Scorpio Full Moon: Dragon Taming, Dragon Slaying.


The Scorpio full moon helps us tame our dragons, shed old skins and exorcises old ghosts, so we can use our full power for the good of all.

After a firecracker Aries new moon, where Uranus activated a revolution in our lives, it's time to release the seed we planted two weeks ago and receive what life has in store for us now.

We’re in an astonishingly potent moment in time where we need to be ruthlessly uncompromising in the pursuit of our objectives, and use both masculine agency and feminine potency to get the job done. 

Scorpio digs deeply into what’s unseen, unsaid and unacknowledged. It’s here that we face the darkness, meet our shadow and journey into the underworld to reclaim what's been lost in the places we fear to tread. 

Scorpio reminds us that life = death.

We are here to evolve, transform and alchemise: inside ourselves, and the world outside.

Burn the past so we can remake the future.

Unearth our fear so we can reclaim our gold.

Strip back the bullshit so we can live our mission. 

Whatever needs to die, let it go. 

Whatever needs to bleed, it it bleed. 

Breathe into the chaos, and the abyss before you becomes a vast cauldron.

Here, you have the power to rise, once you have met your death.

Where the Moon is Transforming Your Life

The Full Moon will activate the energy and affairs of your Scorpio-ruled house - click here to find yours.

For me, it's the 9th house of publishing and wisdom.

After being so busy the past month that I missed writing two moon blogs in a row (WTF?), this moon is helping me let go of EVERYTHING that gets in the way of my mission, and totally transform where I put my energy, so I can share my wisdom when it matters most.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto, ruler of Scorpio and Lord of the underworld, is breaking down the Capricorn area of our lives, and presenting us with the raw matter to rebuild ourselves from.

Outside, our world is being deeply and permanently transformed. The balance of power is shifting.

The way humanity relates to power and authority is being re-worked as Pluto kills-off Capricorn’s patriarchal, controlling, top-down structures - and the organisations and institutions that profit and conspire along with them.

It can seem like the world we want is still so very far away, based on the drama that occupies the world stage. But as each one of us becomes the creator of our own play, rather than the spectator of someone else’s story, the empowered individual can take the starring role in leading a new revolution that will truly transform the world as we know it.  


The Goddesses: Fierce Devotion

As each one of us keeps the light burning for a future that may not manifest in our lifetime, humanity’s flame refuses to go out.

Vesta and Saturn, together in Capricorn, ensure the eternal spiritual fire we ignite right now will stand the test of time. Our children, and our children’s children will continue to build and organise after us - just as we continue the work we inherited from our ancestors. 

Our greatest responsibility is to keep the candle burning. Our devotion is a seed.

With Ceres and the North Node in Leo tightly square the Moon, humanity will be fed by the creative fruits that ripen when each human shares their gifts and do what brings them joy. When we express what’s in our hearts, we give nourishment to the planet - and each other.

Ceres is the great Earth mother who provides the food we need to survive. In Leo, she's both playful and fierce with her children. She can roar them into submission, just like the Earth can send floods, famines or pestilence to the crops that provide everything we need.

Square the Moon in Scorpio she can nurture deeply and heal the soul, or withhold nurture until the earth falls black and all upon her surface wither and die. Such is the power of her despair.

There's a legitimate death urge in the darkest feminine. Without death, nothing can be created. From the void, all life springs.

Its not evil, but a fiercely loving leadership that says "This shit is fucking up the ecosystem of my world and needs to be removed, right now."


In ancient times, humans sacrificed animals and children to their version of Ceres to try and ensure their next yield. But Ceres in Leo doesn’t need your powerless sacrifice. She needs you to tap into your deepest, greatest love, and beam it out as bright as you can be.

We live in an unlimited universe. No one has to be sacrificed for all of us to thrive. Least of all not your joy, your creativity, or your child - for within your greatest love is the thing that you must carry as a gift to others from your soul.

With Ceres opposite the South Node in Aquarius, we're called to use our gifts to feed the masses. And why, in an unlimited universe, can't we feed, home and love everyone? Why can't everyone have what they need to thrive?

We have this seed within us, this utopian dream of a world where no one goes without, where everyone is nurtured and respected. The humans who've tried to build these societies have failed so far (are you watching Wild Wild Country, BTW?) - but that doesn't mean the dream is dead.

Far from it.


Neptune & Jupiter: Big Dreams

With Neptune trine, and Jupiter conjunct the Moon, in the end, we’ll get what we believe - whatever we dare to dream. 

So what are we using our powers of imagination for?

What sort of world do we envision?

What is the image we project into the future, and is it out highest potential?

If your books are stacked in the black, and your actions are worthy of reward, then Jupiter might grant you a sweet blessing. But you’ve got to dig deep and leave no stone unturned - somewhere in there lies your soul’s gold.

We need to ghost-bust all the illusions that keep us wrapped in the fog of fear.

We can dream the richest dreams, imagine our grandest visions, and tap into the collective soup to draw forth our highest potential. But unless we execute the plan in reality, our dreams will turn to dust in the cold light of day.

Daydreaming, wishing and hoping won’t work unless YOU choose, and YOU do.


Pluto, Mars & Lilith: The Battle Cry.

We can dream big dreams, but it's up to us to take responsibility for creating the change we want.

Sitting next to Pluto is Mars, the God of War. In Capricorn he lends us the disciplined strength of masculine aggression and the ability to work long and hard to reach our goals. 

So visualise the Neptune ideals, and then stop waiting for someone else to save you. You want it? Go get it. And play the long game - Mars and Pluto in Cap are showing you the most potent strategy available right now: taking powerful, disciplined and committed action to reach your long-term goals. 

We must play the long game and never, ever give up. What we seek to manifest won’t simply fall from the sky, but be the product of sustained assertive action. When we get organised and go after what we want, we will reap the rewards.

On his right hand side is Lilith, the creation Goddess who was banished after demanding sexual equality from Adam. Later, she reappeared as the serpent who sent Eve to her fall from Judaeo-Christian patriarchal “grace." She's haunted Western culture ever since, wandering in exile and wreaking havoc as a demon.

As the untamed wild woman who's lost her need to please and demands her right to speak, she'll deliver vengeance if needed. She lends us the wraith-like wrath of the outcast feminine and her desire to rebalance the score.

Lilith can be a bitch.

She also gets what she needs in the bedroom. She holds the powers of life and death in her hands. 

So will we use our anger to act, create and make love - to fuck with it - or be fucked by it instead?

Scorpio’s famous ruthlessness is being activated big time.

When we can’t get what we want, Mars, Pluto and Lilith inspire us to lash out, fight back, or coldly throw more fuel onto the fire and watch the whole world burn. 

Or we can realise we’re not the victim, but the creator, and dance with the demons inside and around us. Reclaiming the fragments that were cast out long ago, we can give each part of our soul an important role to play in the execution of our mission.

The Gods of war and death are aligned in the sign of mastery. Take no prisoners.

Go after your objectives with the type of ruthlessness reserved for the greatest bitches of all: those who know what they want, claim what they want, and get what they want.

No fucks given.  


Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is “A fellowship supper that reunites old comrades.”

What is a comrade? A fellow member of an organisation - even a fellow soldier. You and I, and the others who are waking up and coming alive, have chosen to find each other again.

To join forces, share stories and break bread at this pivotal moment in time, so that we can draw strength, pool resources and engineer strategies to win not just this battle, but the war itself. 

Mars gives us the courage and determination to act, fight and go after what we want with the disciplined focus of a soldier.

Lilith gives us the edge to claim it, without needing to please anyone else in the process.

Ceres reminds us that the fierce love of the mother always has the final say.

Pluto reminds us that change is coming - so we need to dig deep, remember our mission, and be prepared to let everything that isn’t real die along the way.

Embrace the darkness, breathe in the mess, and find your centre at the eye of the storm. Point your compass back towards true north, and keep moving. 

Get up, get organised, and get on with the job you were born for - stronger, more powerful, more resourced and more invincible than ever before.

Whatever stands in your way must either die or be transformed.