Gemini Full Moon: New wings, new Horizons


After a six-week portal of death-and-rebirth transformation, the light is starting to reappear. New horizons are opening up before us, and we’re being called on a big adventure.

As we rise from the ashes of the past, exorcised and excavated by Venus retrograde and Scorpio season, we’ve been reminded of, and released from, some of the most gnarly parts of our history.

The Gemini Full Moon, opposite an expansive stellium in Sagittarius, beckons us toward new opportunities, new curiosities, and paths we’ve never travelled before. 

The energy around us is sparkling, glittering and glimmering, promising something so bright that we need to expand our vision to receive it.

It’s the future our new selves will inherit, once we’ve shed the skin of our cocoon and are ready to emerge in full flight.

As we prepare to finally move forward, we realise it’s the journey, rather than the destination, that’s most important. The act of breaking free from the shell helps our wings to grow strong, so they can support us on the wind.

With the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in jovial Sagittarius, it’s time to step out of the shadows and soar.

The gestation process is almost done, and we’re just about ready to pop.


The Gemini Moon is ruled by Mercury, and before he turns direct, Mercury will travel back into the final degrees of Scorpio.

Here, he digs up any soul fragments we’ve left behind on the roads we’ve been walking, so expect a review and rewind in the house he’s currently retrograde in.

Mercury in Scorpio is the psychopomp between this world and the underworld, the messenger between the conscious mind and the shadow.

The last several weeks have been pretty damn intense, to say the least.

We’re at the tail end of two back-to-back retrogrades, and these re-set and re-birth periods are a vital part of the creative process.

We need to revisit the past, and give it a proper burial, so it doesn’t keep controlling our future.

We need to go inwards and integrate before we burst forth with a new creative offspring in the world.

But no matter how many times this happens, I still sometimes struggle to fully surrender to the loss, and the void, that these pause portals bring.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve hit soul-crushing lows that have made me question my entire life and ability to even human lately. Part of me refused to do anything, sitting stubbornly inside my stomach like a depressed person welded to the couch.

There were a lot of things that “needed” to get done.

But was I doing them?

Hell, no.

I haven’t been blogging, writing, posting on social media, basically I haven’t been in communication with the outside world - beyond those in my innermost circles.

Mercury retrograde has been urging us to communicate with ourselves, rather than the world around us.

And because we’re programmed to just keep going on an external path, this kind of backwards slump makes our inner computers mad.

We think time is going to run out. Life will pass us by, and all hell will break loose.

We look for ways to fix, control and change the lull, so we can get back on the train of forward movement.

But sometimes, we need to just. stop.

Stop doing all the things. Stop making plans. Stop believing, even.

Give it all up.

Clear it all out.

Be in the nothingness.

Swim in the void.

Drown in it, completely.

Make space for our own demise and let go of our old lives.

Scorpio dives so deeply into the dark that we feel like we’ll never re-emerge.

And we won’t - not as the same person, anyway.

But at some point, somehow, in some way…. The precious glimmer of a new vision will appear.

A light at the end of the tunnel is here.


With the Moon forming a high-flying kite, this is a time to let your vision soar and connect to the new currents you want to catch over the coming year.

Dream big, dream wild, and dream true, because the seeds you conceive right now will be channelled into enthusiastic plans that can take root in the fertile soil you’re preparing.

Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius are forming the tail end of the kite, indicating that our faith, optimism and beliefs will be the rudder that help steer our path forward into bold new horizons over the next 12 months.

Square to Neptune, the Sag planets dare us to imagine our highest potential, unshackled from the limits of ordinary life and the constraints of what seems “realistic.” Our spirit is calling to us from above, and we’re being graced by the mysterious presence of divine love.

Anything is possible - so how do we choose?

The square can also bring over-exaggeration, and an unwillingness to face boundaries or live within limits. We can be deceived about reality, refuse to face the truth, and escape into the other realms instead, where we can play in the fairy floss of the ethers rather than face the real work to be done.

Faith and optimism are our allies, but blind fantasy is our achilles heel.

We need to discern idealism from illusion and ensure that the dreams we’re tapping into are our true soul’s calling, rather than wasteful distractions.

The North Node in Cancer, and Chiron in Pisces, form the wings of the grand kite. There’s an emotional healing taking place, an instinctive return to what feels right, rather than what we think we ought to be.

Fire and water make steam, and this is what powers great visionary dreams. We have the energy available - or soon, it will be - to turn what longs to come through us into reality.

The Gemini Moon, opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius, wants to do All. The. Things.

But we need to prune back our focus, get aligned to our long-term legacy, and invest our energy wisely into those things which we must bring to fruition.

Saturn, still in Capricorn, is moving closer and closer to Pluto. In early 2020 they’ll conjoin alongside Jupiter.

The big dreams we’re conceiving now will be crystalised in twelve months time.

Make the most of this dreaminess, set your right path, and enjoy the rest while it lasts.


Mid-December to mid-March will be full of momentum and forward movement.

When Uranus turns direct in early January, all planets will be in direct motion, and life will move swiftly forward without pause.

Pushing too soon is like inducing a baby before it’s ready - it’s the mind trying to override nature’s perfect timing, and it leads to less-than-optimal outcomes.

With the full Moon square Mars we’ll feel the desire to take action. But with Mars in Pisces, there’s confusion about what we really want, and how to go about getting it.

We can be pushed and pulled by astral/emotional currents, or tap into the grace that’s takings care of everything from above.

Mars in Pisces is the spiritual warrior. He takes his orders from the Divine.

So if you’re confused, hand it over, and let the Universe decide.

Float in the mystery a while.

At the New Year, Mars will move into his home sign of Aries, and then it will be all systems go.

This is the time to dream.

This is the time to believe.

There is a bigger energy working through you, a greater force that gives you life.

Allow it to show you the way, and let go of the need to direct the outcomes.

Soon, you’ll be back in the race.


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