Uranus in Taurus and the Royal Wedding Revolution

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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness...


As rebellious Uranus swung into Taurus just days before the royal wedding, the stage was set for a royal revolution.

Uranus is the planet of sudden change, innovation and independence. The great cosmic revolutionary, Uranus delivers a lightning bolt to break up outdated structures, and follows-up with an earthquake to finish the job.

It's the Tarot's Tower card. And the royals are the ones in the tower.

The British Royal Family are a perfectly Taurean establishment - uber wealthy landowners, living in the stable lap of luxury and stubbornly resistant to change. But change is coming for the house of Windsor this year, with Uranus setting off a firecracker in all the senior British royals' charts.

Starting with the very un-royal wedding. 

History was made on May 19, not just as the anniversary of Anne Boleyn's beheading, but as the day everyone's favourite ginger rogue, Prince Harry, married Meghan Markle, the first American, bi-racial, divorced, ex-TV show model-slash-actress to get the keys to Kensington Palace.

As the Hollywood rent-a-crowd cheered, you could practically hear the earth rumbling beneath St. George's Chapel.

One look at the Queen’s full-body shiver during the bishop from Chicago's fiery sermon, and you can be sure she felt the tingle of Uranus in her bones. 

As she glared sternly at the newly-married couple, who broke all the rules as they boldly walked right past her without stopping to bow and courtesy, the Queen's stable Taurus Sun was being exactly conjoined by the trickster Uranus. It's a once-in-a-lifetime transit that sends a shockwave through one's sense of identity and purpose.

Her Majesty's shining role as the rock-solid Taurean heart of the British Royal Family is due for a radical shake-up. Whilst her identity (Sun) as the most-loved, respected and committed (Taurus) monarch of all time will endure indefinitely, her sense of purpose is due for a spectacular re-think. 

Maybe HM will finally stop trying to single-handedly maintain the civilised decorum of the British Empire, admit that it’s crumbling faster than she can control it, and escape to the British Virgin Islands with Prince Phillip for a few years of R&R before their time is finally up - leaving the next generation of royals to almost certainly ensure the spectacular demise of all she’s devoted the past seventy years of her life to. 

Although, probably not. She's far too committed to it all.

At the same time as the Queen's comforts are being overthrown, Uranus is conjoining Prince Charles' Moon (his sense of home, emotional security and mother), and will soon cross his North Node in the 10th house. I’d be super surprised if Charles isn’t suddenly promoted to Buckingham Palace by mid next year. But, knowing Uranus, he might be thrown out just as quickly.

William also has a change coming, with Uranus crossing his IC and opposing his Midheaven and Jupiter. A change of residence, perhaps? A massive shake-up in his family foundations, and a sudden drive for a career expansion of his own?

Meanwhile, Uranus was exactly opposed to Prince Harry's Pluto when the wedding bells were ringing - meaning this wedding was an expression of his drive for power and freedom, and perhaps a giant F-U  to the institution and obligations that he sees as pretty much ruining his life, despite providing him with a shitload of influence and money (Saturn in Scorpio on the MC).


The Divine Rule of Kings - and Queens (of the Screen)

The royals, besides being Taurean in nature, also live by the Leonine decree of the Divine rule of Kings, which basically says that royalty is the closest to God we've got, and they ought to be gifted special powers by virtue of birth.

Nowadays of course that's considered to be basically rubbish, and our Kings and Queens are the film stars and reality TV celebrities who wear our modern God & Goddess crowns.

So it makes sense that eventually one of the royals would marry an entertainer, and officially cross breed the monarchy with celebrity culture. 

And who better for the job of charming foreign diplomats, pretending to be interested in the common folk, and always finding the best camera angle, than a woman who studied theatre and international relations?

Meghan Markle is the royal wild card - an articulate, charismatic, bi-racial feminist who speaks loudly of her world-changing Uranian ambitions, but who's somehow chosen to install herself inside the gilded cage of the greatest institution of white privilege this planet has ever known. 

Perhaps this modern woman thinks she can change the machine from the inside out - if so, her cries will fall on deaf ears: the monarchy's greatest responsibility is to chew up the individuality of all who live within it, in order to ensure its own survival. 

Or perhaps this regal Leo is simply basking in all the attention.With three planets in Leo and the first house, Meghan is fiercely self-expressive, loves being in the spotlight, and is used to getting her way. 

Behind the walls of Kensington Palace, however, she'll likely suffer from the icy repression embroidered into the monarchy, finding she doesn't actually have a voice, and is simply here to smile and look beautiful.

This Stepford wife may be reduced to spending her days worrying about hemlines and stocking colours, and channelling her immense creativity into making sure those stray pieces of hair are firmly lacquered back as she prepares to cut the ribbon on a children’s charity fundraiser (which would reach all of its funding goals if one of the Queen's glittering tiaras - or even Meghan's own wedding dress - was cashed in and the proceeds donated via Christie’s auction house).

Whatever happens to the British Royal Family over the next eight years of Uranus in Taurus, the royal wedding was the first strike in a revolution of this anachronistic relic.

Once Her Majesty's long reign is over, it's anyone's guess as to what will become of the monarchy, let alone the Commonwealth: those exotic foreign lands that were brutally colonised by British oppressors, lost virtually all of their indigenous populations, culture and history, and became a mere floral trophy embroidered onto Meghan's five-metre silk tulle veil.

Perhaps in a last-ditch attempt to "modernise the monarchy," Harry & Meghan will open their doors to a reality TV crew, who'll film their valiant efforts to save the world from the very same inequality from which they so handsomely prosper.

Off with their heads? Only time will tell.