Gemini New Moon: Visionary Magic


“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” 
― Albert Einstein


The Gemini New Moon is an invitation to change course, to imagine new horizons beyond the world we’ve created so far.

Gemini is the traveller, storyteller and trickster of the zodiac. Never short of words, the Twins’ famous curiosity urges us down interesting rabbit holes so we can learn something new about life.

Clever and witty and curious, the Twins don’t stick at one thing for very long. With so much to discover, these astrological journalists are interested in the who, what, where and when of life. As soon as they’ve gathered the info they seek, there’s something else to cover down the street.

But as Gemini skips light-heartedly across the surface of life, the twins are casting spells wherever they step.

Abracadabra - I create as I speak!

Mercury rules Gemini, and this New Moon. As the ruler of Gemini, Mercury’s not just the messenger, but the magician who uses thoughts and words to transmute energy and shift the fabric of reality.


The universe is mental, says Hermetic Law.

In the beginning was the Word, says Juedo-Christian scripture. 

Your thoughts become your reality, say New-Age memes. 

This Gemini New Moon reminds us to use the power of our words to invoke our dreams. What are you calling into being?


The New Moon is opposite Jupiter, encouraging us to think BIG and expand our beliefs.

Mercury/Jupiter helps us to travel beyond our usual thought patterns and into the new mind of our future self.

When we get stuck in mental ruts our lives reflect this narrow-mindedness. We bump into sharp edges and fixate on tiny details like we’re trapped in a 1980s arcade game.

Our thought-forms haunt us, rather than help us.

When we practice cerebral fluidity and open our range of mental perception, life becomes a magical mystery tour. The bad trip dissolves and before us a beautiful vista appears. 

We are always manifesting the products of our mind. This month, we can tap into a cosmic psychedelic and shift our inner perspective.

The old you thinks in a very particular way. It’s predictable, and often painful. 

What does the new you - the true you - believe?


Forming a T-square to Moon and Jupiter is Neptune, sailing on poetic Pisecan seas.

King of the ocean, Queen of dreams, Neptune offers us the paintbrush of belief: we choose the palette, select the canvas, create the scene.

Nothing is too much for Neptune/Jupiter to imagine, but things are never what they seem. As always, we have the choice:

Powerless Neptunian victim, or jovial Jupiterian guru?

Helpless vagrant, or happy wanderer?

Spiritual seeker, or deluded dreamer?

When we slip out of ordinary reality we enter the fantastic astral plane. Shimmering spectres beckon us forward, but are we on our true path? Or are we glamoured and confused by flights of fancy and false desires luring us to foggy demise?

Opposite Pisces is discerning Virgo, the missing leg of this cosmic T-square. Virgo helps us stay grounded and sort through the pieces of our dreams.

What’s real and what isn’t?

What works and what doesn’t?

What do we need to do, here and now, to channel our art into reality?

This is Virgo’s job. Daily practices, humble service, organised productivity.

Neptune square Jupiter offers us endless possibilities, but unless we pay attention to the details it will all slip through our fingers.


Our thought forms are things. When we keep energising them, they literally come true.

They enter the plane of Earth, where we can see, touch and smell them. And this Moon has an abundance of Earth to help us fix our dreams to the page.

Venus in at home in Taurus, trine Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn. All these planets are sextile dreamy Neptune, helping us attract, structure and transform our imaginations.

All the dreams in the universe are only that: fantasies, unless we earth them daily.

Venus, at home in Taurus, helps us to steadily, patiently and stubbornly attract our desired reality.

Saturn helps us to bring ideas into form and structure them in reality.

Pluto transforms our desires, so we’re not lost in the fog of egoic attachment, but solid about creating our soul’s true visions.

Together, Saturn and Pluto urge the tenacity to manifest our soul mission and break down rigid structures of control. But we must do battle with the shadows of power, and pass our own initiatory tests beforehand.


As we passed through the evolutionary portal of the early 2019 eclipses, our best-laid plans were stripped away.

Pluto and Saturn transformed the structures of our lives, killing off what we thought was solid and showing us a new and evolved version of reality.

We’re on the brink of the next round of eclipses, coming up in July, and starring Saturn and Pluto again. 

The dream-seeds we plant now will catalyse the next layer of shedding.

Every creation requires the transmutation of an existing thing, and nobody shapeshifts better than the mutable signs - especially Gemini and Pisces. With the Gemini Moon square to Neptune in Pisces, our shapeshifting power is at a peak this month.

When Mercury’s predecessor, Hermes, guided souls to the underworld and back, he was the only one to emerge unscathed, slipping in and out of places that other Gods feared to enter with his signature quicksilver mutability.

So can we. 

When we embrace the lightness of being that Gemini offers, we can remove one skin and try on another. 

Especially in our Gemini house. Find out where this Moon falls for you here.


This New Moon falls in my fourth house, close to my IC and the roots of my chart.

This is the realm of home, family and inner security.

With Gemini at my roots, I get restless staying in one place. My dad moved every year or two when I was growing up, and even though mum stayed put, the sense of impermanence and changeability is deeply imprinted in me.

After deciding last year to stay put where my family and I now live in Daylesford, this week I woke from a dream about swimming in a rainforest waterhole, and yearned to move back to Byron Bay…

When winter begins, like it did this week, with sleet and snow blowing in and wild winds whipping the last autumn leaves from their branches, the temptation to return to the endless summer of lush sub-tropical lands always starts to call. 

This dream came from a deeper place inside than the usual early winter shivers, but after running it through Virgo’s discernment detector, isn’t something I feel to pursue.

The next night I had a dream my father bought a new house. A glorious old mansion, painted blue and white. It was my dream house.

I yelled out to dad: “Can you leave this to me in your will?!”  (With four siblings, one must be quick to call dibs.)

Today, a waking daydream appeared out of nowhere: moving to my father’s homeland, Finland.

Was it simply a coincidence that my dream house was painted the exact same blue and white as the Finnish flag?

Virgo’s still checking the details… 

Who knows what this Moon will bring. I’m simply noticing the nudges, going with the flow, and surrendering. Plus doing the Virgo work of creating with my daily mantra:

I choose to be at home within myself.


The desire to expand and grow, to shift and change, to dream and believe is sure to rock some tired old boats.

But for the brave, life is turning a corner.

Stay open to possibility. Expand your mind as far as possible.

Watch for worthy dreams, and beware of mischievous distractions.

Notice when you’re trying to escape the here and now via Neptune, and work with reality to transmute it, always.

Once you’ve been granted your true vision…

Think it, speak it, see it, dream it, believe it.

Then do the work to make it real.

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