Leo New Moon / Solar Eclipse: Create Yourself!

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“Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.” 



During the final eclipse of this triple-whammy, when the Sun and Moon align in powerful Leo, it’s time to rise from the darkness and into the light. 

Eclipses bring endings, and they also activate the shadow of the sign they’re in - so this month is the time to release stubborn, selfish, Leo-ego-driven patterns that keep your brilliance dimmed.

Then plant new, empowering seeds that are fertilised by a self-love so bright that it aligns with the heart of the creator, and sends a clear message to life:

It’s time take command of my kingdom, and let go of meek compliance to living in captivity!!!

Leo calls for authentic self-expression and authentic self-creation.

It's here to rule, make love, and have fun.

Life is a Game. Let's play it!

This is your time in the Sun.


Joined by Mercury, the ruler of the mind, still retrograde in Leo, the ruler of the heart, this Moon is an opportunity to re-wire our thoughts and speech and align them with the creative fire of love. 

Mercury is the magician, and he's siting right next to the emotional Moon.

Thoughts + Feelings = Magical Alignment.

When the the fixed focus of our thoughts match the fierce passion of our feelings, we can step out of the creative wings and onto the centre stage of our lives.

The way we use our mental energy is under review.

But cold thoughts alone won't do the job - we have to infuse them with the energy-in-motion of how we want to feel, too.

What are we creating with the magical power of our Words + Feelings? 

What are the passionate spells that shape our destiny each day?


One thing we can forget, especially when life isn’t going how we’d like, is our ultimate creative power in every moment.

We're all makers - and when we wield that power consciously, we realise there's no point getting pissed at what we’ve made.

I remember as a kid, watching my mum passionately exclaim, “I’m so sick of being poor!” 

She worked part-time in a job far beneath her intelligence, raised two kids on a single parent pension, chopped the wood for the fire, emptied our outside toilet, fixed our solar powered lights, and tried to put herself through postgrad uni at the same time. There was never enough time, or money, to go around. She had every reason to feel sick of being poor.

But as I stood there, on our porch, looking up at her through precocious ten-year-old eyes, I wondered why she was using the power of her words and feelings to create more of what she didn’t want. 

I’d just devoured the prosperity bible, “The Game of Life: And How to Play It,” after finding it on her bookshelf on day.

And so I got my first magical initiation as I watched my mum's frustration:

She wasn’t playing the Game.

But I would, and I did.


As I grew up, I lost that childlike passion - it gets taught out of us, so we can live comfortably in a box.

We don’t play and make magic, that’s not for grown-ups. We manage and control life according to a different set of Laws.

This Moon can bring a crisis that shakes up those foundations, through a Yod to Neptune and Pluto, the big kahunas of spirit and soul.

A Yod is tense aspect, otherwise known as the finger of God - and when the Creator points directly at you, it’s like a magnifying glass on an ant: you feel an obsessive need to adjust to its direct force.

Something needs to shift. Creative power needs to be expressed. And whatever’s in the way has to fall. 

Neptune in Pisces brings the bliss of unconditional love and unchecked imagination to Leo’s fiery party. Together, they become the dream factory that makes babies with the Divine. When we can harness Neptune’s inspiration to express Leo’s full force of creative passion, we can play with God, as Gods, in the world.

How can you dream bigger, and turn you life over to the Mystery?

Pluto in Capricorn brings transformation and re-structuring - breaking out of old limits and tearing down walls in the soul. When we can purify the desires that keep us stuck in long-worn patterns, letting go of compulsive control and power struggles, we can become vessels for Soul, and live our mission.

How can you go deeper, and step into the fire of Transmutation?

Every Yod has a release point, where the tension of the crisis seeks release. This time, it's right opposite the Sun and Moon at 18 degrees Aquarius.

If you have planets nearby, they'll be the vessel to express this creative freedom, and a way to channel all this energy into some radical new invention of a life outside the lines.


The house that the eclipse falls in will be the scene of your big transmutation. Click here to find yours.

For me, its the sixth of health, work and service: the daily habits that form my character, and the routine ways I organise my life - all these things shape the destiny I will inherit. 

I realised during the last month how conditioned, pessimistic and fearful I'd become when compared to that wide-eyed ten-year-old with a magical self-help book. Even though I've created a life outside the ordinary, I've still been fixated by the limitations of "reality" more often than not.

So, I’m breaking the habit of being myself, with a little help from Joe Dispenza. 

It's one thing to want a different life - it's another to actively CREATE it.

Instead of scrolling for an hour before bed on social media, I sit and reprogram my mind in meditation. 

Instead of getting fired up with old Leo-pride drama, I reclaim creative command and choose what I want.

Instead of treating my body like an inconvenience to my spirit, I’m putting wellbeing in front. (Even if that means letting go of Tassie Pinot Noir  - because, self-love = number One.)

And my Lilith sits right on this Yod's release point - the primal, wild, sexual/creative goddess who's unafraid to ask for - and get - what she wants.

So, in perfect cosmic alignment, at the moment the eclipse becomes exact, I'll be walking in the door of an exotic, erotic, women's-only, event - which is sure to tick one more box on breaking the habit of being myself...


The last major aspect in the Leo Eclipse is a mystic rectangle between Mars, Venus, Chiron and the North Node. 

Feminine and masculine energy are in balance - give and take are aligned, and great healing can come from following the path away from the least resistance, towards what's never been done.

The mystic rectangle balances harmony and challenge to help us elegantly navigate the Yod's crisis points and find easy solutions to problems we haven't been able to fix. 

You know the quote: No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it?

Or: You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

To (re)create yourself, you must go beyond being the YOU you have always been - and into the YOU who's been buried beneath. 

Old ways create more of the same. They're safe, but a cage for the soul.

New ways create quantum leaps that free the heart and the mind - and make light work of your time on Earth.


Leo reminds us that we get the life we create. We don't just passively receive it - we actively shape it, each day!

There’s no universal dictator dishing our our fate. 

We’re it. 

That can be tough to accept when we’d rather not bear the weight of a golden crown upon our human head. 

But to coronate yourself is to walk like a Leo through the Lion’s gate - spine fully erect, shoulders back, heart open - filled with, and inspired by, the love of life that is your natural state.

You lead. 

Life responds. 

Together, you dance.

Make your life an act of love, and put yourself at the centre.

From there, you'll beam it out to all around you.


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