Virgo New Moon: Divine Human


When the human soul learns to trust itself to that which transcends it, that is its salvation.



At the energetic re-set of the August eclipse, we were take offline from our old power sources, and are slowly and mysteriously being plugged-in to a whole new grid.

The “new” is still downloading, and with our old cords cut, we’re in-between lives, and in between selves. We can’t use our power the same old way anymore, and we’ve been cocooned while our circuits are rewired.

We’re about to be awakened to the reality beyond the one we’ve known. Like a butterfly emerging from sleep, we’ll soon drop the layers that held our wings tight.

To wield this new energy, we need to be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually congruent. 

So, right on time, the Virgo lunar cycle urges us to take care of the details in our everyday lives, and create healthy, productive rituals that move us closer to full health and integration.

So we can be grounded vessels for the divine power we are to move through us into the world.



August brought a massive shut-down and reboot of power, and we’ll be integrating and assimilating it over the next months and years.

More power means more purification. All the stagnant shit has to be released, so we can think, feel, act and embody our full presence and potential.

Virgo’s superpower is the detailed organisation of earthly matters. Diet, exercise, nutrition, and getting shit done are Virgo’s uber domain. 

Virgo humbly sweeps, serves and files, so we can ground the formless spiritual energies and bring order to chaos in our lives. 

Its opposite, Pisces, is the channel for divine inspiration, the muse who lives in another realm, the mystic whose feet barely touch the ground.

As this New Moon is ruled by Chiron in Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune in Pisces, the dreams, fantasies and imaginations of the collective, and of our own divine nature itself, are longing to move through us and be fully embodied on the Earth.



If you spent September feeling drifty, floaty, unplugged and unanchored, the oceanic Pisces Full Moon of early September was having her way with you.

After two Leo New Moons in August that activated our sovereign creative fire, we were dunked in transcendent bliss by Pisces.

After we found our brilliant selves, and had our fun in the Sun, we had to hand over our personal power to the Great Spirit who works through us.

Now, Virgo says its time to do the work - on ourselves, our lives, our jobs and our health.

The perfection of our divine human vessel is calling.

Our bodies are the vehicle for spirit to work through, and we need to treat them like our temple.



During ten days of physical cleansing and detoxing, I was wrapped in a fog of apathy as toxins, parasites and food-addictions left my system.

The voices in my head and gut told me I should give up all hope of life after this. Parts of me (or parts that lived inside me) were crying their death lament.

I realised my body was being prepared for a massive influx of new light.

If we’re clogged with old shit, there’s no room for high vibes to co-exist within us. 

September is about using Virgo’s discernment and perfectionism to remove the blocks between us and God - no matter how humbling and unsexy the process.

With five planets, including the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo, there’s no better time to sort out what needs to be sifted out of your life.

Purify, analyse, get real and improve it.

From your digestion to your kitchen drawers, leave no stone unturned in your striving, because God is found in the details.

Be like the seeker scrubbing the ashram floors. The housekeeper folding the towels precisely. Those who learn the humble art of service lose themselves in a task so egoless it becomes an act of sacred service.

Then, every corner you reach is a corner blessed.



After my cleanse, in place of all the food and work I used to fill myself up with, I found nothing but stillness and emptiness.

No need to be anything in the world anymore. Only the desire to be.

Opposite the New Moon is Chiron in Pisces, teaching us the root cause of illness is separation from the divine.

Before I wrote this blog, Virgo made me take a shower. My new home has chemical-treated water, and I resist washing in it where possible.

But what if we believed we were already perfect, no matter what our physical environment said? 

What if we could see the perfection beyond the physical, and hold that as our template for existence? 

That's an extreme feat of belief, right? It's a Piscean superpower. And there’s probably a fine line between enlightened and deluded when it comes to deliberately bathing in neurotoxins.

But we read stories of the saints, bodhisattvas, and even regular humans, who’ve regained full health, even on the brink of death, by returning to the Love that they are.

Why do we stay wedded to our limits and fears, and place more bullshit in the way of our infinite nature?

Because we’re afraid we’re alone in the universe, and we don’t really trust in God. 

With Saturn squaring the Moon from Sagittarius, it’s time to get real about what we believe, and how its structuring our reality. To let go of the burdens we're pushing uphill, and master our worldview.

The mind will protest: Who are you to think you're divine? 

Who are you to think that’s possible for you? 

Who are you to believe that you are perfect, created by God, and nothing needs to be fixed, nothing needs to be healed, other than your false belief about who you really are?

Yeah, right.

On the other shoulder, the wise, quiet voice of Spirit says:

Who are you not to?


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