Sagittarius Full Moon: Fly your Kite of Big Dreams



"The future you see is the future you get." – Robert G Allen

"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable". - Christopher Reeve.



If there’s a time to believe in the impossible, it’s this Sagittarius full Moon square Neptune.

Sagittarius is the archetype of belief - the happy-go-lucky explorer who knows good fortune is on his side. Neptune is the ruler of dreams - the visionary mystic who transcends earthly limits, and breathe inspiration straight from the heart of the divine.

The Sagittarius Moon urges us to pursue a dream that's dear to our hearts, something that makes us come alive with faith in a better tomorrow. But as we’re led blindly down that winding path, nothing is as it seems...

The Moon is ruled by lucky Jupiter, but with Jupiter prowling through secretive Scorpio, can it really be this easy?

Will faith be enough, or will we have to venture deep into the shadows to find our hidden prize?

Just as our hot air balloon rises into the clouds, we’re snatched into the underworld.

The only way up is down.

Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is waiting for us. He knows there’s something we’ve been avoiding. Something we’ve been hiding from - and it’s time we looked it in the eye...




This Full Moon has an emotional intensity that defies its optimistic Sagittarius surface. Driven by a grand water trine between Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Cancer, we’re swimming in a moat of emotion. 

Jupiter in Scorpio wants us to dive into, and feel safe in, the darkness. Venus in Cancer wants us to feel all the feels, so we can care for ourselves and others. Neptune in Pisces wants us to dissolve our ego's grip, and go Home.

Grand Water trines are circuits of self-contained emotional energy with immense creative power, but we can eddy in them for eons if we don’t find the release valve.

The release comes through Pluto, who's sextile Neptune and Jupiter, and opposite Venus. Pluto’s alignment turns the grand water trine into a kite, an aspect that can help us soar to great heights - but there’s a caveat: we can only rise up if we go deep, and do the work. 



Looking on the bright side is a Sagittarius superpower, but with Jupiter in Scorpio, it’s not as simple as thinking positively and expecting good things to follow. We have to go deep into the shadows and feel the full force of what lies within us.

Sag likes to bypass the mess in search of the philosophical meaning, but Jupiter sextile Pluto calls us to walk right into the pain and release it, rather than simply rising above it.

How can we open the floodgates of all we’ve been holding back, and let ourselves be reborn in the process?

Neptune in Pisces is slowly washing away the boundaries in our Pisces house, inspiring us to surrender our delusions and feel the whisper of grace in our lives. Neptune sextile Pluto gently stirs our demons, so we can bring them into the light  rather than pretending they don’t exist.

How can we hand ourselves over to the river of life, rather than trying to dam the wall?

Venus in Cancer wants us to love ourselves and others like the Great Mother loves her children - with a full bosom of nourishment and a warm cuddly embrace that values emotional sensitivity for the beautiful gift it is. Opposite Pluto, she’s challenged to feel her fears, rather than hide in the self-protective safety of her hardened shell. 

How can we meet the tears and release the fears of our inner child / ancestral memories? 


Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is aiming this kite for the truth, urging the revelation of secrets and the baring of our soul. Pluto is the archetype that strips back everything standing in the way of our evolution and power. He forces the excavation of what’s been buried, and the facing of what we fear most, so we can harness our higher will and become an agent of soul.

With Lilith right next to Pluto in Capricorn, and almost at the head of the kite herself, the bad girl and bad boy of the zodiac are joining forces. This is an intense, no bullshit alignment that can help us reclaim the wildness within that so rarely sees the light of day.

Lilith and Pluto call on us to stop lying to ourselves, stop being "nice" at the expense of our soul's mission, and to own our raw, untamed creative power. No fucks given.

Pluto in Capricorn has a mission to achieve - and nothing will get in his way.

Only once we've owned this truth can we continue on our merry quest. 

The Sagittarius Moon hands us an invitation to adventure - but the fine print reveals an initiation into our power, our truth, and our mission.




This Full Moon will activate the house that Sagittarius rules in your chart. Click here to find your Sagittarius house and the part of your life that will be influenced most.

The Moon lands in my 10th house of career and public life, exactly conjunct my Midheaven, Uranus and Jupiter.

I've somehow been lucky enough (Jupiter) to follow my calling (Midheaven) in astrology (Uranus) over the past few years. Now that I'm teaching others (Jupiter) this cosmic science (Uranus), my Sagittarius Midheaven is feeling pretty satisfied (or as close to satisfaction as the ever-restless Sag can get).

Anyway, I've spent the past twelve weeks writing course content for the SoulStar Collective, and have tallied up almost 60,000 words so far. This will be turned into my very own astrology book - fulfilling a big step towards a dream I've had to write and publish books since I was a kid (Sagittarius rules publishing).

So the grand water trine is helping me tap back into that vision, and find the creative energy and inspiration to keep feeling and believing in it when the daily grind gets overwhelming.

Pluto and Lilith are helping me cut through the bullshit that stops me from trusting that what I have to say matters, and releasing the fears that strangle my art with the cold, hard expectations of validation through commercial success and achievement (Capricorn).

The Full Moon is putting the focus back on the bigger picture - on the optimistic, philosophical dream that somehow, someway, our world might be better off if more people had the keys to unlock their own birth chart - and therefore, the keys to themselves.


What's the quest you're on right now?

What do you believe in? What do you fear most?

How can you connect back into the vision that drives you forward, so you can find the faith and enthusiasm to fulfil your soul's own mission?

With faith in love, and courage to face the darkness, we can transform the obstacles before us. There's no point in trying to cut the ropes that pull us down beneath the earth: we have to go willingly into the shadows before we can reach new heights.

And when we do, we'll reconnect to the dreams that life wants to dream through us.

Our main job is to get out of the way, and allow them to take flight.