Libra Lunar Eclipse: Meeting the Beloved


The Libra Full Moon eclipse calls for us to mediate the forces of light and dark within.

 This is the Easter Moon, and it carries the energy of crucifixion.

We're at the final stage of our journey into a new world. We're preparing to meet out beloved, after surrendering our old lives.

But first, we need to make peace with our resistance and create sacred union within ourselves. 


The story so far...

The Pisces solar eclipse was the beginning of the end, where we gave up the old to make way for the new. We chose to surrender to the flow, letting go as our old lives washed away, not knowing where we were going but having faith that we would get there. As we surrendered our illusions of how things must be, we stepped into the flow and embraced the unknown.

As we move into the final stage of the eclipse season, life now seeks to birth something through us. 

We’re now making the transition to our brand new lives.

At the Equinox a few days ago a new burst of fiery power activated our masculine drive and we began to claim our Yang. This catalysed some big decisions and bold new moves. We set off on our new path with courage and conviction and soon reached the point of transition, where there was no going back.

Old energies within and around us rose up to test our choices. Could we accept that the old ways were done? And step into the new as victor, rather than victim?

Through Aries, Mars drew his sword and declared war on restrictions.

We began the push, and life pushed right with us. 


Now we need to claim our Yin, and allow the Goddess to bring our beloved creation in.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess planet of Yin. Our true beloved will not be met outside us, but by mediating the opposing forces within.

Our beloved might be purpose, money, artistic expression, family, or true Libran true love. Whatever we seek, it will remain hidden until we make this inner peace.

We've all experienced the thrill of claiming our desires, only to push them away through our counteractive fears. We've all attracted our yearnings, then engulfed them so tightly they can't breathe, and wither in our clutches.

In these times, either our Yang or Yin has been out of balance. Too much action, too much contraction.

Through the trials of this eclipse we can marry these forces, and allow our true lives and love to emerge from our wholeness. 

Libra, the eternal diplomat, sees past the passion of conflict and into the purpose of reconciliation. 

Libra knows the peace and love we seek must arise from deep within.

Whatever it is, our longed-for beloved will appear, when we no longer need it to complete who we are. 


The path of the Goddess is to yield and surrender.

Yet she is fierce and almighty, with dragons underneath her. But unlike the Gods, who create change through action, Goddess power goes inwards to dissolve the blocks around her.

She stays in her quiet centre and cultivates her presence, and her magnetism draws all she longs for to her. As she harnesses the creative power of the great unknown, the call of her Yin brings the universe in.

To rise up as Goddesses we need to make peace with every moment. We don’t slay our own fears by taking up arms against them. We must soften, give up our personal desires for retribution or blame, and realise we have the power to play a whole different game.

To love, where love seems absent. To soften, where hard edges break us open. To stay balanced and relate to our antagonisers, realising they do so to teach us the true path to love.

This doesn’t make us weak. We’re not push-overs or doormats. We're warriors of love who refuse to play games.

Libra’s shadow comes out when we’re not relating consciously, when become wishy-washy and can’t bear to decide or take action. Here the feminine shadow loves to get stuck on the fence, playing passive-aggressive games while pretending she just can't help it.

The true Goddess knows that yielding comes from power, not from fear. She doesn't pretend to play nice to gloss over uncomfortable feelings. She doesn't avoid conflict in order to not rock the boat, she steadies it instead with the strong beat of her heart.

When we use Libra to reclaim the Goddess, she teaches us to stay quiet, and speak from that true place within.

It's easy to love, when love meets us first.

But when love shrinks around us, we need to show fear the way.


This eclipse will bring an ending in our Libra-ruled house, making way for a more harmonious relationship in that area of our lives.

We'll see the outer expression of this inner transformation in about six months time, when Jupiter crosses the eclipse point and expands our journey forward.

We need to keep moving wherever Aries falls in our chart. Keep heading towards our own goals, cultivating the initiative and action that emerged at the Equinox.

Where does this eclipse fall for you?

When you take aligned action now, it will supercharge your intent and allow you to use the grace of Libra to harmonise the way forward.

Use each moment of fear as a chance to return to love.


At the end of this eclipse portal is the realisation of our gifts.

This eclipse is ruled by loving Venus in Pisces, where she sits exalted in the sign of compassion and imagination. 

Venus is sitting near the Pisces eclipse degree, waiting to bring forth the gifts we were promised when we surrendered to the flow.

Before we receive our dues, we'll need to take a journey through the other planets. The story of the Moon's passage tells us what to expect as the rest of these eclipse energies make themselves felt.

The Goddess needs to become herself, through helpers and trials, before her gifts will be released and she can share them with the world.

First, the Goddess (the Moon) sextiles Mars, harmonising with Eros and her Yang companion. The balance of masculine and feminine energies at the start of our journey are harmonious and connected. It's easy for us to make peace with the opposing forces within. 

Next, she sextiles Saturn, the wise father and guide. He imparts his truth and awareness of time, so she can persevere on her journey and overcome the obstacles in her way. 

Then she squares Pluto, lord of the Underworld. He abducts her through challenge, for one final death.Whatever needs to be transformed will be unearthed and released, so our Goddess can be reborn from deep within.

Finally, she opposes Uranus. Her journey ends in sudden liberation. He shakes up her foundations and frees her from all mortal limits. He electrifies her gifts and awakens her genius, so she can finish her quest and give back to the world.


We're entering a time of alchemy in the loving vessel of the heart. 

We're called to join the forces of light and dark, male and female, yin and yang, in sacred union within ourselves. To do this, we must look into the dark and draw love out. 

The dark shadow within us is the missing part we seek. Running from it is futile. It is running from ourselves. Instead of avoiding discomfort, Libra helps us harmonise, choosing love when each fear meets us, choosing peace in times of war.

As we open to receive the world, no matter what it tells us, we open to receive ourselves and our true heartfelt desires. 

We give up the search for completion from another person, place or thing. And accept the peace and love we seek is truly found within. 

When we welcome our beloved at the end of our rebirthing, we'll fall in love our own wholeness, rather than seeking wholeness out. 

What crucifies us opens us, so embrace the portal forward.


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