

And if we do the work (Virgo) to make it real, we can bring the new world down to earth. But we need to discern, discern, discern. Is this the highest potential? Or an illusory fantasy?