Inner Alchemy Journalling

One of my favourite ways to move through resistance, and reconnect to my power, is to dig deeper into the energies blocking my path. From there, I can build a relationship with my inner enemies, and help them become inner allies.

To consciously become who you really are, rather than just blindly living out your unconscious tribal/emotional programs, you've gotta meet your threshold guardians.

They're the ones you assigned to protect you from becoming too powerful, creative, abundant, loved, happy, or whatever you once decided was off-limits and threatening to your existence.

When shit gets hard, especially after it's felt so "easy," it's not a sign to turn around. It's not a sign you're on the wrong path. 

It's a sign that you're exactly where you need to be.

Your resistance has kicked in. Which is awesome, because it means you're growing. You're on track. Stay there!

You wounds and blocks aren't just obstacles on your path to success. They're the pathway to your power.  

You created them. From your own energy.

They each hold a piece of your soul.


The process

Grab a pen, your journal, and your clearest intentions. Light a candle. Burn some sage. Put some music on. Make a cup of tea. Probably not wine. Unless that's how you roll.

Whatever gets you in the space for major shifting, clearing and healing.

This is Inner Alchemy. It's part soul-retrieval, part energy medicine, part creative play with the imaginary characters in your head.




Feel into the pattern or emotion causing you problems.

What’s getting in your way? What's the voice that nags at you when you do that thing you love? How does it feel? What does it say? How does that make you feel?

If you can't connect to an energy of resistance, feel into what you really, really want instead. Feel how some part of you shrinks from that.

You’re going to connect with that stuck part.


Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Meditate for a moment.

Imagine yourself somewhere in your inner landscape. Visualise an inner meeting place. It might be place from your past, or somewhere in your imagination. 

Get noticed.

Make sure there’s a signpost, crossroads, or bridge nearby, so your inner character can find you. This is your psychic journey place.

Get dressed.

Put on a cloak, or change into a different outfit. This tells your subconscious you’re in the other world now, and helps keep boundaries around your experience. 

Feel again.

Feel into your stuckness and invite whoever and whatever is there inside you to meet with you. 


Be open to whoever and whatever shows up. They probably won’t appear as you expect. They might appear as a person, a kid, a monster, or some other type of being or object.

Don't try to create something yourself, just let your infinitely powerful and wise psyche appear to you in its own symbolic form. The symbol will be rich and perfect, no matter how it appears.


Get out your journal. From now on, write everything down. This grounds what happens in your inner world in this reality.


Start a conversation with this inner character.

Welcome them, get to know them. Ask them who they are, and about their life. Let them speak, feel into their energy, and receive their story and beliefs.

Introduce yourself.

Tell them who you are, and why you’re here.

Go deeper.

Dive into who they are and what they're all about. Listen to what they have to say, and really connect. The deeper you can connect, the more profound your shift will be.

Stay open to the conversation. 

Let it take you wherever you need to go. You might listen for twenty minutes, you might have a rapid back-and-forth conversation, you might need to travel to a different place. You might travel back to your past. 

Always have the intention that you seek to know why this energy is.

You're not trying to fix, or change it. You simply want to unlock it, learn to work with it, and develop a relationship with it.

When the time is right, tell them what you need.

Be honest about the challenges you're facing. 

Ask them what they need.

This is where you start to mediate the energy of your unconscious and consciousness.

Your inner characters are archetypal, unbound by the limits of space-time. They don't have to help you, and you don't have to help them, if it doesn't feel right.  This part has its own reasons, and own needs. It might ask you for something totally unreasonable, in terms of your human life. Or it might ask for something that feels so good to you right now.

So you need to find a balance.

Empathising with them, and finding out what's driving them, will help you do that, because you'll move into a state of acceptance, rather than resistance. 

Do what you feel has to be done. Stay open to whatever moves through you.

You might feel to help this character out in some way. It might agree to help you.

But when the conversation has unlocked something energetically, you'll feel a shift. A release of energy or emotions, a sense of peace and understanding, more confidence or power. You'll know when the time is right to finish and say goodbye.

Say goodbye.

Say goodbye when you’re ready. Thank your character for their time.


Take your otherworld outfit off and return to this world.



Create a ritual, either sacred or mundane, to ground the shift in reality.

Use your intuition. Create a work of art, do something practical in your life, burn some sage...

Make it personal and relevant to you and your transformation.

But make sure you do it. This is the final step to integrate your transformation.

You need to bring this conversation into this reality.

That's why you journal the whole thing, to stay present to what is. It's also really illuminating to go back and read over it later. But keep it private - unless you have someone to share with who gets the sacredness of what you're doing.

This exercise helps you to develop a clearer channel of communication with your unconscious.

It helps you bring more of who you are into the light of consciousness, so that you can start to align and connect your aspects of self.

You're opening the gates to your own infinite wisdom. Where you can go from here is up to you!

When you get the hang of this, you realise you have immense power to heal and connect at your fingertips.

See how your issue resolves. See how your tension releases. See how your stuckness transforms.

Repeat as needed.

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