Leo Super Moon Eclipse: Roar your Song

“We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.”   
- Marianne Williamson.


Sometimes, the most loving thing you can do is turn off the noise of the world and dance to the sound of your own music.

The Leo Super Moon eclipse is a call to roar your unique essence and own your authentic power.

Not to shine vainly for others, hoping the world will validate your presence, but to sing like nobody’s watching, and celebrate your own existence.

Life is a gift, so wake up, humans! Leo says. Your power is waiting for you, so step into it already! When are you going to quit waiting on the sidelines and be the director, producer and star of your own play? Why are you still waiting for an audition, rather than owning the stage as the leading lady or man you were born to be?!

Leo knows that life doesn’t happen to you - you get to choose whether you cast yourself in a drama, a tragedy or a romantic comedy. If you’re having fun playing the victim, the beggar, or the prostitute, fair enough. All power to you. But if you’re ready to get the girl, win the race, and become your own hero, then now’s the time to let the old script burn, and write the story you want to be living.

January's Capricorn New Moon deeply re-structured our lives, testing the foundations and hammering the walls of what we're building this year (in other words, the shit was kicked out of us wherever we were out of alignment with the Plan).

This eclipse brings a second round of ego death, so we can crack open the hardened shell keeping our core star chained in darkness, and let our unique vibration into the world where it belongs.

Ego death is like a spiritual euphemism for the most pain the human self can handle before it gives up its’ grip, and finally surrenders to the forces trying to work through it.

The reward is a flash of illumination, enlightenment, peace and joy that reconnects you to the Divine. It’s the tonic for swallowing the bitter medicine you need, rather than dosing yourself up on what you think you want.

So if you’re feeling the crunch of an existential crisis right now, wondering who the fuck you are, and what the fuck your life is all about, then take heart: you’re right on time, perfectly in the flow, and the only thing you need to let die is all the things you no longer are.

I didn’t say it would be easy, I said it would be worth it. So dive down deep, embrace the feeling of being totally fucked over, and trust that when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.

Eclipses bring endings and new beginnings, and they used to be feared as bad omens that blacked out the sky and stole the light from the heavens.

I watched this eclipse from my backyard at midnight, in awe as the sky turned dark, the moon blood red, and a stunning silence befell the land around me.

The next day, I tried really, really hard to write this blog. I kept trying for days, as thousands of words were crafted and hundreds of phrases downloaded, but I kept tripping myself up. Trying so hard to be profound and insightful, to create something impressive and powerful, in the end I got sick of my own voice. 

I was trying to be something I wasn’t.

Authenticity: Leo’s superpower. Whether anyone sees what you've created, how you've lived, or what you've loved, or not, you know if you’ve been true to yourself. You might try hard to fool others, but your heart sees if you’ve roared your true essence, or preened and primped in order to be loved by the world. 

Leo can be the vain showman, desperate for praise and recognition, turning to drama and authoritarianism to get the attention of those he wants to impress. Think Donald Trump with his finger on the button, trying to outdo North Korea, or whichever crippled veteran dares to cross him on Twitter.

Inside that ogling Oooma-Loompa is an insecure child, needy as fuck and desperate for the love he never got from mum. I’m the best, look at me, I’m super excellent, can’t you see? Trump’s Leo Mars conjunct his Leo Ascendant makes him the poster boy for egomaniac Leo dictatorship.

On the other side, the Leo so full of its own genuine self love is a beacon of joy for all who are drawn into his orbit. The Lion in the Wizard of Oz needed a heart, so he could be courageous, and that’s the gift of Leo: bravery. The ability to choose love over fear, to shine the warmth of an open heart, and to sing a song that lights the world, simply because he enjoys it.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s the ability to stay centred, call back your power, and take action in the face of fear.

That's what Leo knows for sure.

So, as the towers your ego have built come crashing down around you, roar your fiercest noise at the false ghosts pretending to block you. Call them out as bullshit, and take your rightful throne as the king or queen you are. Whose life is it, anyway? No one else's name is written there in gold.

If you’re worried about what people think, what could go wrong, or whether you should hedge your bets in case things don't work out... Then you’re out of whack with your heart. You’re better off leaping heart-first into the terrifying unknown than stepping gingerly back into the safety of your fear.

At least life cheers when you go for gold, rising to meet you as soon as you dare. But when you shrink back into mediocrity, no corks are popped for you in the heavens. Just a weary sigh from the planets as another poor human settles for less than they deserve.

Wouldn't you rather live large, roar fierce, and enjoy your time in the sun?

What’s the worst that could happen? You'll fail? At least you won't die in a safe little box, wondering what could have been.

Be you. Everyone else is taken.

Be fierce. Everyone else is timid.

Leo lights his own life first, then beams radiantly into the world. If others choose to follow your lead, awesome. If not, have so much damn fun on your own.

Whatever ego dramas are standing in your way, the Leo super moon eclipse will shine a light on them, so you can bid them good night.

Look to the house where Leo falls for the scene of your dramatic ending. Find your Leo house here.

Pay attention to the themes of your sun sign, also, as Leo’s natural ruling planet.

Where do you give your power away in the themes of your sun sign?

Who and what do you need to take it back from, to be sovereign once again?

For me, it’s the old Pisces games of self-sabotage, floatiness, and a depressive watery confusion that sucks the life force out of me. A coach once told me I had too much Pisces - whatever! Do you think the Universe gets it wrong? (Actually, I curse my own fishiness every now and then) - but the trick is, no matter what sign you were born under, you’ve gotta learn how to activate your superpowers.

The key to being the best YOU is found in your Leo house. Here, you empower your sun’s natural radiance, or dim your unique light.

For this fish, it’s the sixth house of health, work and daily habits, meaning the way I use my time either lights me up or drains me dry. When I’m floating in a Piscean fog, I can drift for hours at a time, somewhere just about the earth, not wanting to incarnate.

But when I get my self-love on, I start creating empowering routines, like a bit of exercise to keep my heart strong, regular sunbathing to keep me recharged, and some cat-like stretches for my spine (Leo rules the heart, spine and circulation, for those of you playing at home). I'm careful to only do as much as feels fun, though, otherwise lazy Leo can't be bothered going back the next day. 

FUN is the key here: wherever you have Leo you need to give yourself permission to enjoy shining as YOU. Even if you’re an uber-serious triple Capricorn, you’re the only goat in the world quite like you. So you might as well flaunt what ya got, horns and all.

Whatever you're creating with your Leo superpowers, you need to own yourself, get over yourself, free your roar, and reclaim your power.

When I did, this blog fell right out of me onto the page in one swift sitting, an imperfectly authentic expression of where I am right now.

So, if you’re scared of indulging your ego, because you’re trying to be all spiritual and stuff, then give yourself a break. You wouldn’t have come all the way to earth if you weren’t meant to have your own unique experience. Your own perceptions. Your own EGO, and its compilation of weird and wacky stories to fill your lifetime with.

You can't transcend it til ya own it. So love it. Use it - for what you created it for. Don’t judge it, shun it or diminish it - because you’ll just feed the BS that keeps you divided from the LOVE You Are.

A healthy ego is a good thing when you’re a human. If you think you don’t have one, want one, or need one… Erm. You’re deluding yourself. 

So, let it rip. Let it roar. Be who you fucking are. Ok?

The world needs YOU. Not some carbon copy of that little miss perfect you stalk on Instagram when you're feeling empty and trying to fill yourself up.

The world doesn't need another shell of a human puttering around some half-assed excuse for a life, cluttering up the planet and sucking air from the truly alive. It needs real flesh and blood heroes and heroines, creators and stars, kings and queens; people with the power, passion and fierce loving roar-ness to steer the planet into a new dawn.

You with me?

Inside you is a star so bright it would blind you to fully perceive it.

You put layers and layers of protection around it so you can exist here. You're human.

But it’s time to let that core star out, to crack yourself open and let the light you are flow freely.

You have gifts in your heart, medicine in your soul, and you came here to share them, right?

But even though the world needs YOU, don’t try to save it, Ok? (The universe knows what it’s doing.)

Just do the thing that lights YOU up. Sing your own damn song. Let that be your gift to creation.

And when you're so unapologetically YOU that you can't help beam your brilliance into the starry beyond, you’ll fulfil your greatest spiritual mission.

You'll live your purpose.

And the universe will be complete.


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