Venus square Saturn: What do you really value?

Venus is moving into a square with Saturn this week. It's time to prune back and restructure our relationships and resources, prepare to do with less than we think we desire, and stabilise our relationship to love and money.

Before squaring Saturn later in the week, Venus will cross Chiron in Pisces. This will bring up old wounds of separation from the Divine Feminine, and trigger any issues we have with intimacy, love, money and relationships.

Last week, Mars crossed Chiron in Pisces, and then squared Saturn. This opened our awareness of where we feel separate from the Divine Masculine, and we may have fallen into an energetic slump or standstill as those old wounds were revealed. My old pain came up big time, and suddenly the inspired plans I'd been working towards came to a grinding halt.

Mars squaring Saturn feels like a stand-still, where we're blocked from moving forward. Frustration can result, as we crave action, but are met by resistance. The medicine is to go into the heart of that resistance, and unlock the stuck energy being held there. What pain is behind the crash?

Now, it's time to feel into where we feel disconnected from our feminine energy and attractive magnetism. Where are we out of alignment in relationship? Where is our money existing in scarcity? Where do our values need to shift?

If we feel blocked from receiving the love and abundance we desire, we're now called to do the work and open ourselves. To restore the flow in our yin channels, and allow ourselves to receive, despite the tests. To get real about where we prevent our own desires from manifesting, in love, wealth and pleasure.

I'm about to go to Bali for six months, and then onwards overseas to work and travel. I've been focusing on growing my abundance to ease the transition, and to pay for everything that needs to be done. So, when I saw the upcoming Venus / Saturn square this week, I wasn't exactly thrilled! 

Now, I realise that I can make do with far less than I previously imagined. Not that I need to go without, but that I don't actually want, or even value, having so much stuff. I can pare back, let go of most of it, and feel even more rich.

I was called to watch the documentary Minimalism the other night, and was so inspired by the idea that we can actually be happier with less. More freedom, more mobility, more openness, and more connection to others seems to result from this lifestyle of less. 

One of the guys in the movie has just one carry-on bag for 10 months of travels.

Say what? I'd always assumed I'd take 20-30kg of check-in baggage with me to see a family of three through Asia, Europe and the US.

Because that's what you do, right? You take a bunch of stuff with you if you plan to travel for a year or more. Because you need it... Right?

In reality, everything my family needs can be carried on the plane with us. Basic clothes for tropical living, a few books, toiletries, a laptop... All that needs to be checked in is my partner's guitar.

Travel light. Live freely. Collect experiences, rather than things. That's what Saturn is reminding me of. My stuff-loving Venus is reassessing her values, and finding out what's truly worthy to her.

What I really value is to sit by the beach and enjoy good food with good friends. To live in a culture where my dollar goes further, at least for a while. And to realise how little I really need, because of how full I actually am inside.

When I look at the small pile of things we're now taking with us, I feel richer, and fuller, than ever.

About 80% of what's coming overseas with us! Yep. That's pretty much it.

About 80% of what's coming overseas with us! Yep. That's pretty much it.

Like the two heroes of the Minimalism movie, I came from an extremely poor family, and have always craved security in the material realm. There was never enough (Venus in hard aspect to Saturn) when I was growing up. 

That belief has plagued me for lifetimes, and I've tried to make up for the lack of self-worth by filling my life with more stuff.

Now, Saturn is asking me to pare back my belongings, restructure my values, and get rid of all unnecessary things. I'm realising how much my possessions have really owned me all this time. I've held onto stuff, not because it adds value to my life, but because it's worth money, or looks good to others, or tells people I'm a special kind of person. It forms an identity that I exist within, and stops me from being who I am. 

It binds me to time, limits my freedom, and keeps my soul in an a false prison, where I think I belong, and get brainwashed into hustling for more.

Not everything we own does this, of course. Some things bring great joy and value to our lives. Some stuff is just useful. Some stuff is fun.

But how much of our stuff is really chosen by our true self? How much fills a void craving connection and love? How much love do we block by holding onto it? How much do we stuff down when we refuse to let go?

Whatever's inauthentic in our values will be strongly tested this week. Where we meet the challenge and prune back the fat, we will find ourselves richer for it.

Where we complain about how hard done by we are, we're totally missing the point. Whatever's blocking our love and money will become obvious, if we're open to hearing it. 

Where we cling out of fear, we need to let go, in love. Where we shut down in pain, we need to open our hearts.

Commit to letting go of what you don't truly value. And open to receive your true riches, instead.

You might be surprised to realise how much you already have.

How little your really need.

And how worthy you truly are.


Eloise Meskanen2 Comments