Scorpio Full Moon: Soul Retrieval

This Full Moon, Kali is in the house. Destroying all the bullshit in your path.

Your medicine is to release what enslaves you, and rebuild your life from the inside out. To rethread the energy of your being, so you can fulfil your mission.

Because you are here for a reason. 

And it’s time you woke up and lived it.

What needs to die?

Playing small? Avoiding power? Manipulation?

Controlling the fuck out out life?

Let it all go.

Stand in the chaos. Breathe in the mystery. Embrace the mess.

Choose to destroy your bullshit, so you can live your truth.


choose your path

Scorpio rules power, energy, sexual union, transformation, death, obsession, money and magic.

All the things we're told to fear, but are used to manipulate and disempower us. The taboos that are out of bounds, but control our lives from the shadows. 

Tenacious Scorpio turns pain into power. Loss into gain. Energy into matter.

The powerless Scorpion is toxic, hell-bent on destroying everything it hates - even if it kills itself with its own ruthless stinger in the process.

The Scorpion who's had enough drama is a master of emotion; intent on joining ego with soul - so it can transform more power, and live its mission.

So if you've been feeling sticky, lost and stuck, it's time to make a choice. 

Lash out wildly against the projections of your mind and the emotions stuck inside you.

Or meet the parts of you cut off from their power, and reclaim your truth as the magician who creates your life. 

With the North Node now in Leo, it's a choice between egocentric toxic drama, or full creative power.

You choose.

We’re programmed to just. keep. going. Keep feeding the machine. Keep up the appearance. Stick to the program that slowly sucks our soul and keeps us chained to the chase, until death finally takes us from this god-forsaken place.

School, mortgage, more debt, retirement, death.

Fuck that.

We forget we have a choice. 

If where you are today is where you want to be, keep doing what you’ve done. But if you want something different, it's time to transform.

Burn shit down.

Break things apart.

Start over.

Dismember the life that confines you, and rebuild yourself from the raw materials.

Leap. Hit rock bottom. Find your turning point.

That's your cue to rise up again.

Like an ominous storm brewing, we can't ignore the dark.

Even if we turn our motor up and power full-speed ahead, underneath us, a shadow paces the depths: the parts we’ve surgically removed, shut down, locked away and cast out, to avoid feeling the death-like pain of our mortal wounds.

This monster will not let us pass. 

This monster has our gold.


enter the cave

I met a monster this week.

The one who keeps repelling money, binding me to my parents' struggle. The one who hijacks my mind and energy, making it impossible to get shit done. Who makes me freeze in terror the closer my dreams become.

She was my child self. 

Trapped in an ice-cube inside my heart. 

She believed she was a burden.

She believed she didn't deserve to exist.

It sure explained why I spent a decade trying to wipe myself off the planet any way I could.

Why I flip from magnetising my desires, to being totally and utterly repellant. She goes missing, wandering, just when things are looking good, leaving me feeling empty and lost.

I rethreaded her into my body. Wove my energy whole. By feeling, and embracing her pain.

This Full Moon fell in my Scorpio ninth house of beliefs, education, and worldview. With it, I released a death-wish which has shaped my core beliefs. It's kept me from my true teachings, and stuck in endless power struggles, fighting against my soul.

Releasing it activates my freedom to exist. To enjoy life on earth - and the wonders it brings.

Wherever Scorpio lands for you is your portal to death and rebirth right now. Find out where that is here.

Want to meet what blocks your path, and clear your way ahead?

Dive deep, beyond the fear. 


Be prepared to meet what's there.


Your Soul Awaits

Feel the infernal rage rising up from all the times you've been powerless. Drop into the pain you've avoided, because it blew your circuits. Keep peeling back the layers, and heading for the core. 

Where you go numb hides a treasure-trove of energy. Dare to find out what's inside.

The rage of feminine oppression.

The brutality of masculine aggression.

The powerlessness of being dependant. 

The shame of domestic abuse, medical abuse, birth abuse, child abuse, of bearing the brunt of another's pain because they can't handle their own.

Melt through the parts who are still in shock. Feel how you've shut down your voice. Let it out. Let it roar.

Rage against the machine that chained you like a dog.

Fuck you. I won't do what you tell me.

I take back my power.

I call back the pieces of me.

The tiny child, hiding in the dark.

The helpless slave, bound and gagged.

The perpetrator, and victim. All the parts still frozen in time.

Fragments of soul, split off and turned against, you are waiting to return. They will work against you, as long as you refuse to call them home.

Feel their pain. 

Breathe it in.

Set them free.

Or you'll keep running in circles. Scrolling, searching, scratching, obsessively plugging into something else around you, waiting to be fed.

Wondering why you're still not living the life you really want.


your gifts are our medicine

The world needs your medicine. We need ALL of you.

Dismember the web you've strangled life with. Crack your grip open, and let your soul pour in.

Transform into the person who lives your mission. Even if you lose all the false security you've built.

Know yourself worthy of living a wonderful life. Even if you lose all the false beliefs you've known.

When you kill your prison, you get to build your palace.

Because deep down, you are power.

You are magic.

You are the burning fire that consumes all bullshit whole.

You came here for a reason.

You will fulfil your mission.

It is written.

It's time.

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