Libra full Moon: Crossroads

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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”  ― Martin Luther King Jr

Forming a Grand Cross - a giant crossroads in the heavens - the Libra Full Moon will challenge us to balance four areas of life and make an evolutionary leap towards more nurtured and connected relationship with ourselves and others.

Squared to the Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, this Moon activates the tension between self and relationships and inner security vs external achievement.

Libra is the sign of harmony and partnership, and the archetype where we see both sides rather than push to have our own way - which is how Aries, Libra’s opposite sign, operates.

Aries is brash, bold, impatient. It’s the fire that drives us forward, the warrior who conquers our desires, and the pioneer who forges new paths into uncharted territory.

Libra, however, urges us find the middle ground and make an elegant compromise in order to work together and maintain good relations. We can’t achieve anything solely on our own, after all. 

Once Aries has burned all his bridges, Libra arrives to delicately pick up the pieces and rearrange life into a more pleasing picture.

This lunation can bring great breakdowns, breakthroughs and rebuildings - especially if we have planets in the final degrees of cardinal signs. 

The past couple of months have forced us to cut ties to what’s no longer relevant, closing old doors so that new ones may open in time. We’re still between the old and the new, and the old is collapsing all around us and inside us.

The fire in Notre Dame cathedral - whether you believe it’s a purification of the Catholic church’s systemic cover-ups of abuse and pedophilia, a literal burning of corrupt patriarchal values, or a tragic destruction of one of humanity’s most aspirational achievements - is symbolic of the great unravelling of structures and organisations which once seemed invincible in their power.

During Christian Holy week, this literal breakdown and eventual rising from the ashes is a powerful global symbol for the death and rebirth process of Easter.

The old is being transformed and as its buildings collapse we’ll feel a mixture of grief over what’s gone forever, relief that it’s finally over, and confusion as the new hasn’t yet been built.

Where we’ve been plugged into the old grid that supports traditional systems and hierarchies of power and control, we now need to unplug and connect to the new matrix of collective power. 

We’re moving from the old paradigm of Saturnian hierarchy into the new paradigm of Uranian equality. 

We’re approaching the next round of eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn and this moon is preparing us for another layer of release, restructuring and clear-outs.

The path of least resistance (the South Node) pulls us back into seeking security through external achievement. Capricorn doesn’t waste time feeling stuff, for Lord’s sake - he has far more important things to do: like achieve, build, organise, plan. There’s work to be done - and it’s our responsibility to do it.

With Pluto and Saturn on the South Node we’re excavating our personal and collective conditioning around what it means to hold power in society and what we strive to achieve and build in the world. 

It’s a shake-down and a take-down of the status quo so we can rebuild new selves, homes and societies based on a deep sense of internal security rather than external status, power or control.

We need to balance our executive decisions with our inner needs, our home life and our soul-led emotional world. With the North Node in Cancer, also square the Moon, we may feel the push and pull of duty vs family, responsibility vs feeling. The calling of our worldly ambitions may oppose the calling to return home to our private world. 

Collectively, we’re evolving into a more caring, connected and emotionally aware way of being as the North Node moves through sensitive Cancer.

Rather than living according to patriarchal laws that override our natural instincts and teach us to outsource our authority to those who hold power over us, we’re returning to matriarchal values, laws and instincts - honouring what feels good to us, what nurtures the wider community and what we need on a personal and familiar level. 

We’re learning to trust in our own gut knowing and move with the cyclical nature of our beings in order to deeply nourish ourselves, each other, and the world. We’re learning how to live with the ebb and flow of Mother Earth, Mother Moon, and Mother Nature once again.

How can we build something worthwhile in the world whilst nourishing ourselves and others - rather than climbing on the backs of slaves like the great imperial empires have done?

How can we focus on growing strong roots and nourished inner foundations, so we won’t keep perpetuating the same old story?

Despite a natural desire to celebrate the downfall of oppressive systems and organisations, it’s not about burning down everything the patriarchy has ever created and replacing it with a pure matriarchal culture. 

The quest for a particular type of justice - one which is stained with masculine blood - won’t solve this crisis. Over time the balance of power has swung from women to men and we need to find the balance between us, rather than flip the other way again.

Libra calls us to hold both sides in equal regard. To not seek to establish ourselves as the powerful ones and the other side as the losers, but to value the contributions and qualities of each.

To seek to understand another’s perspective and experiences, find a common ground and restore balance between the competing forces inside and around us.

As we stand at the crossroads between old social conditioning and a new internal locus of control we’ll find ourselves on a new path.

The path of peace. 

Which direction are you heading this year?

What do you need to release, breakdown and rebuild, so you can go forward with more solid foundations?

Do you want to be your own cosmic guide and unlock the meaning and power of your soul’s blueprint?

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