Leo New Moon: Leader of the Pack

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
— George Bernard Shaw.

After wading through the bog of Cancer/Capricorn the past six weeks, dredging up old emotions and memories from the deep, the tide has turned and the warmth returned.

Leo is a joyful soul, unconcerned with the traditions or ambitions of Cancer/Capricorn. Leo wants to shine, to play, and to enjoy its time in the sun.

The urge right now is grand self-expression, love, leisure and joy. Leo skips, light-hearted as a child, through the gardens of life.

July’s Cancer eclipse urged us to deepen our roots, so we’re not building ivory towers but solid foundations. We got a reset in our Cancer house that brought us closer to our true needs and instincts. 

The Cancer/Capricorn eclipse pitted our need for inner security against our thirst for outer success. We were brought into alignment, made to get accountable, and given a reality check to balance the books in a particular part of our lives.

The quadruple-conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, South Node and the Moon in Capricorn foreshadowed what to expect next year when Jupiter joins the exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. 

Hint: do the work here - you’ve been warned!

Now, the pressure is off. If we’ve passed the tests we’re seeing the rewards. 


With the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars in Leo, we can throw ourselves whole-heartedly into a new chapter of creative flow. 

As the sovereign power in our one and only lives, it’s time to make a decree.

To not just create our lives, but to create ourselves

With the wisdom and authority of Capricorn, the sensitivity and intuition of Cancer, and the unbridled passion of a cosmic grand fire trine, we can harness our best selves and beam our brilliance into whatever arena we light up. 

Trine Jupiter in Sagittarius and Chiron in Aries, the new moon’s having a party of potentials. We can jump on board before it burns out and use this cosmic creative power to play the lead in our lives.

Look to your Leo house for clues as to where this leadership must play out.

For me, it’s Leo’s natural house, the 5th, and my moon and part of fortune.

This has been a funny year for me - I’ve felt adrift, vacant and untethered from my usual mode of operation - but now I can feel a convergence in this house of creative joy and self-expression. I can feel my centre of solar gravity returning, new artistic adventures on the horizon, more time and energy for my one special daughter, and a more authentic understanding of what it means to lead my own life.


Leo’s not concerned with following the crowd - Leo wants to lead the pack.

And the first pack he needs to lead is the one inside him. The bawdy, rowdy, unpredictable band of rebels and ratbags living in his subconscious. He needs to shine some light and magnetise the many parts of himself into an orbit of love. 

The universe is held together, and moves in harmony, because of love.

And so is the you-niverse within you.

July cleared some skeletons from the closet. Now it’s time to open the curtains and perform the dance we were created for. 

Our great work - our true work - is not to do anything, but to be our true selves. Express the core essence of who we are, and let that be enough.

Choreographing, sketching, drafting and creating our magnum opus is the work of a lifetime.

But there are parts of us clinging to old roles, using old scripts, and wearing old costumes that no longer fit.

Loitering in the wings, waiting for the perfect moment to blow out the stage lights, spill something slippery on the floor, knock over the set and wreak havoc with the show.

So it’s our duty as king or queen to ask those parts to step into the spotlight and take on a new role.

We’re no longer writing the same old tragedy of errors, but a new play, with an ending that hasn’t been determined yet.

Our audience has grown tired and it’s time to inject new life into the drama of who we are.

To rise from the dusty floorboards and sing a new song.

One that lets us play the hero, the artist, and the creator of our myth. 

Not the sad and sorry victim, but the bold and fearless victor.

Even when things are tough.

Especially when things are tough.

Even when the old scripts beckon from the shadows, their familiar pages filled with seductive memories and well-worn neurological grooves.

Especially then. 

With Mercury just gone direct in Cancer, the tendency is to think of the past, to merge heart and head, and to let feelings dictate our mental energy.

Soon Mercury will glide into Leo, and all the inner planets will be ruled by the royal radiance of the Sun.

And who rules Sun? No one. 

The sun is self-shining, unconditional, nuclear love.

It burns the past and gives life to the future.

The solar system revolves around it’s radiant energy.


To pick up a new script, rehearse it, own it, and become the person who lives it, is the gift of this Leo Moon.

To choose a new costume, a new wig, and new shoes to dance in. 

Ones that tap, rather than scrape, through the streets of life.

But how to be brilliant and joyful when the world is burning? 

How to dance lightly across a planet in peril?

When the weight of the past, and fears for the future, threaten to consume us all?

Then, more than ever, must we find that joy.

Then, more than ever, must we dare to laugh, to play, and create.

The old ways are crumbling.

All around us the systems, structures and powers-that-be are feeling the Plutonic rumblings of change. Globally, with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter having an explosive board meeting in Capricorn next year, it may well get worse before it gets better. 

In the meantime, who better to create a new script for life than you, dear one?

Who better to be a lighthouse than you?

It would be a grand tragedy if you kept your gifts in hiding.

If you robbed the world of your light, your love, and your laughter, because you were afraid of the dark.

Leo has the courage of a lion. And your soul came here to roar.

No hero or heroine got that way by shrinking from the heat of their quest.

If you re-create the old drama, you go back to sleep.

If you re-create a new you, you awaken from the dream.

You start to play the Game of Life.

And wouldn’t that be fun?