Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse: Face the Fear, and Do It Anyway


“You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.” — Sammy Davis, Jr.


After an intense, heavy and serious Capricorn New Moon and Solar Eclipse, our plans for the new Gregorian year have begun to crystallise and manifest. 

Conjunct Saturn, the ruler of time and form, and Pluto, the ruler of death and rebirth, the Capricorn eclipse killed off our old ambitions and priorities, forcing us to prune back unnecessary burdens and obligations so we can climb the mountain that’s true for us, rather than the mountain our society, our ancestors or our limited belief systems dictate we “ought” to climb.

As Pluto and Saturn move closer to each other in the heavens, between now and the end of 2020 we’re being called to manifest our soul’s mission in a tangible and pragmatic way. Projects which stand the test of time, rather than becoming yesterday’s fad, and ventures which transform the structures of society rather than reinforcing the protective walls inside and around us, will be at the cutting edge of this influence.  

Of course, we’ll also see shadows emerge in greater depth and detail - both our own personal fears rising to the surface as we take step after step on our new path, and the collective fears projected and whipped to a frenzy by those in positions of power, authority and influence.

Eclipses release the shadow, and Capricorn/Saturn/Pluto together can bring up fears so immense they can paralyse us in our tracks. With Mars in Aries right now, we’re motivated to make a decision and take action on it, but several planets in Capricorn are urging caution before we race off. 

This is the “Yes-But” influence, the “I really want to do this, but do I really believe it’s possible, realistic or responsible right now?” 

Maybe I should play safer, dare less, be more careful, fall in line with what my limited, small self says is the right thing to do? After all, I can only have, do and be so much, ya know? Most of the time, I’m barely enough as it is, so what guarantee is there that I’m actually capable of this big, audacious dream that seems so far beyond my current reality and capacity…? 

Asking for a guarantee before we commit is the fearful mind’s way of keeping us safe in the life we have now - even if that life is painful. Better the devil you know, right? 

As soon as we say yes, the fears arise. The voice in our ear starts to tut-tut and yes-but and hem and haw…. What if, but how, if only…

The conditions we place on our own potential, our own possibilities and our own dreams are the only things that stop us, and when we shine a bright light on them we see them for what they are: ghosts from the past. Old records stuck on repeat, like tiny Wizard of Oz behind his giant curtain, pretending to be the Almighty. 

If we don’t shine that light on those voices, they take us for a ride and we end up right back where we started: still frustrated, still unfulfilled, and still unmet because we haven’t dared to fully meet ourselves and take the leap of faith. We haven’t said YES to ourselves.

We’ve let fear drive instead. And that can only lead to more of the same - more playing small, more giving in, more killing off of the dreams in our heart and soul…

It’s a vicious cycle and it makes Mars in Aries, who just wants to do the goddamn thing already, irritable and ready to start a fight to get something happening - anything at all!

Mars is trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, and he’s impatient to move forward on the quest. Whereas Saturn doesn’t really believe the universe has his back, his polar opposite Jupiter does. Jupiter in Sagittarius offers an opportunity for adventure this year. To stretch beyond the known and to explore the far horizons of who we are, and what we’re all about.

With the wind in our wings, as Jupiter moves into square with Neptune, the dream factory is in full swing. We can download new visions from the cloud and upload them into our operating system at the blink of an eye.

When the fears come, as they always, always will, instead of believing their boring old stories about who we are and what’s possible for little old us, we can thank them politely for their input, and in the words of Liz Gilbert, direct them to shut the fuck up and take a back seat, thankyouverymuch.

There in the back seat, we can put Saturn to work on manifesting the how of it all. Every time he says “It’s not possible,” we can tell him “How can we make it possible?” Over and over and over again we can do this, until he gives in and realises we’re in charge, and he’d better get to work, pronto.

Every time he throws another obstacle in our path we can say,

“Thanks Saturn, my determined risk-assessment and strategic management consultant, I see there’s another challenge to surmount. But here’s the thing, my old friend: this plan is real. This plan is happening. These are the orders from Above. Even you report to a higher power, Senex, and it’s your job to make this vision a reality. So, whilst I appreciate you pointing out every little thing that could go wrong, your energy and expertise will better serve this project by finding practical solutions to those problems instead. Ok?”

Saturn thinks he’s in charge, and it’s his job to keep us safe in the “real world.” But he forgets there are powers, and authorities, higher than him, and his best occupation is to manifest their Will in real-time.

Together, Mars and Saturn can get shit done for real and help us climb that huge looming mountain one bold step at a time. And when we get to the top we’ll realise we’re stronger, more resilient and braver for it. We’ll be so glad we made the journey. We sure as hell won’t regret it.

So use this energy to choose the right goals for you - not based on fears, not based on trying to stay safe, or follow a proven path that someone else laid out - but based on the voice in your heart.

Because no one wants to live a life in the shadows of what could have been…

We’re not here to be fear’s bitch, taking orders from the illusions in our mind, and ignoring the intelligence of our heart. We can choose instead to direct our energy, trust our dreams, and commit to making them a reality. Even when every fearful part of us is screaming STOP.

That’s why Saturn’s the archetype of Mastery - not the archetype of An Easy Walk In The Park, With Butterflies and Sunshine and Unicorns and Rainbows…

So what’s your big hairy goal for this year? 

What are the fears in your way? 

How will you shine a light on them, and redirect them to be useful members of your inner team, rather than scary adversaries distracting you from the end goal?

In the words of my magic teacher: focus on the what, not the how.

And when those fears reappear, you have a choice: Fuck Everything And Run, or Face Everything And Rise.

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