Highest Expression

Lights, camera, action! Leo is in the house, and it’s time to meet the proud, roaring Lion with the golden mane and the heart of gold.

Leo is the playful, creative child who’s here to shine bright, be seen and heard, and be recognised for how special, unique and gifted he is. The Lion is on a quest to express itself, love itself, and be loved unconditionally in return.

There’s no warmer heart, greater generosity, or more noble King or Queen in all the land. With fierce, fiery passion the Lion roars through life, whole-heartedly loyal to those who are worthy of his love.

Spreading joy wherever he goes, his charisma is infectious, inspiring others to laugh, play and win at the game of life.


Leo can become blind to others, seeing them as merely his audience, rather than stars in their own right. He can be so preoccupied with his own greatness that he takes up permanent residence in front of the mirror. Believing he’s been divinely ordained to rule the world, he expects the universe and everything in it to revolve around him, and his loyal subjects to bow at his feet.

He can switch from generous, benevolent monarch to cold-hearted tyrant if he’s feeling unloved, or from sunny star of the show to furious drama queen if his pride is wounded by someone he loves. Leo needs to love himself and shine from within, rather than seeking external validation to maintain his insecure position above others.


Some objective, impersonal reflection from Aquarius, Leo's opposite, reminds him that he’s really part of the group, and his gifts are meant to bring others as much joy as they do him. He’s special, but so is everyone, and the whole world needs to feel his love.

Archetypes & Myth

The King/Queen, the Artist/Creator, the Inner Child, the Star

Planets in Leo

Planets in Leo offer the gift of self-expression. No one else is quite like you, so be proud of what you’ve got. Leo planets have the power to operate through the heart, shining from within, and to help others shine along with them.

Your Leo House

With the Sun ruling your Leo house, you strive for empowerment and self-confidence here. You need to be recognised, feel special and express your creativity, and feel like you can take charge of the affairs of this house.


Ruling Planet

The Sun. Planets and houses in Leo are influenced by the Sun’s position. Leo types recharge in the sunlight, like lazy cats soaking up warmth and love.


Body Part

Heart, chest, upper back, circulatory system, major arteries and thoracic spine. The King of the zodiac rules the primary organ and lifeblood of the body, plus the upper spine which gives regal posture and inner strength.

Essential Oils

Benzoin, Jasmine, Lemon, Mandarin, Melissa, Patchouli, Grapefruit, Ylang-Ylang


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