Pisces Full Moon: Panning for Gold in the River of Dreams


"Dreams are illustrations... from the book your Soul is writing about you."

- Marsha Norman.

Eclipse season is over, and old identities, old communities and familiar emotions have been shed.

We're not the same people we were before the triple-eclipse portal of evolution squeezed us through the great cosmic needle like a piece of spit-soaked thread. 

Leo's New Moon eclipse released pride, drama and egocentricity, so we could embrace our joy, gifts and brilliance. As we lose the layers of old weight cloaking our essence, our DNA is being re-written.

We've been re-creating ourselves from the raw matter of our old selves and now it’s time to let go, go with the flow, and dream.

Pisces is the bringer of dreams, and this is the time to believe.

To release our expectations of how life should be, and surrender to the mystery.

What's the highest potential of your life?

What dream have you incarnated here to manifest?

Who are you, beyond the illusion that you are separate from All That Is?


Atop the Grand Earth Trine, the Moon makes the head of a Kite, pointing us in the direction of our greatest visions and fantasies.

You'll feel the blissful potential of this Kite wherever we have early Pisces. Find out which house this is for you by clicking here.

For me, it's in the 12th house (dreams, mysticism, seclusion and self-undoing), and right on my Pisces Sun (identity, power and authentic expression). I'm letting go of who I used to be and opening to receive a much higher destiny.

The life I thought was mine actually belonged to someone else - and I'm starting to illuminate and what I want to be instead.

Are am I magic, or muggle? 

Human or divine? 

Pisces knows we’re both - and everything in between.

We’re all the experiences, emotions, encounters and energies of every single creature who ever lived. We’re the trees and the breeze, the carpet and the cat. We’re the invisible, infinite essence of That. 

We’re nothing, and everything, all at the same time.

When the fish feel, the whole world’s emotions pour through them.

They swim in an astral-quantum-cosmic-soup of their own creation. 

One fish is tangled in webs, hooks and lines, feeling helplessly trapped in nets of its own design.The other fish swims sublimely towards the light of the divine. 

As a vessel for the mystery, a channel for dreams, a riddler of fantasies, the fish finds its bliss. And here, this Full Moon, is where we find ourselves, too.

Who we were is no longer our reality. We're stretching beyond, yet the new hasn't materialised yet.

We’re floating in the sea of potential. As the universe, remembering itself. 

Tiny fragments of creative power, playing make believe with life.

As we weave our way across the life we've been given, it's time to remember that we’re not the only ones sewing.


There’s a river far wider, and far wiser than us, and it’s washing us swiftly towards our dreams.

The Moon is ruled by Neptune, the god of imagination and transcendence. Neptune's invisible energy entangles us as One entity, and opens our hearts with the compassion of unconditional divine love.

In the sea of the Neptune, there’s no difference between me and you. We’re all in this together, joined at the subtlest levels by an energy that vibrates beyond matter.

So when Neptune calls, all we can do is swim with the current of tears and bliss washing our old reality away. 

If we can release our grip on the small life we had planned, we can slide into Neptune’s slipstream, and realise our part in Life's Master Plan.

But wouldn't it be nice if life worked out the way we wanted it to? If all our goals and objectives came to pass, rather than things biting us in the ass? 

Rather than life falling apart, our deck of cards would stay glued tight. 

We could go on planning, and strategising, and organising things exactly the way we want them.

We could stay in control.

All. The. Time.

No chance! Says Neptune.

I’m bringing a deluge to wash away the last delusions you have of ever being in command of this show.


This dreamy full moon isn't just about surrendering to the most fantastic vision we can imagine.

It's about showing up to earth and manifest it in the here and now.

Supported by a Grand Earth Trine, the dreams we're dreaming can quickly manifest.

We need to become a tuning fork for our highest vision, rather than a magnet for illusions.

If we can see it and feel it, then somewhere it exists.

In the nebulous realms beyond space/time, our fantasies are alive as potentials. They shimmer over the rainbow, calling to us in our sleep. 

We are the bridges who can shape them into form, and as we do, we're the vessel for the Universe's dreams to be born.

The Grand Earth trine, between Uranus in Taurus, the Sun in Virgo, and Saturn in Capricorn, reminds us that our job is to show up as the vessel, here and now. Life can't make them real without us.

We can use this time to move heaven and earth: to reach into the ethers and bring those visions into matter. 

As we reach for our highest potential, we need to ground and anchor our inspiration.


Opposite the the drifty mystic Moon that's chasing transcendent spiritual visions, the Sun in Virgo is holding the kite strings on Earth. 

And so, as we do the Pisces work to imagine, feel and believe, we need to do the Virgo work of making mall, consistent alignments to our inner and outer worlds.

The Virgin is a practical analyst who devises systems like yoga, kinesiology and tupperware.

A humble worker bee who organises the details, Virgo knows that a dream out of alignment won't properly come to pass. 

If there's a kink in your think, your visions will be out-0f-sync.

Seeking wholeness and synthesis, Virgo shows up in order to bring order to Pisces' chaos.

Her humble job is to put the pieces together, so that our fishy inspirations will pan out on the Earth plane.

Virgo sorts, day after day, through the threads of each tiny vision, and sets her compass to the most aligned vibration.

As we sit in Neptune's river of dreams, panning for nuggets of gold, all that does not vibrate in alignment will be sifted away down stream.

With oceans of Piscean imagination and emotion, the energy we sets in motion right now can be made real with through the Grand Earth Trine.

How big can you dream?

How high can you go?

Are your visions true, or are they distractions set to entangle you?

As you aim the lens of your vision, bring it into sharper focus.

Then let go, release the shutter, and hand the image over to life.

Eloise MeskanenComment