Find your Mercury Retrograde hotspot



How to find the area of your life where Mercury is going retrograde.

1. Go Here and enter your name, birthdate, time and place. Submit your info and you'll be taken to the home screen.

2. Scroll over & click on these headings: Free Horoscopes / Chart Drawing, Ascendant.

3. Your chart will appear!

4. Find your Sag house by looking for the Sag symbol - highlighted on the example image below.

5. Check the thin end of the wedge where it sits for the HOUSE number. If there are two Sag houses, choose the later one. 

6. Check if any planets sit in late Sagittarius (from 20-29 degrees). These are being activated by Mercury Rx.

Here's what it all means:


House 1: Your sense of self, physical appearance, body, the way you meet the world.

House 2: Money, talents, gifts, values and personal resources.

House 3: Communication, siblings, short journeys by car, teaching, early education.

House 4: Home, family, roots, ancestors, endings, real estate.

House 5: Creativity, children, self-expression, joy, risk-taking, sex and romance.

House 6: Work, health, service, pets, employees.

House 7: 1:1 relationships, marriage, business partnerships.

House 8: Death, taxes, debt, inheritance, shared resources, transformation, sexual union.

House 9: Higher education, philosophy, worldview, religion, overseas travel, meaning.

House 10: Career, vocation, reputation, public image, professional ambition.

House 11: Groups, visions, friendship, humanitarianism, the future.

House 12: Solitude, self-sabotage, confinement, the unconscious, spiritual mysticism.


Sun: Identity, personal power, where and how you shine, ego-consciousness.

Moon: Needs, instincts, inner child, unconscious response to life, emotional patterns.

Mercury: Intellect, communication, how you process information, how you learn.

Venus: Values, relationships, self-worth, pleasure, attraction, how you receive love.

Mars: Action, courage, assertion, aggression, sex drive, how you go out and get what you want.

Jupiter: Expansion, optimism, faith, abundance, luck, meaning, wisdom.

Saturn: Limits, discipline, fears, responsibility, maturity, mastery.

Chiron: Healing, mentoring, the gift in your wound, exile, separation, wholeness.

Uranus: Awakening, rebellion, innovation, sudden change, living beyond social conventions.

Neptune: Mysticism, idealism, fantasy, delusion, sabotage, union with God.

Pluto: Power, transformation, the underworld, soul's evolution, death and rebirth.

North Node: Soul's path of greatest growth, your personal north star.