Virgo Full Moon: Do the work, human.


"Do or do not. There is no try."

-- Yoda

"Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it."

-- Chinese Proverb


What dreams seek to be born through you right now?

And what do you need to DO to make them real?

The Virgo Full Moon, opposite a dreamy and idealistic Pisces stellium, reminds us that our grandest visions can only be grounded by doing the work.

Showing up, day in and day out, is how imagination becomes reality. 

No matter how glorious our dreams, we are still the earthly channel who has to make them happen. If we choose to avoid the mess, and let the details slip, our potential will evaporate like a pipe dream.

The muse will gift her song to someone more up for the task.

Virgo is the humble, efficient servant who takes care of the earthly details, while Pisces is the divine mystic who floats in the other realms. 

Alone on Earth, Virgo is lost in the haystack, forever searching for that last damn needle, sifting through the chaff to find the wheat, and so aware of what else needs to be done, sorted or improved that it misses the bliss all around it.

Alone up above, Pisces is lost in the fog, enchanted by its own imagination and the inspired ideals of what could be. Endlessly disillusioned with life in the 3D realm, because it never quite measures up to the bliss of the spiritual world, Pisces opts out of this dense reality and longs to return home to Source.

This Full Moon, we can use the practical how-to ability of Virgo to make our Piscean dreams a reality.

Pisces teaches Virgo about transcending the details, and Virgo teaches Pisces how to clean the dustbin - of the body, mind and soul. Pisces learns how to be be human, and Virgo learns how to be Divine.

This Full Moon gifts us with the lessons we need to be fully present in the material world, so we can manifest the dreams that seek to be born through us.

It's time to do the work, and take care of the mess, rather than pretending it doesn’t exist and floating off somewhere else. 

To finish the job, rather than pressing the exit button.

How does Virgo get so much done? By making daily rituals and routines, by making a habit out of staying aligned to the highest good and the dream that seeks to be born through it. 

“By doing the things,” as my Virgo friend says. She’s an inspired creative visionary, filled with flashes of brilliance and out-there enthusiasm. She runs a wildly successful real-world business, which began as a recurring dream. 

So why is success a reality for her, and not for others who have such big dreams?

Well, she says, she has the dreams, then she does the things.

Such is the simple practicality of Virgo. Ground. Discern. Serve. Be useful, right now.

Do the work, human.

That’s all.

Mars in Sagittarius preaches that your life can - and will - become your greatest adventure IF you show up and choose it.

If not… you’ll just be another dreamer. 

With the Moon square to Mars in Sagittarius, we're being pushed into action right now, and need to find the courage to break through fears that keep us trapped in perfectionism (Virgo) and avoidance (Pisces) - so we can go out there and take action.

Mars in Sag is on a crusade to know, and spread, the Truth; to see the bigger picture, and to follow a higher purpose. In order stay devoted to the work, we need to connect to our vision, and tap the energy and motivation of the warrior to keep at it until it's done.

A stellium of the Sun, Juno, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in Pisces has been creating the wafty, blissful vibes of a meditation retreat in southern India for the last couple of weeks. Why fret about the details, why worry about the to-do list, when it feels so good to just… Be? None of this is real, anyway, so let’s just leave the illusion behind and drift on back to God…

Yet, the Virgo Moon reminds us, and as any good ashram attendee knows, the Path is more disciplined devotion than free-flowing dissociation. There’s chores to be done, work to be finished, and discerning checklists of practices to be completed.

Showing up to a daily practice, be it yoga, meditation, journalling, EFT, self-clearing, or just getting adequate nutrition and paying the bills on time, is how we bring our light down to earth.

In the doing, we find the bliss.

I’m the sort of Piscean who forgets I’ve left the pan on the stove until the whole house fills with smoke (and my partner, an ever-so-practical triple Earth, turns it off).

Earthing has never been my strong point. In my mind, life is a veritable playground of rich visions and inspired potential.

Reality often gets in the way.

I prayed recently to be more connected to God, and got the bemused reply that I actually need to be more fully human. 

This week I came face to face with a core wound: the impulse to escape from the world. I’ve been rebelling and armouring myself against life on Earth, and now it's time to devote to being here.

To drop the divine discontent, and commit to the earthly journey. Which looks like being in my body, and being of service to others.

The Full Moon falls in my seventh house of partnership, clients and relationships. With Virgo here, I'd prefer to outsource the details of reality to others, when what I really need is to use Virgoan discernment, healing and practicality in my relationships with others. This Moon is showing me that my relationship is a path to wholeness, my clients need me to use my gifts to serve them in practical ways, and I am made whole by "doing the things," and connecting to the earth and her medicine.

To find out where the Full Moon falls for you, click here.

So, I asked my earthly plant teachers for some advice: How can I best serve others with my gifts? They answered like an amusingly Virgoan life coach:

Get out of your own way, and give them. :)

The tools are in your hands. It’s up to you to use them: 

Yoga. EFT. Journalling. Self-clearing. Nutrition. Movement. Sound. Breath-work... Do something from this list, every day.

You’re not ENTITLED to heaven on earth…. You have to create it yourself.

Ritual. Habit. Routine. That is how great visions are made real on earth. The doing of the work.

As much as it would be nice, it won’t fall from the sky...

Create it. Choose it. Do it.

We hand you back your power.

So, humbled, and brought back down to earth, it’s time to utilise the Virgoan superpower of making a habit to create the bliss we want. 

Clear and align the body, mind and soul. 

Show up to the daily tasks. 

Find the beauty in doing the work.

Keep at it until it's done.

In practical terms: 

Journal, speak and think your intentions. Every day, as if they’ve already happened, as often as you can.

Clear your shit. Use EFT, kinesiology, self-clearing, or whatever tools you have on hand to tweak and align your own energy, as needed, whenever those blocks arise.

Think with your heart. Bring your awareness down from your head and into your heart - only there will you find the answers you need about the direction you need to take.

Take action in reality. Pay attention to the details of life, fulfil the requirements of the physical world, and do the things that need to be done. 

Stretch and move your body. You don’t have to run a marathon, or be a yogic master: just bring your presence into your limbs, your spine, and your joints. Keep the energy flowing and get mobile, every day. 

Eat good food, often: whatever food your body really needs (not just the stuff you crave). Stay healthy, stay nourished, look after your physical vessel, and you'll be clearing your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies at the same time.

These little tweaks, refinements and discernments will snowball into tangible shifts in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual world.

So, you want the bliss and the magic?

Do the things. And it make it so.

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