Sagittarius New Moon & Capricorn Solstice: Manifest the Ultimate Vision


“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

"He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens." ~ CARL JUNG

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” ~ Thomas Edison


Conjunct the Galactic Centre, the Sag New Moon and Capricorn Solstice offers us a portal to aim a seed-bearing arrow into the womb of the galaxy, and manifest something beyond what we think is possible.

We can harness the conscious creative fire of the Sun, and the instinctive, generative emotional pull of the Moon, to make love to our desires and call them into being on the eve of a brand new year.

Dream big, dream true. 

Your life is a work of art, so create it as such. Use the medium, the palette, and the inspiration that sets your soul on fire.

Rather than copy someone else’s style, unleash your own. Rather than live within the boundaries of what you’ve created so far, take this moment to imagine the grandest vision of your soul upon the earth.

Hold the vision like a sculptor, and carve away the raw matter that cloaks your truth, until your intention takes form like the masterpiece it - and you - are destined to be.

With a stellium of Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Moon and Saturn all in Sagittarius, we’re being called to adventure into new horizons, on a quest for meaning, truth and abundance.

Focus on the area of life where this New Moon falls, and aim your truest arrow into the great beyond. Click here to find your Sagittarius house.

Then follow it, all the way to the end, no matter what exciting shiny things ask you to come and play along the way.

Your pot of gold waits; the journey to get there is the journey of growing into the person you came here to be.


Saturn in the House

Saturn, conjunct the New Moon in the final degree of Sagittarius, lends discipline and tenacity to our wandering, expansive visions of utopia and abundance.

He knows something important:

Despite what the cocktail-sipping success coaches say, we can’t do, be and have it all - only what’s true for our authentic personal destiny. 

If we’re distracted shooting arrows every which way, we’ll miss out on actualising our mission. 

Patience, maturity and living within limits have been the lessons of Saturn in Sagittarius since 2015. Sagittarius hates to be fenced in, tied down, or restricted from being as large, adventurous and expansive as he possibly can be.

Wherever Sag falls in your chart, you’ve been growing up from this state of eternal youth in one important part of your life. Putting on your blinkers, you've been buckling in to finish the race, rather than jumping into the stands to party with the crowd whenever things get dull.

Saturn in Sag has forced me into the full commitment to my calling as an astrologer, as he transited my tenth house career zone and forced me to build a real business, rather than just dreaming about it. In hindsight, I can appreciate the lessons I've learned, growth I've had, and structures I’ve built, and sure am grateful for the maturity and wisdom I've developed along the way. But in the trenches at the time, it felt like a big ol' burden, a cruel punishment and one sternly-ordered obligation after another to my Jupiter-ruled, fun-loving tenth house. 

Pick a path, commit the whole way, keep going even when everything feels too hard.  It’s not sexy. It’s not trendy. But god damn, it works. Thank you, Saturn.

Now Saturn’s finished his time in Sag, and just ticked over into responsible old Capricorn. In Capricorn, he’s finally home, and after 28 long years teaching the rest of the zodiac how to grow up, he can throw away his recently-acquired Sag-sponsored backpack and prayer beads, put on his favourite tailored tweed suit, sink into the expensive leather chair behind his polished oak desk in the centre of the boardroom, and breathe in the sweet smell of authority as CEO of the zodiac once again.

He’s about to gift us the exact responsibilities, obstacles and challenges we need in the Capricorn area of our chart, so we can access our full wisdom, authority and mastery in this part of our lives.

That’s an optimistic way of saying it’s crunch time. The Lord of Karma is coming to call, and he has a balance sheet to settle, a strategic plan to achieve, and a whole lot of business to get done. 

Having a beautiful vision is one thing; doing the work, sticking with it, and moving through block after block after block to the finish line is where we must invite Saturn in to manifest our vision on earth.


The Solstice Doorway

There’s no better time to make friends with Saturn than at the December Solstice (Midwinter in the Norther Hemisphere, Midsummer in the South). Marking the point where the Sun’s light moves into Capricorn, this year’s solstice is especially potent, with Saturn himself moving into Capricorn only 36 hours before the Sun.

With the Sun exactly conjunct Saturn, and making no other major aspects, our seasonal intentions must be planted with full acknowledgement of personal responsibility, and willingness to Do. The. Work. No light and fluffy affirmations will cut it, because Saturn will crush them like flowers, reminding us that we are the only ones who can manifest what we want. 

The universe is not your sugar daddy, with nothing better to do than shower you with pretty things in exchange for your occasional affections.

It’s time to grow up and climb the mountain on your own two legs, rather than rely on spiritual narcissism to carry you all the way to the top.

Jupiter is the god of all things abundant and lucky; Venus rules attracting money and pleasure; but Saturn is the one who makes it real on Earth.

That’s why ritual - where we physically enact something before it manifests in reality, falls under the domain of Saturn. So do systems, where we put structures in place to bring things into our business or lives.

Both methods are employed by those who create what they desire on command. It looks effortless, but lots of preparation goes in behind the scenes.

Obstacles must be encountered. Fears have to be dealt with. Mastery can only be earned. That's how we get Saturn's stripes.

How have you been avoiding putting fountains under your desires?

Where are you afraid of getting real, and doing what it takes on the human level, to make your dreams a reality?

Where do you avoid doing the work, because it makes you confront all those things you fear?

Venus and Mercury will soon move into Capricorn, bringing a temporary pause in magical thinking and effortless attraction, so get ready to face the limits of living as a human in space/time, and instead prepare to master the challenge of bringing something real and important down to earth with your own two hands.

If we take the challenge whole-heartedly, we’ll be rewarded with the hard-won fruits of our labour.

The next three years will be a crash-course in actualising the mission your soul came here to master. This solstice is the jumping-off point, so harness it with consciousness, confidence, and concrete commitment to seeing it through til the end.

And Saturn will be there with your cigar.


Do the Work to Manifest the Vision

If we set off on our Sag high horse, certain of what we’ll achieve, and how we'll achieve it, before reflecting of what’s true for us, we’ll be severely tested, and even blocked, until we’re aligned to the true vision that wants to be born through us.

This week, I had my first proper brand photoshoot for my business. It was designed to help me transition out of the strategic branding and marketing work I’ve been focused on, and into the spiritual, magical and purely cosmic work my soul longs to do.

The New Moon, and Solstice Sun/Saturn, fall in my the tenth house of career and vocation. The New Moon conjunct Neptune, bringer of dreams and divine communion, reminds me to reclaim my highest spiritual purpose, not just create the business that my limited human self sees as viable in the material world. The Solstice Sun/Saturn conjunct my South Node in Capricorn is pruning back all the things I think I "must" do, so I can focus on building my soul's legacy instead.

The shoot was timed to converge with the Sag New Moon, and I intended to channel some dreamy divine priestess inspiration on the day. I camped at my chosen location few days before, to prepare a space for a ritual-themed shoot.

I walked alone to a secret spot in the forest where two old stone circles lie. Here, I could finally own who I was. 

The two circles, each about six metres diameter, have likely been used for rituals ranging from white magic (probably) to black magic (possibly). In one circle are animal bones, in the other, a ring of stones surround a long-forgotten fire pit.

Transiting Mars was moving within minutes of my natal Saturn in the eighth house. It was time to create the container for my magic and power to come through. I went to the circle I was most drawn to, with the fire pit in the middle.

I filled any gaps in the large enclosing circle with new stones, and made sure they held tight, creating a solid boundary at the edges. I got rid of random bits of wood and realigned four big rocks around the fire to match the compass directions. Spending over an hour, I cleaned out the fire pit and filled it with the finest pinecones I could find, dozens and dozens carefully chosen from the soft ground surrounding the deserted site. 

I remembered the first major activation of my pineal gland many years ago, when I saw into a pinecone and it revealed its mathematical blueprint, overlaid on the viral in violet numbers and symbols. I set the intention to further awaken my inner sight, using the medicine of the pinecone.

In the middle I laid the bones, gathered from the other circle, on top of three big rocks, aligning them in eight points for the eight seasonal markers. I invited the animal spirit who had given its life for those bones into the space as well.

I laid my cosmic alchemy oracle cards on each cardinal direction stone, and felt into my own personal cross and compass points. 

I’d done the work. I went back to camp, satisfied. This part was complete.

Allow the Vision to be Dismantled

My family and friends took off soon after, on their own journey into the forest. I told them of my pinecone altar, and the circle I’d strengthened, and they planned to visit on their walk.

I was almost asleep in the sun when they returned. They questioned me about what I’d built, and I showed them photos I’d taken during the process as proof. 

With astonishment in his breath, my man said when they arrived, there was nothing left.

Every stone from both circles had been scattered into the forest. The fire pit was gone, only long-buried ashes remaining. No pinecones, no bones, nothing.

Within 90 minutes of me leaving, and them arriving, the stone circles, which had sat untouched for a decade, maybe decades, had been systematically dismantled. It wasn’t a simple destruction, but careful, intentional de-construction.

Neither of us had ever seen another person down there before. My man tenaciously rebuilt one circle, and the next day when we returned, one of the pinecones he’d carefully placed had been moved to the other circle. 

Someone - or something - was sending me a message. I got it, loud and clear.

My body felt calm, my mind was at peace. This was not the right place for my photoshoot.

Saturn taught me how to do the work, without attachment to the result, because the effort, dedication and maturity that brings is what matters most in the end.

Neptune taught me to let go, and flow with the energies, so something greater than what I think should happen can be made manifest in the world.


Receive the Ultimate Vision, Instead

I decided to meet my photographer at the lake, happy to be near water on a hot, humid day.

I packed a bunch of ritual items, thinking they’d make for beautiful photos. Then I wondered why that didn’t feel authentic. Isn’t that what proper priestesses do? Make altars and sit in particular places at power times to create magic and align with the stars?

Except, it’s not what I do. Not often. I’m more likely to be somewhere unplanned, when I had plans to be doing something more… Special. Spiritual. Magical. Last summer solstice, I planned to be on the beach in Byron Bay, focusing on my intentions as the Sun aligned with Capricorn's gate and the Moon shone down from above.

Instead, I was in a tacky gift shop a block away, running out of patience as my daughter played with the toy kombi vans she’d seen through the open doorway. On impulse, I grabbed a leather-bound journal, hearing the message that this book would hold my intentions for the year. As the Sun ticked over into Capricorn, I committed to the payment and my card was charged at the exact moment of the Solstice.

I let go of control, and tried to be ok with a less-than-magical moment. Remembering magic happens inside, not just with new age trinkets perfectly aligned in places we think we must be.

All places can become sacred, with our intention, and attention, in the moment. There is no such thing as the sacred and the profane. Only in the way we perceive them.

So, rather than forcing a specific ritual during the shoot, I went with the flow of the day, intending to allow myself to be guided into who I'm called to become. Not who I thought I must be.

As the Moon became new, I got in the water, tired, hot, and grateful to simply…. Let go. Of trying to do, or be, anything.

“Do you want to get naked and be in my fine art nudes book?” My photographer said on whim, as I got tangled in the lake’s glossy water lilies. Visions of Bouguereau's water nymphs inspired me to whip off my clothes in a flash. 

I became One with the water, the old me dissolving as I embodied Neptune's spirit in the flesh.

Just as I'd longed for it, the lake longed for me at this time of the Summer Solstice, when humans used to take pleasure in revelling naked in nature's bounty.

The lake and I communed, remembering our sacredness, just as we are, in this moment. 

If this is my legacy, so be it... I felt. I'm yours, life, use me as you will.


Commit, All the Way

“We still haven’t figured out why your altar was destroyed!” My man said last night, after a week of constant busyness and no time to sit, meditate, journal and reflect on all that had happened.

"Mmmm," I shrugged, shielding my face from my three-year-old’s pretend crossbow: the corkscrew from my open bottle of wine. 

"I got you in the forehead!" She squealed, and I put my hand to my third eye, where she’d once before hit me dead-on with a suction arrow. It hit me: The vision I’d made manifest had to be destroyed, because a new vision was meant to come through.

My soul yearned to be floating in the lily pads, but my mind wanted to project a certain image. I’d been creating a vision based on limits and restrictions, rather than as the soul-led artist of my life. I’d been creating my business (10th house) the same way: taking the Saturnian path of building the structures that fit the market and balance the scorecard at the end of the day. 

The lesson of this Moon, for me, is that I'm here to leave a legacy.

A contribution to the community that adds lasting value, beyond material reward. A body of work that enriches the soul of humanity, inspiring people to find the sacred in everyday life; an organisation that reminds other humans that the great mystery we seek is also seeking us, and it has left a map in the stars to show the way home.

The arrow I’m aiming to impregnate the womb of the galaxy with is to receive and manifest the highest potential of my sacred business.

What are you building with Saturn in Capricorn? Does it have strong, soul-aligned foundations? 

Or are you simply striving for the limited vision you see as legitimate with your conditioned eyes?

With Jupiter ruling the Moon, in powerful, transformational Scorpio, now’s the time to deconstruct anything misaligned in your vision, and let Neptune, trine Jupiter, dissolve it.

Sometimes, when our best laid plans get dismantled, we need to call on Saturn, pick up the pieces, and rebuilt it all from scratch. And sometimes, we need to let it all go, and search for the answer to a question we hadn't even thought of before.

Life is waiting to help you find the answers, so you can make your own decision on what you must manifest this season.

Meaning can come from anywhere. All of life is sending us signals, symbols, omens and messages. In nature, in the stars, and in the small, seemingly insignificant moments of ordinary life.


What is the vision you’re aiming at, in this week of powerful alignments? 

How will you commit to crafting it, chiselling it, and seeing it through to the end?

What will you allow yourself to manifest, straight from the heart of the galaxy, beyond the desires of your mind?



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