March Equinox: Go Your Own Way


The March Equinox is the start of the new astrological year.

The Sun moves into Aries and we, along with the rest of Earth’s creations, enter action mode. We've let go of the old thanks to the Pisces eclipse. Now it's time to go our own way.

It’s Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, where the new shoots of life are preparing to burst above the ground. In the South, it’s Autumn, where we take stock of our Summer’s crop, and harvest the fruits of our intent from the last days of 2015. 

Today is the tipping point between light and dark. We get to choose where to direct our energies, and where to shift our creation for the next three months.

Mars, ruler of Aries, and fighting arm of the Sun, is ready to move forth on our behalf. We have his assertiveness, decisiveness, and masculine drive at our disposal. He will help us get what we want. All we need to do is decide on a path forward. 

The word decision is from the Latin “to cut.” Cutting loose the last attachments lingering from the old cycle will help us close the door for good. So we can step towards our true desires with Yang-like clarity and focus.

Wherever you have early Aries in your chart is where you need to go your own way this season. Claim your Yang and go forth towards your desires.

Boldness, courage, and willingness to break new ground will see you through this Equinox passage and into a brand new world. 


The Pisces New Moon eclipse asked us to surrender something big, so we can make room for a whole new life.

I’ve been peeling back the layers of my Pisces-ruled identity since the eclipse. Confronting illusions about how I show up in the world, and renegotiating boundaries around the way I let the world in. Getting clear about what consititutes surrender, and what sabotage.

For lifetime after lifetime I’ve believed, because of society’s rules, marital imprisonment, and financial dependence, I didn’t have the power to shape my own life. To make my own choices. Go my own way.

Going your own way is a hard thing for a Fish, who's so sensitive to the currents around her. My identity wasn't strong enough. My desires always muddied.

I outsourced my Yang to the men in my life. Wanting them to do it for me.

But those men could never show up for me the way I wanted them to. No matter how hard I tried, the outsid world just could not reflect the Yang I so desired to meet.

Not my fathers, nor my husbands, nor my lovers. And I doubtedmy ability to even show up for myself.

I waited and waited and waited, like a princess in her tower, pining for the man who’d eventually rescue me from my prison.

In my dreams, he'd cut away the ties that bound me to a life of someone else's creation, and free me to go my own way into my own dreams.

That man does not exist. 

Today, Yang calls for me to start calling the shots. Commanding my desires and stepping out towards them, taking action towards creating what I want.


Women have been living through their men for thousands of years.

Enslaving ourselves, outsourcing our independence, denying our own ability to go out and get what we want. We’ve assumed roles that tell us our lives don’t belong to us. We instead belong to everybody else. And at the very bottom, is us. 

Now, with the rising tide of feminine spiritual leadership, aka women all over the world trading their gifts in conscious entrepreneurship, our future is in our own hands.

The only limits are the ones we put on ourselves. No institution, no person, no social obligation, is more powerful than who we really are.

We live in the midst of an global, evolutionary leap in consciousness, spearheaded by women who are claiming their power, and using it to change the way the world works.

This movement is the rise of the Goddess, the resurgence of the mighty Yin. To urge to connect and share and love. The only medicine to heal our world.

The power of Yin draws our desires to us, while Yang drives us towards them.

Yang gives us decision and motivation. When we hand it over, and live solely in our Yin, we hand over our lives. We get trapped in anger, rage and frustration, because we’ve cut off our own fighting arm. We lash out at restrictions, rather than wielding our force consciously. Getting angrier and angrier and angrier, we turn inwards against ourselves.

Now, at this Equinox, we can claim our power. Make our own decisions. Go forth towards our own directions, rather than fighting helplessly against old limitations.

We can cut ourselves free. If we choose.

We can make a new beginning today.


The story of this season

The first connection the Sun makes after it moves into Aries is a harmonious trine to Mars in Sagittarius. We’re on a quest for truth over the next three months. We’ll seek adventure, philosophy, and travel. We’ll take long journeys, both inner and outer, find the meaning from our experiences, and know our place in the bigger picture of life.

The Sun then makes a trine to Saturn, giving us the strength we need to make our truth real, and use it to further our ambitions and create new social structures based in truth and wisdom.

The Sun then squares Pluto in Capricorn, the bringer of death to outdated institutions. When Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008, the stock market crashed and the old financial authorities began to die. A transformed model of ambition, achievement and collective social responsibly is now rising from the ashes. People are taking back their authority, and working towards healing the rift between capitalism and compassion. We can’t live in a communist utpioa, where money is irrelevant and everything we need is simply provided for us. We need to own our part in creating personal and collective wealth, and building the new structures which will replace the inhumane systems currently enslaving the world.

This is what our current social revolution is all about. And fittingly, the Sun finally conjoins Uranus, bringer of awakening and revolution. Together with Pluto, Uranus is forcing the evolutionary leap which has brought social and financial meltdowns and global political revolutions to the forefront of collective and personal consciousness. The upheavals in our lives are because these two energies are working to shift humanity from limited, separate, fear-based surviving, to fully-connected, love-based thriving. 


The old ways are dying. Life is always evolving.

Those of us who are evolving with it are poised to make the Big Leap from the lower mind to the higher mind. To leave the lizards like Trump behind.

Right now, humans are programmed with fear every single minute of every single day. The US election, financial armageddon, the rising tide of hatred threatening to engulf the freedom of our world.

Drama. Drama. Drama.

It doesn’t make a difference who wins the next election. Or when the dollar collapses. Or how many terrorists are manufactured then captured.

What matters is where we direct our power. And that we no longer give it away.

We’ve been afraid of our own power for so long, because we’re simply not used to it.

We’re not used to living empowered lives, in an empowered world. With empowered relationships and empowered finances.

When we think of power, we think of all the heinous crimes committed in its name. And we shrink from it. Disempowered again, raging against life rather than letting it in and owning it for ourselves.

It’s easier to keep going down those same neurological and sociological pathways.

Until we choose to go forth and claim our desires, our power lies dormant, and we live half-lives. 

Until something has to give.

Until we’re forced, by the powers of creation, to choose another way.


No one is coming to save us.

Aliens will not land from the sky and remove the cronies who seek to enslave the world for their own gain. One more corrupt election will not solve the world’s problems.

It’s easy to feel empowered when everything outside looks wonderful.


When new saviours in the form of likeable, ethnically-diverse Presidents and socially-responsible government initiatives appear, we feel we can relax, safe in the knowledge that everything’s being take care of.

Someone else has our Yang. They're doing what need to be done.

But remember that princess in the tower?

Her Yang isn’t coming. He can’t and he won’t. He doesn’t exist outside her. She need to find him within.

Our empowered leaders will appear when we step up to become them.

We, the leaders of Yin, who feel and care and love, have the power to do the most good on earth. 

We, in our higher minds, need to create the new world. 

We have enslaved ourselves long enough. 

It’s time to go our own way.

And first, we must claim our Yang. 


In your own way, say goodbye to the old ways today and welcome in the new.

Where do you need to reclaim your power?

What do you want to use it for over the next three months?

How do you need to act to make that happen?


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