Aries full Moon: Vive la Révolution


“Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it.” W. H. Murray

“The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock.”Tony Gaskins



The Aries Full Moon is an call to action: to boldly leap into the future, free from the shackles of the past.

The way things were will challenge us, the limits we’ve accepted will beckon us, but the doorway to that small, safe life is shut.

Conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, the wounds from going our own way can feel raw and gaping.

Like a sword through the heart, or the head, Chiron rips open the painful places where we’ve stifled independence and given up our warrior spirit.

If we dare to claim them, the gifts of bravery and initiative wait on the other side as our prize. 

Only by picking up the sword of courage can we realise that we laid it down.

We are the only ones who can take it from its resting place inside the hardened, stony ground.


By mustering every ounce of strength, tenacity and sheer will, we can take our excalibur back, and cut ourselves loose from the “oughts,” “shoulds” and “cants” that lie as obstacles on our path. 

Saturn, the wise teacher, is square the impulsive Aries Moon, helping us to keep going beyond Aries’ intense, but short-lived fuse.

Aries’ motivation burns out quickly, but Saturn in Capricorn knows the victory isn’t guaranteed until we reach the very top - he’ll drive us to keep going, no matter how, no matter what.

When the rock has swallowed our sword and our courage is wearing out, Saturn taps us on the shoulder, reminding us of the legacy we’ve come to build.

Our quest will stand the test of time, an example to our kin. And if we throw the towel in now, we’ll let fear and doubt win.


From the far corner comes Uranus, square to Mars, sending an earthquake from grounded Taurus to shatter our attachment to being small, safe and limited.

Uranus brings freedom of action, wilful rebellion, and impulsive revolution that shake up the stable anchors of our world.

If there’s something radical you need to do - do it now.

Don’t hesitate.

If your vision calls you to go where no one in your tribe has gone before - that’s your call to arms as the leader that you are.


On the other side, Mars locks horns with Venus, who’s morphing into the dark goddess of desire as she prepares to retrograde in Scorpio.

Where Uranus urges us to break free, Venus calls us to go deep as she pauses for her underworld descent. 

Happier in Libra, the sign of the Good, the True and the Beautiful, Venus now immerses herself in Scorpio’s magick, power and mystery

Strong and unyielding, she’s sending volcanic rumbles to ruthlessly unearth and rebirth our relationship to power, trauma, and death.

Scorpio transmutes our fears through occult initiations that reminds us that we are soul first, human second - if we dare to use our power, rather than disown it.


Speaking of power, the North Node in Leo completes a tense grand cross that has us strung like a holy crucifix of creative potential.

The path of greatest evolution now is to shine the radiance inside our soul. 

Pretending we’re not creating all of this doesn’t serve the game - unless we’d prefer to play on the sidelines of life and live to regret that we ever came.

It can be easier to elevate the voices that reminds us we are weak, powerless and victimised, rather than take the medicine of that will truly heal our wounds.

Not a tonic to dull the pain, but an elixir of awakening, by asking truthfully, when all seems lost: “What am I creating?”

As the magnetic centre of our lives, we are suns in our own right. What gravitates towards us reflects the brilliant creative power of own hearts and minds.


The South Node in water-bearing Aquarius is conjunct sword-bearing Mars, so we’re not motivated by ourselves alone, but by the future of our community.

Humanity and innovation are our call to arms. A mass uprising, not a solo venture, is what turns Mars on right now.

For that to happen we need to seek out partners and dear lovers.

Relationships that harmonise the ferocity of our mission will level the playing field and bring our fiery action into balance.

Opposite the Moon and Chiron are the Sun and Mercury in Libra, shining a light on how to get along with others.

Bringing consciousness to communication, our spoken invocations and invitations, Libra seeks to see both sides and find a common ground.

Do we make love, or war, when we trade words with another?

How balanced are the scales of power inside our hearts and minds?


Sure, Aries doesn’t give a crap about playing nice or being fair - he wants it all his way and will tolerate no less. 

The Moon is our inner child, our instinctive emotional nature, and unconscious Aries can hastily cut ties with anyone who feels like an enemy or a competitor.

When he’s stuck in core Chiron wounds about not having the right to exist, and still fighting the same old battles left over from early childhood, his impulsive warrior instinct can torch anyone around him, leaving him to strike out alone and find another war.

But if we’re going to win the long game, Libra’s scales need to weigh evenly.

Like the feather and heart at the gate of Ma’at, justice will be done.

It’s not up to us to fight or push - our energy is for creation.

To stay inspired by our heart’s true vision is the bravest Aries quest of all.

There are two sides to every story.

With grace, we can see them both.

And bring the opposites into harmony, making our life a work of art.

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