Virgo New Moon: Perfect Service


“Leave this world a little better than you found it.”
— Robert Baden-Powell.

After a Leo-powered month of celebrating and re-creating who we are and what we love, it’s time to stop dancing across the surface of the Sun and put our gifts to work. 

Virgo season is here, and with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all closely-knit in efficient Virgo, the question on our cosmic lips is “How can I be of service?”

Virgo is the earthy, humble and uber-practical sign with the job of keeping us healthy, efficient and organised. The virgin tends to the details of life. She integrates all the little pieces of who we are into some semblance of wholeness. She declutters the house, throws out the bad food, adjusts the thermostat and ticks off the to-do-list. Without her, life would turn to chaos.

Virgo tames Leo’s super-sized ego by helping him cultivate the humility and work ethic to do something useful with his brilliant gifts. During Virgo season, we realise that the point of having a special gift inside us is so that we can share it with those who need it most.

It’s not about us after all. We were put here to do something useful, and there are people who will benefit from it. So it’s high time we went and did it.

Virgo’s polar opposite is Pisces, the mystic fishes, whose motto is “Serve or Suffer.” Whereas Pisces serves a higher power in some realm halfway between heaven and earth, Virgo does her work with feet firmly planted on the ground. She knows what needs fixing, what parts are out of place, and can critically analyse what to do to make it right.

Mercury, Virgo’s traditional ruler, is at home in Virgo, giving us a critical thinking immersion and a planning bootcamp this month. As we sift through the thoughts, words and ideas in our head, we need to carefully discern what’s real and what’s not. If you’re a list-making organiser, you’ll adore this energy, but watch out for analysis paralysis. If you’re more vague and free-flowing, take advantage of this time to clarify the things you’d most like to get done, and focus on practical ways to make it happen.

Virgo also helps us declutter and organise our bodies, home and lives. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, work with the early spring Virgo energy to clear out your cupboards, dust off the cobwebs, donate or repurpose your unused belongings and make room for the new seasonal year that’s just begun.

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere you’re approaching the harvest, so work with the early autumn Virgo energy to take stock of what you’ve created and carefully tie up all the loose ends.


The Virgo New moon will place a magnifying glass on a specific area of your life. Here is the place where you need to establish healthy habits, efficient routines and useful ways to serve.

Find your Virgo house here. 

For me, it’s my 6th house (Virgo’s natural house) of health, work and routines. It’s also conjunct my Descendant, the partnership angle, so there’s a fusion of personal work and service with my 1:1 relationships. I could feel this taking me over today through the urge to find practical ways to support and serve my partner’s music career. I spend hours figuring out a highly-detailed audio editing program, fiddling with settings, compression, reverb and levels to craft a different kind of sound for him. 

Virgo is the craftsperson, the one who keeps working at something until it’s as perfect as can be. Of course, the risk is that we’ll never reach that state of perfection, and get stuck in a haystack of details, obsessed with what could be better and never seeing how great things actually are.

This is where Virgo’s opposite, Pisces, comes into help. And opposite the analytical Virgo stellium in this new moon is Neptune in Pisces, at home in the blissful, quantum soup of Piscean dreams and imagination. Neptune helps us surrender and feel the divine perfection of things as they are. When we’re holding our magnifying glass too close to our tasks and lives, Neptune can help us channel inspiration or compassion from a place far beyond 3D reality. Neptune helps us flow with the dreams that the universe is dreaming through us, rather than tie ourselves in knots trying to find our way out of the human mind-created maze.

Speaking of dreams, this month is the time to make our big dreams manifest. With a square from Jupiter to Neptune, we’re floating high in the ethers of inspiration. We can see a grand vision from above. But now we also need to bring it down to earth.

The new moon chart is blessed with a grounded grand earth trine. The Virgo stellium aligns with Saturn, Pluto and the South node in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus, for an earthy convention that will keep us in the here-and-now. With eight out of ten planets in earth signs, this new moon is an opportunity to bring the visions we’ve been cultivating, the skills we’ve been sharpening, and the ideas we’ve been entertaining, firmly into reality, so they can make a difference in the world.


Sometimes we may wonder if our work really matters. Maybe we should do that other thing, follow some other path, serve in a way that appears to have a greater impact, rather than the tiny little job we’ve been tasked with.

Maybe we should go fight fires in the Amazon. Help refugees in Africa. Clean up plastic rubbish from beaches in Arnhem land. There’s just so much that needs to be done. So many people that need to be helped. So many problems to fix. So many fucks to give.

Virgo’s aware of them all, and she has a plan for every single one. But she’s only one piece of the puzzle, one of a great many worker bees. She’s been put exactly where she is for a reason. Her piece of the puzzle is the one she’s most skilled at fixing. It’s her work, and she must perform it with the due diligence it requires. Virgo’s humble task is to perform her job to perfection. It’s to take care of the problems right in front of her nose.

To feed the hungry, hug the needy, fix the leaky and organise the flaky in her own small orbit.

Virgo’s ruler, Chiron, is the wounded healer of the cosmos. Chiron brings both painful wounds that feel like they will never heal, as well as the ability to find, and develop, the medicine we need to heal them.

When we attempt to heal ourselves of the unique affliction we’ve been born with, we develop gifts that are useful to others. We realise we’re not alone in this wounding. In fact, we’re perfectly qualified to serve others who have the same dis-ease.

When we share those gifts in service to those who need them, we become more whole. Our work fixes and integrates us. By giving our medicine, we not only serve others but heal ourselves.

So if you’re overwhelmed with all that’s wrong with the world this month, remember your own tiny part of the cosmic puzzle.

Keep honing the gifts you’ve been given. Keep serving those who need them.

We all play a role. We all have work to do.

It may not be glamorous, or sexy, or attention-grabbing. It may not make the headline news at night. But Virgo doesn’t need any of that.

She only needs to lie her head on her pillow at night and know she did her best.

She’s left her corner of the world a tiny bit better than when she arrived. And tomorrow, she’ll do a tiny bit more.


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