Sagittarius Full Moon: Commit to your Vision

The Sagittarius Full Moon calls on us to know our highest truth and purpose, and commit to our right vision.

Sag seeks to Know the big picture of life, and needs freedom to explore inner and outer worlds on his search for meaning and adventure. 

He shoots arrows over the horizon and follows them to the ends of the Earth, as he quests after the lofty purpose he came here to fulfil. 

But with responsible Saturn conjunct the Full Moon, it's time to focus, do the work, and face the challenges of bringing our grand vision down to earth. We need to prune back the fat that keeps us stuck in procrastination and restless wandering, and get real about the beliefs that help, and hinder, our quest.

As the Gemini Sun illuminates a myriad of potentials, we need to stop curiously following riddles, and answering every question with a new one. 

We've got all the information we need.

It's time to start following the path that's truly ours to walk.

get real about what you believe

Sag is about finding wisdom, rather than gathering facts. His arrow is aimed at understanding the mind of God, but because his aim is so high, sometimes he thinks he's learned All There Is To Know, and has a monopoly on Truth.

At his best, he’s the inspired seeker, devoted to his quest to find the higher potentials of existence, and inspiring others to find their own jovial path to personal meaning.

At his worst, he’s the self-righteous preacher, spreading the divinely revealed Word of God with absolute, unquestionable belief that he is Right and Knows It All.

At his most ugly, he’s the fundamental dogmatist blowing himself upor the self-righteous politician dropping bombs on foreign nations, locked in a holy war with those who believe in a different imaginary friend. Blinded by prejudice, he can't see the common thread that runs through all faiths.

With Saturn in Sag for the past few years, we’ve been collectively experiencing a 21st Century version of the Crusades. The insane age-old battle over the True Name of God is being hashed out violently, as Saturn grinds through the religious (Sagittarian) karma of the planet. 

Inwardly, we're feeling the pressure of the old (Saturn) belief systems (Jupiter) we operate within. The mindset and limiting beliefs we blindly adopt as Truths, like they were our own personal religion, are what drop bombs on our eternal soul's vision.

Whenever you catch yourself saying "I Know..." Ask yourself - is it really true?

Whenever you tell yourself can't, should, or any other absolute, ask yourself, it is true?

In fact, whenever you tell yourself anything, ask if it's really the truth.

Examine what you believe during the Sag Full Moon. So often, what we Think to be True is prejudice in disguise.


Grace in Relationships

The Sag Full Moon is ruled by noble Jupiter, God of wisdom, who turned direct in Libra just after the Full Moon.

Over the past few months we've been rebalancing relationships, expanding our inner sense of justice and fairness, and coming clean about which relationships are based on truth, and which are about playing nice to please others.

Do we make real peace, or superficially keep the peace?

Ruling Libra is Venus, the relationship Queen, who’s just finished her own retrograde period of 40 days in the Aries desert, doing battle for love and becoming the courageous Amazon who says yes when she means yes, and no when she means no.

Venus in Aries takes no shit from anyone, and her impatient self-interest forced us all to get clear on what we really value for ourselves - despite what anyone else might want.

The results of this relationship re-wiring will be felt now that Jupiter has moved forward. What seemed like a lost cause as Venus went retrograde in Aries in March may turn out to have a fairytale ending.

In a stroke of remarkable cosmic timing, the relationship I’d closed the door to is now coming back to life - totally beyond my expectations.

As Venus now settles down in Taurus to count her blessings, the stability of a love that can be felt and experienced, right here and now, is in abundance - if we can receive it.

TIMELY Inaction or Procrastination?

Jupiter has been lazing about on 13 Libra for three weeks as he stops moving (from our perspective) and prepares to go direct.

This degree is the energy of taking a siesta in the heat of the day, and I feel like I’m in a permanent state of siesta right now, a dreamy, relaxed and fantasy-filled place where it can be really hard to get stuff done.

We’re all being given a mega dose of relaxation from the Cosmos, and the energy will be around for another three weeks. So if you’re feeling strangely unmotivated, enjoy this time out and see how little you can do without the whole ship falling apart.

Just beware of when you slip into procrastination, and start depleting yourself. When you're meant to be working - stick to the plan. And when you're done, take time out to fully relax. 


Making the Vision Real

Where you meet Sag is where you refuse to be fenced in, because your vision is bigger than Ben Hur, and pulls you passionately towards its realisation. 

There are always new horizons to explore. More meaning to find. Because you are on the Path to Purpose, and its is your noble quest.

But if you have too many arrows pointed at too many aims, you’ll never realise your true path. That’s why we have Saturn.

Conjunct Saturn, the Full Moon brings the energy of responsibility, focus and commitment. The perfect medicine for Sagittarius, whose restless wandering and refusal to settle down can lead to a long string of hedonistic self-indulgence, with little to show for it in the end.

Saturn is here to remind us that we can’t do EVERYTHING if we want to master SOMETHING. No, we really can’t. We have to choose. 

With Sag ruling my 10th house of career, I'm the ultimate vocational explorer. The search for my True Purpose led me to try over two dozen different careers in the past.

Just as I settled in, I'd get bored and feel trapped. My boss would offer me a promotion, ask for commitment, and I’d run. 

Until Saturn banged on the door of my tenth house a couple of years ago, yelling “It’s time to get your shit together, woman, and make something of yourself!”

I kicked and screamed as he forced me to commit and follow through to make my vision a reality - and to choose just ONE arrow to shoot, instead of many.

I chose the only arrow I’d been constantly shooting my whole life. At the stars.

Now, I'm fully committed to my path. But it wasn't easy - it never is. I had to do the Work. Face the Blocks. Take on the Responsibility. Saturn popped my Pollyanna, eternal youth bubble, so I could finally get shit done.

You've been climbing a mountain in your Sag house for the past few years, tying up loose ends, maturing into greater wisdom, and doing what can't be avoided any longer.

This Full Moon brings that climb to a peak. Click here to find your Sagittarius house, and the area of life being activated for you.

In six months, Saturn leaves Sag for another 30 years - so this is the final, and hardest part of your climb. Don't be surprised if it all feels too hard, and you want to give up, or you wonder what it's all for.

Examine those beliefs, embrace the limitations, find that inner thread of discipline, and keep on going.

You're almost at the top. 

Your vision is so close to becoming real. Pick your true arrow, and follow through.

Follow the path of your purpose, rather than the path of least resistance.

Become devoted to your own holy grail.

It's almost the Solstice, where you release the energies of this season, and set your intent for the next.

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