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Aries, the Warrior.


Cardinal Fire. “I Am.”


It’s time to go forth into new beginnings. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is the courageous pioneer on a quest to makes his own way in life. The Ram rushes impatiently towards his desires with an act first, think-later impulsivity that often clashes with the desires of those around him.

Conflict is simply fuel for Aries’ fire. With natural leadership qualities and a knightly sense of bravery, Aries is a valiant competitor. He thrives when scoring wins and saving damsels in distress, and rarely backs down from a fight. Aries is a goal-oriented action-taker who knows how to hustle.

Aries starts things swiftly and takes the initiative. Whilst more cautious signs are still weighing the options, Aries uses his lighting-fast intuition and athletic prowess to race ahead and capture the prize. He leads the charge, fires up the troops, and returns with the golden fleece before the others have even tied their shoelaces. Aries is a starter, rather than a finisher. He’ll initiate the project, but someone else needs to see it through to the end.

If you want to motivate an Aries to do something, turn it into a competition. My daughter’s an Aries Sun, and when she’s lazing around in bed in the mornings, refusing to get up, I casually mention that I need to go to the toilet. Quick as a flash she’s up and racing for the bathroom - determined to get there first.


When Aries doesn’t win the race, the girl, or the prize, his fiery zest can turn nuclear. It’s his birthright to win, you see, so when he doesn’t, he feels personally offended. His anger is fast to heat up, and quick to burn out, but Aries can burn more bridges, more quickly, than any other sign. Unlike Scorpio, he doesn’t hold a grudge, however, and as soon as he’s blown his top he’s over it, for good. Let’s just hope you are, too.

If he hasn’t got a healthy sense of self-esteem, Aries can see life as a battlefield where he must constantly fight with others to prove that he exists. Ruled by Mars, god of war and desire, Aries’ full-bodied anger and red-hot passion can be exhausting for him, and those around him. Being the first sign, he expects to go first at everything, and his selfishness is legendary. He can be so focused on the prize that he pushes past anyone in his way - an excellent trait for an athlete or military leader - but not such a great way to make friends or please others.


Aries needs to cultivate the Libran arts of tact, diplomacy and relationship skills, so he can stay in balance with those around him. He’s not an island, and he needs others in order to live his best life. He also needs to choose which battles to fight, and which to gracefully demur from, so he can save his energy for the goals that matter most.


Fool, Warrior, Knight, Champion, Leader, Entrepreneur, Pioneer, Winner, Fighter, Athlete.


Mars. Planets or houses in Aries are in ruled by Mars, the god of war, which motivates us to take action and go after what we want.


Planets in Aries help you develop self-esteem. These planets operate impulsively and with a quick, all-or-nothing passion. They’re fiery, direct and independent. Arian planets offer the sword of courage and the desire to take action in the part of life they fall in. Be bold, swift and courageous when wielding their power and watch out for selfishness and aggression.


Your Aries house is your natural field of competition. You have to take the initiative here and go after what you want. Don’t wait, be brave, just do it, and you’ll conquer your desires. Your natal Mars describes how you’ll assert yourself in this part of life.


Head, brain, skull, cranium, eyes, pituitary gland, adrenals. Aries charges head-first into life. It’s the spirited power that pulls the body forwards into new experiences.


Bold. Assertive. Trail-blazing. Action-oriented. Courageous. Athletic. Independent. Initiating. Enterprising.


Selfish. Aggressive. Dare-devil. Impulsive. Angry. Headstrong. Competitive. Impatient. Rash. Reckless.