Pisces New Moon: Heal, Pray, Love.


"When Chiron is in Pisces...forms disintegrate, the past is dissolved and our separateness is relinquished so that a new and more inclusive cycle of life can begin, hopefully accompanied by the wisdom of the previous cycle..."

- Melanie Rinehart


With just days to go before the Aries Equinox, a new cycle is beginning, and a final flood must clear the way.

The Pisces New Moon, conjunct healing Chiron, offers us the gift of surrender: first to the pain of being human, and then to the bliss of being divine.

This is the last New Moon in Pisces along with Chiron in Pisces for another 50 years, bringing us to the end of an 8 year phase which has ripped open, and re-stitched, our wounds of separation from God and each other.

The last time Chiron journeyed through the sign of the Fishes was the 1960s, when the love and peace movements dovetailed with the need for a direct experience with Source, and the counter-culture, spurred by Uranus and Pluto, began to reflect the spiritual truth that we are all One.

If you have planets in Pisces you’ll be familiar with the exquisitely painful bliss of Chiron’s passage through this sign. Self-sabotage illuminated, escapism faced, ideals dissolved and dreams surrendered, so we can become so empty of who we once were that we can be filled with the love we are.

Collectively, culture is slowly surrendering to the healing power of Piscean medicines like cannabis and psychedelics to ease the pain and suffering of the human being disconnected from God.

Chiron’s known as the wounded healer, and the thing about healing is we have to pour salt in our wounds to remove the muck keeping them from closing over.

In Pisces, the maverick mentor Chiron teaches us to heal the very root of our suffering as humans: our perceived separation from the Love that created us in the first place.

Bothering with anything else is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Sure, we’ve got wounds from here to Mars we could spend lifetime after lifetime licking. But if we stay on the hamster wheel of fixing all the details, and forget to attend to the Source - we’ll just be back to do it all over again.

Not that there’s anything wrong with playing the game of life on Earth ad infinitum. It’s how we learn, evolve and empower ourselves as spiritual beings, after all.

But for Pisces, the separation we see is ultimately an illusion, and it’s time to go Home to who we are.

Square to Mars in the final degree of Sagittarius, the Moon brings action, dynamism and a crusade for broader horizons.

We’re being called to explore new territories and take action on the vision that’s calling to us. Mars in Sag is on a quest, a holy crusade to aim for the heavens and follow an arrow with such grand enthusiasm that we can’t possibly fail, if we believe in it enough.

Trine Jupiter in Scorpio, the Moon’s healing power is deep, intense and final. We’re probing the farthest corners of our soul to unearth what’s been too-long buried, and bring it into the light.

Jupiter in Scorpio knows that your hidden gold lies behind the door to your darkest cave. With faith, you can enter, embrace, and reclaim what’s been lost, and rise like a phoenix again. 

Look to the house that Pisces rules in your chart for the scene of your healing and reunion this month. Click here for more details.

For me, the New Moon is on Mars in Pisces in the 1st house of Self, and Mars in Sag is on my Neptune in Sag in the 10th house of Vocation, which is square to my Mars. For most of my life I've felt conflicted (square) about acting (Mars) on my visions (Neptune). With so many  Pisces/Neptune vibes, I've taken many winding roads to find my place in the world.

Almost 10 years ago I had a vision of running a website that delivered channelled spiritual messages to millions of people.  

The reality of my life was that I was a borderline alcoholic (well, maybe I was well off the fence there), smoking pot to relax when I wasn’t drinking, and bartending the graveyard shift in a strip club to pay the rent.

Yet, I saw myself as a warrior of God. A light in the darkest corners. Walking, and working, where angels fear to treat was how I got my wings.

Before work, I'd read the blogs and articles of luminous people connected to the higher realms, and find the inspiration to put my makeup on and keep going another day.

One day, post-joint in the bathtub, I felt a crisis at not living my purpose. In a surreal yet ordinary moment, a vision of the haloed Virgin Mary appeared before me in the bathroom.

Everything’s going to be OK, she said.

A few weeks later, I was on my knees, suicidal. It wasn't until nine months later, when I was so hungover I could barely make it out of bed, and a stern, yet loving voice told me if I didn't stop drinking, I would die, that I realised I wanted to live.

I stopped simply thinking there was a higher power, and started experiencing that higher power. That was the medicine I'd been seeking. 

I quit the club, quit my addictions, and quit the empty gnawing depression that had dogged me for most of my life.

All these years later, my vision (which I'd forgotten about) is slowly materialising. The messages that are often delivered through me, rather than from me, do inspire people all over the world, in whatever way each soul who reads them needs.

After eons lost at sea, I feel like I'm finally doing my true work, and acting in the way I'm called.

Pisces calls us home, but to surrender to the Spirit that sleeps in our hearts, we don’t have to surrender our place in this world.

We need to take our place instead as a servant of love as we walk the path we're on. We don't bypass our earthly experiences, becoming so detached that we create cognitive dissonance between what is, and what we'd prefer.

To be connected to our true nature does not preclude us from being fully present to life and the problems that come with it. It means we are One with the good, the bad and the ugly, as it happens.

There’s a curious trend in spiritual circles to avoid the pain, suffering and darkness that that’s seen as contagious when others express is. Gone is the practice of compassion to all things that a famous bearded dude once taught. In its place, a compassion for only person: the self - creating a misguided desire to avoid anything that might upset the delicate balance of one’s aura. 

While no one who labels themselves as “evolved” or “conscious” would dare cry “Leper!” to an unfortunate cripple, many are comfortable saying cool aphorisms like “You attract what you are,” to the downtrodden, the outcast, and the lame. Rather than feeling compassion for those who need it most, the most spiritual of folk turn away.

When we try to ascend to greater heights, we can forget we are One with the world.  When we try to secure our position above it all, what we fear most is getting bogged down in the desperate struggle of it all.

But what if we fully surrendered to what is, in all its glory?

To the guts and blood and misery and agony of life on planet Earth?

Dropped our obsession with retaining the spotless sheen upon our halo, and realised that an angel gets its wings by walking where others fear to tread.

To feel compassion for the many cries of the world is the greatest gift of Pisces. Where the shallow fish disappears as shadows fall, the wise fish turns on its brightest light to warm the hearts of those who need some love.

That is our true nature. 

When we know ourselves as Love & Light we don’t turn away from those in fear, afraid of becoming like them.

We get off our high horses and down on our knees.

We take their hand, and we walk with them.

Pisces knows both the depths of human suffering and the highs of divine bliss. It knows that to each brave soul that comes to Earth makes a sacrifice of the highest order - of the permanent connection to its true nature, without guarantee of a speedy return.

The Fishes bear the cross of matter willingly, knowing that even though the flesh is bound, the soul is always free.

Pisces is the womb where we swim, fully connected to the Divine Mother, and the womb we must fully emerge from if we are to make our way in the world. Sometimes, it’s easier to stay unborn, unformed, and unable to be hurt by the pain of life. It’s easier to float above it all, to chant and pray and believe ourselves to be higher than those who flail in the deep.

But Pisces knows that only fools avoid life’s problems. What life needs is for you to look, to hear and to help. Rather than rise above, walk a day in someone else’s shoes. 

The Fishes think Buddha had it right when he said that life is suffering. One thing Pisces knows for sure is that incarnation in a body, on the third rock from the sun, is guaranteed to cause pain to everyone.

The drunk on the street corner and the woman on her yoga mat are both looking for the same thing: Source connection. We all yearn for the all-consuming bliss of being wrapped in the arms of the Divine. 

The only difference between us is where we look for it most of the time.

Spirit doesn’t discriminate, people do.

So if you’re suffering, embrace it, says Pisces. 

We’re all in this together. Let go, and let yourself be carried on the ocean of your tears.

Soon, you’ll reach the blissful shores of surrender to what is. And all around you will be five billion others trying to find their own way home.

Perhaps, as you wake upon the water’s edge, this prayer will be on your lips:

Show me how to serve. 
Guide me where to walk. 
Fill me with your love,
So I can pour it out to all
Upon this blessed earth


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