Aquarius New Moon / Solar Eclipse: Awaken from the Chrysalis

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Last month’s Leo Eclipse shut down old ways of giving our power away, revealed and de-throned the fears we’ve been letting rule our lives, and opened the door for us to roar who we are, and what we came here to create.

Now, the Aquarius Solar Eclipse brings another layer of ch-ch-ch-changes (cue Bowie and his glittering man/woman space alien suit), where we can tear down the false towers keeping us trapped in the status quo, and awaken to a radical new future where freedom reigns supreme.

It's time to break out of that old cocoon, and emerge into the fullness of your liberation.

Co-ruled by Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, this Aquarius New Moon  brings awakening and revolution, so we can restructure our physical world and manifest a new normal.

Square Jupiter in Scorpio, the Moon forces a massive breakthrough that calls us to go deep. To shed the skins that are too tight for our full width and breadth, and evolve into the next level of who we are called to be. From caterpillar to butterfly, we die and are reborn, midwifed by the Gods.

Jupiter seeks expansion, Scorpio transformation, and the collective soul urge is to expand beyond old limits and transform into a new self. To rise like a phoenix from the ashes; crack open the cocoon that has contained us till now, and emerge like a new kind of creature.

How can a caterpillar fathom what life will be like as a butterfly? It can't. It must let the old self go, so it can fly to radical new places. 

Sextile Uranus in Aries, we can make this sudden shift, if we take the initiative. We must shake up the limits of our pupae state, and leap off the branch we’ve lived our whole life on.

The only way to see if our new wings work is to take them for a spin.

Joined by Mercury, we have the power to intelligently express our visions into being. We can plug our mind into the collective genius pool to write, speak and think what we want to magick.

Mercury rules magic, and if you know anything about it, you’ll know it pays to be specific with what you enchant. Choose your words carefully. Watch your thoughts and speech. Because you, divine human, either breathe your life into being, or suck the inspiration from it, whenever you focus your mind.



Aquarius is ahead of its time. It sees into the future, and accepts the crazy challenge of making something work that’s never been done before.

It’s the mad genius trying to clone the first human, the chakra expert trying to prove God through science, or the kid downloading his past lifetimes as an alien, when everyone else in class is obsessed with watching Frozen.

Its the infiltration of technology into every corner of our lives, so we can barely tell if we're human or cyborg when our phone goes flat and we’ve forgotten to bring the charger.

Aquarius steals fire from the gods and pours the electricity of awakening onto the masses, trying to shake humans from their slumber by revealing the codes to the universe, so we can architect a better tomorrow, together. (And if you’re wondering, Astrology is a perfectly Aquarian art/science).

Aquarius wants to push us so far out of our comfort zone that we will evolve into a new kind of human, who can create a new kind of society, and quantum leap together into the new age. 

Change, to Aquarius, is better than tradition. Ruled by Uranus, the God of revolution, rebellion and sudden awakening, Aquarius receives lighting bolts from the Divine Mind like some of us receive Facebook notifications from people we barely know. 

If you’d rather be left to cultivate your safe and steady life than rudely awakened by the zap of an Aquarian vision, Aquarius couldn’t care less. Your pleas for the old ways are barely worthy of consideration: this isn’t about YOU, after all. The future of humanity is at stake.

Elon Musk, with Mars conjunct the North Node in Aquarius, is driven to pour his energy into his far-out soul visions of pushing humanity forward (so far forward that we leave the actual planet).

Rather than working within the limits of what humans are, and seem to be, he’s hell-bent on breaking the rules of what we take for granted. Like, gravity.

What’s your Elon Musk moment under this eclipse?

How and where do you need to innovate the ground-breaking technology and radical change that will see you leap from drowning caterpillar to butterfly of the skies?


Look to the house that Aquarius rules in your chart for the scene of your revolution, and to find out where you are being called to awaken, transform and activate right now. Click here to find it.

There, you need to Think Different. 

For me, its the 12th house of self-undoing, spirituality and the unconscious. Time to clear out the closets of self-sabotage by radically changing my relationship to spirit. The changes I seek must be made in the invisible realm.

As for my radical world-changing technology, in the visible realm, I’m formally opening the doors to my astrology course a few days after the eclipse, and the way I do astrology is being shaken-up wildly. During a self-healing the planets moved into my chakras, and became part of my energetic body. That was different.

Now, rather than trying to impart more information, more technical precision, and more scientific intellect, I’m feeling the archetypes move through me from the 12th house. Like a magical mystery tour through the zodiac, each one arrives when its medicine is needed, offering a new part of myself, and a new connection to God’s infinite expressions. 

I’m realising that astrology is not what I think, at all. It’s the raw power to transform our lives by deeply feeling and expressing the cosmos inside us. It’s the divine science of the universal mind, married to the divine love that holds the planets in their orbit. 



Love is an impersonal thing to Aquarius. It doesn’t seek personal praise and recognition like its opposite, Leo, but rather loves to feel One with humanity, seeing into the Mind of God.

And when it ultimately strives so far from the status quo that others can’t relate to its zany ideas any more, well…. Tim knows the deal:

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Aquarius is more interested in changing the future of planet earth than being the most popular person on it.

This is Aquarius’ weak spot: heart. Caring for the individual and his or her special path and gifts is not something Aquarius has much time for when the future needs to be created at light speed. 

And so, in its darkest hour, it turns into madcap social engineer, locked away in the pristine lab of its own brilliant ideas, experimenting on or exterminating others in order for the group to thrive.

If some men, women, babies or animals have to be sacrificed in the pursuit of a purer society, scientific innovation, universal vaccination, or make-up that actually works, then it’s a fair cost to the Aquarian, as the future will become stronger as a result. 

The Water-Bearer might be a genius inventor, but unless it brings the love of Leo, its opposite, into its visionary future, it’ll simply manufacture a new kind of techno-tyranny, rather than a soul-infused brotherhood and sisterhood.

While Aquarius seeks revolution,the heart knows not all revolutions bring peace. The mind alone can’t create the freedom it seeks. As much as Aquarius champions intellect above feeling, if we are to truly change our world, let alone the world, we need to marry the the logical Aquarian head with the loving wisdom of the heart.

So, the eclipse brings us a sliding doors moment: to create the new normal we seek in our minds, or create the new normal of the heart.



Are you ready to leap into the tomorrow your future self has made for you, rather than living another yesterday?

You must ask your heart which way to go. And be available to download the vision beyond what you want for yourself alone.

Change is painful, always. The comfy caterpillar gets mushed into something beyond it's own recognition so it can become its greatest self. A nice concept in hindsight, but if you're the one in the grub-grinder it can be hard to trust in what you're being called to become, when all that you were is no more. 

What if, instead of just growing towards our destiny like an acorn into an Oak tree, the Oak tree is pulling us along, towards it?

What if, instead of rebelliously pushing away from the chrysalis of the past, we could open to the vision that seeks to be born through us, and emerge, unfurl, and soar?

So, if you're ready to ride the breeze, rather than munch on leaves....

Find the others to fill your playground with. Co-create the images in your heart.

Revolutionise your corner of the Cosmos. Make a dent in the Universe.


Do you want the keys to your destiny? Ready to meet the future self your acorn is meant to become?

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