Taurus New Moon: Commit to your Dreams

After a burst of new Aries energy, where the world opened up afresh with shiny new potentials, it’s now time to slow down and commit to manifesting your true desires. 

The Taurus New Moon calls on us to ground and stabilise the seeds you most value, so they can grow into strong, sturdy, and permanent blooms.

Taurus is the slow, steady and patient bull who seeks a simple life of earthly pleasure, comfort and beauty. He rules material wealth and abundance, creative talents, attractiveness, and taking it easy, rather than rushing ahead.

After all, what good is striving for success if you can’t stop and enjoy what you have?

How valuable is the pursuit of more stuff, if you don’t plan to luxuriate in the abundance already here?

Taurus knows that the key to attracting more is to embody it, feel it, taste it, and smell it. 

To revel in it. 

Become it.

And be so stubbornly committed, that life has no choice but to materialise it.

Where Aries sees a goal and rushes ahead at light speed, and Capricorn works hard at climbing the mountain to success, Taurus laughs and settles back under his tree. 

He knows all good things come to those who wait. 

To those who know that they already are it.


Imagine your Vision as Real

The New Moon is ruled by Venus, sitting in the last magical degree of Pisces. This potent point is the place where new archetypes are born, and where you can cultivate your divine power of visualisation, and “pour” your emotions and will into the images you desire to create.*

Pisces, a dual sign, is the both victim desperate to be saved, and the magic priestess who channels heaven on earth. 

She can be enslaved to her own self-sabotage, determined to destroy herself at every turn. 

Or she can be devoted to her soul, and attuned to the highest potential she incarnated here to create.

It all depends on what she BELIEVES about herself. 

And until she believes, Pisces has to fake it, until she makes it.

This is how God dreams the world into being. Everything exists in the divine mind and heart first, and is then made manifest from the earth. 

So, with the grounding power of Taurus, whatever inner movies you create this month will be given an extra boost of embodiment.

So pay attention to what you’re directing, which role you’re playing, and whether you’re writing a comedy, a tragedy, or the story of your own heroic destiny.

And no matter how wild and "unrealistic" your dreams, commit to grounding them in reality.


Face the Fear of Commitment

But what if you’re afraid to commit to what you desire, in case it doesn’t happen? 

In case you're not good enough? 

In case you fail, and become the laughing stock of everyone you know?

All the what-ifs in the world rush in to stop you taking that next determined step towards your treasure, once you decide we want it. 

And urge you stay stuck, exactly where you are. 

Embodying who you've always been, rather than who you could be.

I’ve had a lifelong fear of commitment. I get bored, restless, and need to wander to new horizons, dream new dreams, and have new adventures. 

All. The. Time.

The other day, I dreamed I was living in a caravan. A home on wheels, the perfect abode for this restless soul.

But a storm was coming. And my flimsy, ungrounded caravan wouldn’t survive the powerful wind that was starting to stir. 

Luckily, one of my dear, practical clients arrived - a woman with a Taurus moon - and she helped me anchor it to the ground. It, and I, was safe, sturdy, and not going anywhere.

Then, the most terrifying gang of thieves my psyche could muster broke into the campsite, and I instantly regretted my commitment. 

Because now I couldn’t escape.

When we commit, we’ve got to meet who we are.

Deal with all the stuff we’d rather not see.

And face the pain we bury in our restless quest for something different, something more, something new. 

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Here’s the thing about rainbows:

You’re always chasing them. When you get to the place where you think they meet the ground, they’ve moved.

And if you fool ourselves into thinking they’re just around the next corner, you miss the truth of what’s here, now.


Stay Present (Even to the Mess)

It’s fun to play in the realm of dreams, but unless you embody your vision, that is all it will remain.

Nothing manifests without an earthed channel. Imagination can only be transmuted into matter if you have a solid connection to the ground.

And when you manifest, your earth-connection is tested for it’s integrity.  If you're avoiding yourself, you won't be able to get real.

You get a burst of confident inspiration as new energy moves through you. 

Then, the fears crowd in.

The distractions pile up. 

You lose interest. 

Take on a bunch of other projects.

Decide you don’t really want that one special thing after all. 

Or simply “forget” to go all the way.

This is your shadow. The equal and opposite reaction to our soul’s glorious desire. 

Urging you to back away from your dreams, and away from the creative power that you are. 

In case someone gets hurt.


Welcome What You Find

A week after the caravan dream, I applied for a year-long journey to activate my soul’s true vision and work, at four epic locations in the US wilderness. 

Something I KNEW I HAD to do with all my being.

Half an hour later, I was sitting in my backyard, overwhelmed.

Had I been too childish in my answers? 

Not serious, soulful, or deep enough? 

Why the hell had I used so many exclamation marks? 

Would they think I was stupid, immature, and not cut out for such a quest? 

Maybe I didn’t really want to go, anyway…

My threshold guardian was ruthless. And I began to unravel onto the earth, crying torrents of painful tears.

And as I stayed put under a gum tree, the energy dissolved, the information flowed, and I saw what was really going on.

When I said yes to my magic, I had to meet the one who guards the cave. The one who thought she had to grow up fast, and become the little adult, rather than the magical child who was free to play and express.

When we channel our priestess, we will meet our victim.

Where we feel the infinite starry cauldron of our womb, we will encounter the hag who had hers removed.

And rather than run screaming, thinking we’ve gone the wrong way, or trying to cut off her head...

We can get to know this being inside us.

Thank her for her service.

Find her gift, instead.

Like those elephants tied to a pole from birth, we can get trapped into believing we're as small as our earliest memories.

But our threshold guardians are no stronger than we are. 

They’re just doing the job we assigned them to do.

Whatever you created, you can uncreate.

You are that powerful.


Pick ONE thing to focus on

Rather than scattering my energies trying to create it all, last month's Aries intention was to commit to making great money from my gifts, as the New Moon landed in my 2nd house of money and talents.

That's my focus for the year.

And I made epic transformations in my beliefs, magnetism and offers.

This month, as the next step in growing that Aries seed, I’m committing to my long-term vision of reaching millions with my message, as the Taurus moon falls in my 3rd house of communication.

Pick ONE thing you are going to commit to, whole-heartedly, no matter what comes up to distract, dissuade, or scare you away this month.

  • Find the house Taurus is in in your chart. Feel into how this area of your life needs attention, focus and commitment. 
  • Reflect on the house before this one. How did your Aries house plant a new seed that you are now committing to growing?
  • Craft one statement, and a visualisation, to play over and over in your mind as you anchor your desires on earth.
  • Spend ten or twenty minutes EACH DAY writing, imagining, feeling and believing your new reality.
  • Be prepared to meet what’s in your way and remember why you created it.
  • Then, hold your focus on what you want to attract. 

And become the woman who is the embodiment of all she desires.


And when you get tested...

Stay put. 


Let the energy of resistance move through you.

Focus on stubbornly becoming the embodiment of what you desire.

And if you don’t believe, keep your inner movie playing while you relax in the abundance of now. 

There's nothing to do, other than BE.

And BE-live.

Because you ARE a creator of cosmic power and potential.

So rather than chasing rainbows, stay exactly where you are.

Commit to your dreams, no matter what.

That’s how magic is made.


* Thanks to Dane Rudhyar for his poetic words on 29 Pisces.

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