Capricorn New Moon: Magic & Mastery

"I’m just making a conscious choice to see challenges as something beneficial, so I can deal with them in the most productive way."   - Jim Carrey


The first New Moon of 2018 falls in Capricorn, the sign of the CEO, the master, the father and the provider. The steamroller energies of cardinal earth help us to set big goals, create effective strategies, and get real about managing 3D reality, so we can manifest like a #boss this year.

At the start of a new Gregorian year, its time to get real about the existential fact that we have a finite time in these bodies and on this planet, and we incarnated to do something with it. 

With a stellium of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn, square Uranus the awakener, there's a deep, powerful and permanent restructuring happening in a significant part of our lives (happening where Capricorn falls for you). It’s time to make a serious commitment, prune back the fat, and create strong foundations for success; not just in society's eyes, but in the eyes of our soul.

The power in this transformation feels so vast and tangible, that whether you're a planner lusting to get organised, or a creative chaotic trying to avoid making goals, you'd be wise to drop into your deepest truth, and make sure you're building the castle you really want to live in, because it's coming into long-term form as you design it now. For the next two years, Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn gives us the power to keep going, no matter what. What we plant now doesn't just hold true for the next month, but also for the next two years, as Saturn moves through this part of our lives

With Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Chiron making favourable sextiles from Scorpio and Neptune, we can harness the power of spirit and soul, activating our ability to surrender to grace and transform what lies in the shadows. Cultivate the intangible and the magical amidst the hustle, and move energy first in the invisible realm for the best results.

Trust that the internal shifts you make now will change the structures of your life. Your magic will densify into matter at the time it is designed to arrive. 

I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it.

With over half the major planets in Earth, and several more in Water, we might have a strong desire to get. shit. done like an ambitious mountain goat, but it can feel like wading in mud. 

My intention, with the new Moon in my 11th house of groups, friends and wishes, is to launch and manifest the next incarnation of my soul work this month: teaching others to learn, and live by the stars.

Find your Capricorn focus - both for this Moon, and the year - here. 

But I've been feeling enormous resistance to doing my pre-launch stuff, and a deep desire to keep swimming in the feminine mystery, dreaming and downloading new layers of heavenly insights rather than pushing through and sharing this baby with the world already. 

Part of me trusts the slower-than-expected timing: Photos for the sales page haven't arrived. I'm rebalancing old patterns of burn-out, so this new chapter can be built on the right foundations. I'm taking more time to simply enjoy life. I'm.... Happy, fulfilled, in tune with myself. 

But the clock is a-ticking. Time marches on. I set a date with destiny, to put my soul out there on a day when the stars aligned, and I'd love to show up to the dance.

Its like the sheer enormity of the energy coming through for whatever we're birthing needs some fire to get it going, and help it land on earth. Old patterns have to be cracked. New foundations built. Or else I might just revel in staying deliciously pregnant for life.

Luckily, Uranus in Aries, closely square the Moon, bring the firecracker we need to take action. Shaking up the the ways things have always been done, Uranus tears down the walls of our fear, limits and conventions, so we can awaken the genius we've been hiding into the world. In a way radically different to what we expected.

If the structures of your life aren't changing fast enough, or if you feel they've become a prison for your soul, use the power of Uranus square this Moon to set yourself free and chart a new course. And when something happens to jolt you into a new alignment with your mission, grab that awakening by both hands and prepare to be blown away.

Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form.

With Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio, we can take powerful action by plunging into the depths of our feelings, our power, and magic. Clear your energy, heal your shit, and pay attention to your Root Chakra, which is Saturn's lair. There'll be plenty of juice to wrangle down there.

Scorpio is the alchemist who turns lead to gold through the fire of emotional death and rebirth. When shit gets real, Scorpio says, Bring it On. That's where my treasure lies.

Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, sextile the other side of the New Moon, are the bridge-weavers and healers of the split between the ego's hungry ghost seeking success for its own sake, and the soul seeking to contribute to the universe.

Where Saturn crystallises ambitions into a cold and calculating game, Neptune dissolves the ego itself, reminding us that we incarnated to play another, greater game. Beyond the strategic plan for getting what we want this year, the Universe has its own design.

To deny our feelings right now will trap us in the mud; we have to let them flow. Otherwise, our striving will imprison us: our fear will make it so.

Life's Plan is far greater than we can see with the limited eyes of fear, but if we open a chink in our carefully-crafted armour, we can see it through the heart.


With the collective spirit, emotions, mind, values, limits and power all in Cap, it's time to organise exactly what we want from the Universe this year.

The way we empower it, feel it, think it, love it, manage it and transform through it will pay off in the material world, big time. So create your goals from your greater sense of purpose: not just the here-and-now things you want to tick off your list, but the legacy you came here to achieve.

And remember…

So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect, so we never dare to ask the Universe for it. I'm saying, I'm the proof you can ask the Universe for it. - Jim Carrey.

Jim, a Capricorn Sun, Venus and Mercury, wrote himself a check for $10 Million dollars, dated it Thanksgiving five years later, and carried it in his wallet from that day.

Then, he did the work. Hustled in LA. Got bit parts in movies. Clocked up years of experience as a professional comedian. Paid Saturn his dues.

He realised, after seeing his dad laid off, the family made homeless, and working full-time to support them through high school that,

You can fail at what you don't love, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. - JC

Just before his Thanksgiving deadline, he got a call to say he was being paid $10 million for The Mask. His self-written cheque had been buried months earlier, in his father's shirt pocket.

The urge to succeed is Capricorn’s domain. If we are to master our potential as humans, we need do something important to the world. We must find our place in society, not just in the tribe. 

But, just like Jim's ambition was not just to follow his heart, but to succeed on behalf of his family, we need to use the power of Cancer, Cap's opposite sign. Pull down rigid defences, reveal our tender hearts, show fragile vulnerability, and honour our human need to give and receive care and nurture. So we can feel at home with others - and inside ourselves.

Otherwise, we climb the wrong damn mountain, over and over again, fixated on the goal of avoiding our own pain; and miss the trail for the very summit we came here to master - the one moving us to our bliss.

I wish people could realise all their dreams of wealth and success and fame, so they could see that it’s not where you’re going to find your sense of completion. - JC

Capricorn teaches us that patience, discipline, effort and the tenacity to keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how big the obstacles, will eventually lead us to the top of our personal mountain.

But once we get there, we’ll have to kneel to a higher power: The Grand Organised Design.



The only guarantee in this mortal realm is that one day, we will die. 

Thanks, Saturn.

And then we'll meet our maker, our ultimate accountability partner, and have to tell the truth to our soul.

How did we live? What did we learn? How did we love? Why did we come here?

This week I remembered myself, as a soul first landing on this planet.

A radiant star, hurtling to earth, as I entered the magnetic field my unlimited creative power, freedom and potential started to slow down. I was held back, as if by ropes, drenched in the thick, muddy density of this place called Earth, bound by the laws of gravity, space and time.

Trapped, I was overwhelmed by the shock, grief and fear of losing my freedom, and the pain of feeling separate to my creative power.

The earth is a prison, I thought. I have to sacrifice my power to exist here.

No wonder I've been resisting getting organised for this launch: I've been deeply afraid that if I try to bring my true soul work down to earth, the full magic, power and radiance of it will be sacrificed in it's transition into matter And I'll end up being trapped and enslaved by it.

Like, Saturn, I'll have to eat my own babies.

How can you pour the whole cosmos into a teacup? It's like putting the sun inside a human body. Right?

Then, the truth hit me. 

In Jim’s words:

My soul is not contained in the limits of my body, my body is contained in the limitless of my soul.

Our soul’s full power can be embodied…. when we open the gates.

Once we've cracked the hard shell of Saturn, and let the light shine in, the wise Master inside us can emerge. Stepping down as the bringer of crippling fear and restrictions, he'll show us what our obstacles have really been teaching us: the path to our Great Work.

So, Saturn reminds me that incarnating, and thriving in the material world is the greatest creative challenge of all. It's the ultimate magician's quest, to not just weave light in the other realms, but bring actual real things into existence. Stars from all over the Universe travel far and wide to experience it, and the bravest return to tell the tale.

So, now I'm excited by the knowing that it's my exquisite sensitivity to the limits of reality that make me an expert at helping others manage them: measuring time and space, aligning with the cosmic clock, charting destiny and fate. 

My work is to help stars live on earth.

So we can shine as the most radiant beings we are.

Whatever your lessons, Saturn is here to deliver.

And when your mountain looms large, remember one thing:

Life doesn’t happen “to” you, it happens FOR you. - JC

If you grow tired on your way to the top, don't forget to pause, feel, and kneel.

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