Aquarius Lunar Eclipse: Freedom of Mind

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“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” 
― Joe Klaas.



Hold onto your lightning rods, because this firecracker eclipse sends a bolt from the blue to crack open the ruts of our lives.

Like a visitor from the future beamed-in from outer space, it's time to start dancing to the tune of the world we envision - rather than the one we're told to live in.

Creative energy is peaking, and so is the tension between where we are now, and where we want to be. 

Feeling snappy? Crappy?

Stuck in mental battles with old enemies (inside and out)?

Trying to get somewhere, but derailed by detours that have you lashing out?

The Aquarius lunar eclipse is conjunct retrograde Mars, and irritation, frustration and old anger is re-surfacing, as unresolved conflicts demand our attention. 

Squared by Uranus the awakener, Mars is agitating our touchiest problems, so we can see what's really stopping us from creating the freedom we want.

(Hint: with Aquarius, it's all in the mind.)

This Full Moon brings a tour of duty through the ghosts of conflicts past. 

Once it's finished, we can go forth on a whole new path.


We’re programmed to keep moving forward, especially where Mars, the warrior, is concerned.

But for nine weeks every two years, brave Mars hangs up his sword and retreats to his tent to re-work his strategy.

Mars retrograde brings a review of our fighting instincts: the way we take action, what turns us on, what gets us angry, and the men and masculine energy in our lives.

With Mars in Aquarius, the war is about equality, collective freedom and social change, as much as personal liberation and progression. But with Aquarius, a fixed air sign, the war is more mental than anything.

Cutting through our rigid thought patterns is vital to winning not just what we think we’re fighting for, but to freeing ourselves from the old battles that suck energy from our future goals.

With five other planets currently retrograde, the frustration from being held back, while life is audited by several different departments at once, can feel like purgatory.

Plans may not materialise for a few months, and actions may get stuck on pause. By October we'll see the fruits of our planning, so don't worry about getting ahead just yet.

The inner work will pay off the most under this eclipse. 


Eclipses bring endings, and this one shuts down the status quo in our Aquarius house.

(Find yours here.)

Over the next two months, this eclipse will reveal the shadowy side of this part of our lives, so we can release fixed mental patterns, step out of our current paradigm, and invent something new and radical in this space.

As Mars transits retrogrades over this same place, your energy, motivations and aggression are up for review.

For me, as Mars turned retrograde on my 12th house Lilith and Mercury, my unconscious communications became heated AF. Things flew out of my mouth that I couldn't take back, and I was filled with the ire of my inner angry bitch. If I'd only opened my mouth when I had something nice to say, I wouldn't have spoken at all (my family wishes they'd been so lucky).

Now the eclipse is aligning to Ceres, my inner Mother goddess, and the provider of nurture for me and my community in the wider world. My 11th house Ceres in Aquarius nurtures humanity with wacky Aquarian knowledge, out-there ideas and astrological insight. She's created a role as the provider of astro-food for whole groups of humans she'll never meet.

But I've just taken a couple of months off blogging, tired and creatively tapped-out after writing 60,000 words in a few months for my astrology course and book. So my food hasn't been reaching you, and my communications have slowed to a cranky, frustrated halt.

During the depth of this funk, I saw how my out-of-whack mindset (12th house Mercury) has been sabotaging my life with assumptions, stubborn attitudes and stories that have gone un-checked. This is where my warrior is now doing his slash-and-burn work.

So, as this eclipse happens, I'm exploring radical new ways of programming my mind (including ignoring the fuck out of the lies it tells me), radical new ways of building and offering communities for my star-children globally (let me know if you have some ideas), and radical new ways of speaking the truth that wants to come through me.


Aquarius is the collective thinker of the zodiac. It's where we become part of the global village, unleash our inner genius, and invent a new tomorrow for us all. 

With the Moon, Mars and South Node sitting in its cool, lofty airspace, all squared by rebellious Uranus, this is a time of radical change, awakening and revolution.

If sudden change is what you want, then sudden change is what you'll get - especially if you have planets in the first ten degrees of the fixed signs. 

Uranus is sitting uncomfortably in stable Taurus, shaking-up global and personal security, abundance and certainty. 

What we took for granted might be gone tomorrow - so we'd better get used to the changes, or else get lost in the rubble.

Once we let go of our fixations on the way things ought to be, and allow our vision to be cracked wide open by the flash of light coming from the sky, we can let the old order fall.


Opposite the Aquarius stellium lies Leo, the creative heart of the zodiac.

As the Sun in Leo burns its bright, self-expressive fire, it aligns with the North Node path of soul growth, showing us the way to our global Aquarian uprising is through tapping our potential as glorious, fabulous, unique creators.

As Kings, Queens and divine playful children, our love must lead the way. Aquarius can be brilliant, but it's cold, unemotional, and impersonal when left alone in it’s scientific laboratory.

So while this Moon pushes us off the cliff towards our as-yet-unknown future, the Sun and North Node remind us that the path to take is through the heart.

It's all very well to try to save the world, but what the world needs most is YOU.


We came here to live large. Create freely. Make a fucking impact.

Do the wild, crazy things that haven't been done yet.

Not to repeat history - but to rewrite the future. To pull something out of the ethers, and manifest it on Earth in service to our brothers and sisters.

Not to repeat the same old shit, ad infinitum, because it's safe, and proven, and certain. 

We came here to push the limits of human potential.

Step outside of the box.

Bend space and time.

There’s no alternate Earth for the chosen ones destined to ascend to the heavens. Sorry, but the New Age crack you've been smoking is whack.

5D is here, now, you just need to open your sight to see it, and believe it. 

The freedom we’re catalysing is not just about “us” as individuals - it’s about “Us” as a collective of humans.

But ultimately, it's up to us alone to free our minds and open our hearts.

So we can leap beyond the known and into the future.


By daring to listen to the crazy impossibility of our own wildest dreams.

Clear the shit in the way, and commit to a new reality.

For us, and for all who choose it.

It's here, now.