Scorpio New Moon: Rebirth


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anais Nin.


The Scorpio New moon is a passage of watery rebirth, where we’ll make a final deep dive of release before opening to the new horizons ahead. 

With Venus still retrograde, and Mercury about to turn retrograde, this feels like one last big pause to retreat, review and reflect before the new cycle begins.

Venus in retrograde has been cleaning out the closets of our relationships, finances and values.

Exposing what lurks beneath the surface, Venus's backwards phase has helped us transmute the demons of fear that keep us engaged in death-spiral power struggles and avoiding deep, life-affirming intimacy.

Venus is now slowing down in Libra and preparing to reemerge from her Underworld journey.

Peace, harmony and a gentle rebalancing are the valued fruits of her quest, and it’s a genuine harmony born from facing, rather than bypassing, the mess.

After spiralling back through layers of emotional baggage, it truly feels like the old is dead. The emotional hamster wheel of sabotage, where every ancient issue, resentment and hurt can be triggered in a heartbeat is running out of steam. 

Rather than trying to control reality, we can accept what is. And only then can we see the full story, rather than the shadowy propaganda spun by the enemies within. 


Scorpio is the the archetype of shared power. Opposite Taurus, the sign of “this belongs to me,” Scorpio helps us join forces, merge our assets, and intimately alchemise our energies with another.

We’re realising that when we share power, we gain exponentially, rather than losing out in any way.

Scorpio has died so many deaths that it has nothing left to lose.

Although it can be controlling, a wise Scorpion doesn’t fear loss, but embraces the portal to a new life that it brings.

The Taurus Full Moon two weeks ago was conjunct the awakener Uranus, and it arrived with an earthquake to shift our material values and emotional security, forcing us to radically realign to what’s worthy and real.

Now that the dust has settled, we need to release the old ways and recommit to the new.

I’ve been in the thick of a total relationship shake-up - catalysed by the realisation that I’ve been running from security and commitment, and ignoring the beauty, bounty and abundance of love and support in my life.

I have the love I desire - but I’ve been too distrustful, suspicious and stuck in projections to let myself feel it.

I’m more comfortable in the complexity and emotional intensity of Scorpio than the simplicity and serenity of Taurus. My triple Taurus partner reminds me that life can be so much easier, and that everything I compulsively obsess about is really not worth worrying about at all.

Which, of course, pisses off my Saturn in Scorpio, which feels an immense obligation to dig into the bottom of everything, and hold onto every past hurt, grudge and resentment, rather than just let things be and fully appreciate how great life is.

The Scorpion may move on, clear the decks, and close the door, but it finds it extremely hard to forget.

Vengeance is best served cold, with a mighty sting in its tail.


Through Scorpio’s darkest edges we encounter war, trauma and abuse - the misuse of power, the wielding of power over others, and the giving away of our own power.

But the Scorpion’s sting also offers us the ability to heal.

Scorpionic healing is deep, profound and all-consuming, because its intensity cracks us open and lets the light shine in. 

It’s plant medicine at midnight, psychic surgery to cut out the root of illness, and shamanic soul-retrieval where we drink a toxin, then do battle on the astral plane with monsters of our own creation.

Scorpio is the occult - what can’t be spoken, but can only be known by direct experience. It’s magick and witchcraft, the ability to transmute energy and harness the creative energy of life. It’s sex and death and transformation - often all at once.

With Scorpio, we realise that this realm is just one of many - and these realms don’t just stretch upwards into the fairy-strewn heavens, but deep below us into the base instincts and desires often judged as hell by those who project their own shadow onto the void.

But until we descend and meet what’s within us, we will never be whole. 


Trine Neptune, the god of bliss, grace and surrender, the Moon is an opportunity to let go of the old shit we’ve been holding on to so tightly, and let a bigger force in to carry us forward. 

Neptune is the light, and Scorpio the dark.

Chasing one on its own leads to either naiive love and light bullshit, or compulsive toxic destruction. 

We’ve got to weave our way between them both, picking up the threads of each side until they’re spun closer and closer together, rather than split off from each other. 

Feeling the depths of our primal “Fuck yes,” and “Fuck no,” and the heights of our transcendent perception that “Everything is perfect as it is.”

We can do both, be both, even at the same time.

Feelings are the key: with the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and the North Node in water signs, we’re running on instinct and emotion, rather than intellect.

This is not a Moon for thinking too much, but a time to slip deeply into the currents of feeling and allow ourselves to be washed ashore wherever we’re meant to be. 

It’s time to ride the waves of change, rather than plan out exactly what that change is going to be.


Speaking of change, Jupiter, the god of expansion and abundance moves into Sagittarius just days after the New Moon.

Sag is the optimist, the wisdom-seeker, and the adventurer.

After spending a shamanic year in the shadows of Scorpio, he’s now taking a magical mystery tour through the lighter side of life.

Jupiter is at home in Sag, where he enthusiastically seeks out new horizons to explore and creative possibilities to expand on.

Expect the area of life where Sagittarius rules in your chart to open up dramatically, and for a renewed sense of faith and optimism to carry you onwards into a new tomorrow very soon.


After 18 months in Leo, the North Node is also moving signs.

The fiery, self-expressive star who lives for creative self-expression is moving out of centre stage, and in his place comes motherly Cancer: bringing growth and evolution to our emotional life and inner security.

We’re shifting from “Here I am, watch me shine,” to the need to put down roots, create a safe home to nest in, and feel part of a family and a tribe, however that looks for us.

Cancer needs to be needed.

It cares about being caring.

It maintains the traditions of the ancestors and nurtures the most vulnerable among us.

It seeks the soul food of belonging to others and feeling at home within itself.

Our Cancerian needs are supported by a Grand Water Trine from the North Node to Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio.

We can tap into a powerful circuit of emotional energy for deep healing, emotional connection and soul-level bonding, or we can spin lazily in an eddy of watery irrationality until we drown.

The choice, as always, is up to us.

But with the North Node also in a fiery and challenging T-square to Venus in Libra and Uranus in Aries, the push-and-pull between being in harmonious relationship (Venus) and maintaining revolutionary independence (Aries) brings some dynamism to all the feels.

How can we be free yet still connected?

How do we go our own way and still keep the peace?


At the apex of the square is the Cancer North Node - meaning that the balance of these opposites hinges on our ability to feel into our own needs, and to care for ourselves and others.

With the South Node conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and Pluto ruling this Moon, the path of least resistance is to suck it up and just get on with things.

Capricorn’s pragmatic ambition has little tolerance for softness and emotion. It’s the stern patriarchal father, whereas Cancer is the sensitive matriarch. 

But collectively, we’re evolving towards a greater ability to care.

We’re stretching into the ability to temper our thirst for progress with our instinctive urge to protect, nurture and bond.

We’ve seen the damage that ruthless ambition and institutionalised greed does to ourselves, and our world.

After excavating and exorcising the shadows in our governments, financial industries and corporations over the last ten years, Pluto reminds us that to seek progress at any cost is foolish at best, and pathological at worst.

And it’s not just men involved in perpetuating this patriarchal dis-ease.

Women’s ‘Gifting Circles’ are spreading like cancer through gullible New Age communities. Women are urged to climb to the top of a hierarchical structure in search of financial gain, with each circle pyramid needing to recruit an unsustainable number of people to “birth” a woman into her payoff.

Unfortunately, the promised pay-off almost always comes at the expense of those lower-down on the ladder, the 88% of women who lose their investment when the pyramid eventually collapses.

The sisterhood can do better than that.

If we destroy our foundations on our climb to the top, our towers will always crumble.

And we - or someone else - could be killed by the rubble.

It’s time to ride the wave of change into a brand new world, in which power can be shared, rather than hoarded by the few.


This Moon is an invitation to transform. And part of transformation is detoxifying and dissolving the old ways.

Getting real about what is, and about what we’d like it to be.

We don’t create a new kind of life, a new kind of society, or a new kind of culture from the same level of consciousness as the old.

We have to shift inside, before we can shift outside.

We don’t create a higher potential by bypassing the truth of what’s really going on.

Scorpio invites you to lean in. Really lean in.

Go deep.

Get forensic.

As you prepare to let go of the old and welcome in the new…

What do you need to detox?

How can you claim your power?

What’s on your horizon?

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