Libra Full Moon: Return to Love

The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.       

― Rainer Maria Rilke

If your heart is not free, neither is your soul.

― Melissa Sandon.


Now that we’re out of the dreamy Pisces fog, which confused, inspired and enchanted us for the first quarter of 2017, we've reached the new astrological year, and a brand new post-Equinox energy.

It’s time to move forward, but in true cosmic style, with four planets retrograde, we need to let go before we can move on.

The Pisces eclipse in February unleashed a tidal wave of emotion, which swept us from old illusions and placed us back in the hands of the Great Creator. Where we allowed ourselves to be carried, we found our place once again. Where we resisted, we were ripped from the safety of old attachments, and reminded that there is a greater force in the Universe than our separate self.

(In January, thought I was moving to Bali; now, I'm writing this from chilly country Victoria - such is the Piscean way.)

This month, following the epic Piscean release, disorientation and reorientation, we've been feeling the urge to break free, to start anew, and to shake things up. The Aries New Moon lit a fire inside us, driving us to set off on our own, rather than be swayed by the tides around us.

Now, the Libra Full Moon has culminated in a firecracker of freedom-seeking release, which will revolutionise our patterns of relationship, and inspire us to create new rhythms of harmony and balance from a deeper, more soul-oriented approach to love.

Where your relationships have become people-pleasing, co-dependent, peace-keeping exercises in shallow diplomacy and fence-sitting, you'll find yourself on one side or other of the fence in days to come. 

Where you leak energy keeping others happy, you'll be asked to turn off the tap.

The balance between Self and Other is the purpose of Libra, the scales. But where we've been conditioned to give or take parts of us to stay in relationship, we must now clear the decks and count the true cost of that which we call "love."

To love is not to dim our light, or shade, or play small to avoid offence. It's to show up from the heart, in our heart, with our heart; unapologetic, just as we are, and equally accepting of an Other.

Otherwise, it's just a balancing act, rather than true love.

divine love

Venus, about to turn direct in Pisces, rules the Libra Full Moon. She's the goddess with the mostest right now, also ruling Mercury retrograde in Taurus, Mars in Taurus, and Jupiter retrograde in Libra. 

Venus brings love and resources into focus, and it's often said our relationship to money mirrors our relationship to love. From her exalted, watery altar in the Piscean depths, she can help us harmonise our relationships, and magnetise more abundance, if we first dissolve the images of the past.

For what stands in the way of attracting our desires, other than the thoughts, images and words we believe ourselves to be?

Venus brings the gift of imagination, the re-wiring of communication, the blessing of intuition, and the compassion of universal feeling. She is here to restore our faith in love as a spiritual experience, not just a human complication.

In Pisces, Venus seeks the love of the divine in human form. A tall order for any mere mortal, reluctant to dissolve the ego and unite with another soul. But for those who dare, the promise is divine love, incarnate.

Venus in Pisces perceives the perfection behind the form. 

You get what you expect, so inform yourself of who you are, what you have, and the blessings in your life. Even if your eyes can't see it, it's real to your unconscious mind.

Believe, and you shall be. Make new pictures in your mind, and you'll harness the mysterious power of Venus, exalted in Pisces.

free love

But it's not all poetry and roses this Full Moon. With an opposition to Uranus, expect lightning bolts and earthquakes, as old structures that have passed their use-by date are torn down in a flash. 

Where you've used your ties to another as an excuse to not be free, you'll be tested on the truth of your cherished story.

Where you're ready to embrace the unexpected, and unshackle yourself from old dogmas, you'll awaken in rapid expansion.

New horizons beckon, liberation looms. 

How much freedom can you take? And how free can you be, with another?

Can you release what holds you back, and stand in your truth while those around you complain that you're not who you now claim to be?

The Sun in Aries puts itself first, while the Libra Moon seeks harmony. To balance the tension between the fierce light of Self, and the considerate reflection of Other, we need to be honest about what we see in our mirror.

Lest we be tricked by our own reflection, and believe our life to be lacking, rather than seeing the world as it is. And driven to break free from what we perceive to be limiting us, only to find we can't run from ourselves.

So, if what you want is not before you right now, what does your magic mirror say? Turn it around, and look at yourself. You'll soon see what's in the way.

The myth of love

As Venus turned retrograde last month, my relationship of six years ended. It was in truth, a long time coming. And as the cosmos turned, the last thread was pulled, and two lives, shared as one, unravelled.

So what have I learned from building a life with a soul-mate, creating a child, and then choosing to un-couple, a la Gwyneth?

Many things, I hope, the first of which is nothing whole can grow from two halves. 

Love is not something we plug into to fill our empty gaps. It is not a compensation for what we lack.

The Platonic myth of soul-mate love is that we're two halves of one being, seeking our “other.”

The One who'll end our sorrows, and put our loneliness to rest; the Prince or Princess of childhood, who'll complete us, in some way

But unless we're already connected to our wholeness, we rob each other in love. We plug into our lover's weak spots and drain what we need, rather than giving from a full heart.

When we seek to balance from each other what we’ve failed to develop in ourselves; to compensate for our weaknesses, so we can avoid our own challenges; we're denied what it is to be whole.

The moment we expect to be fulfilled by our lover is the moment we seal our own fate. For what pleases us one day will displease us the next, as sure as the weather will change.

And when we find our love lacking, we must look deeper than each other, at our relationship to Love itself. To the Love that created us, the One we descended from, and the Soul we incarnated as.

For our lover is many things, but ultimately, this: our sacred window to the Beloved.

you are love

Our connection to Source informs our ability to love, and to feel loved, in return. The mortal humans we demand love from are just unique channels; if we don't feel it, it's we who've blocked love out.

So if it's divine love (or abundance) you seek this month, look again at One you're with.

Rather than seeing what's not here, see all that could be, instead. With new eyes, paint a picture, breathe life into it, inspire it daily. Soon, you'll see it take shape.

Love your lover, your money, your life, and yourself, like it's the One you truly desire. 

Give form to your image, let it live deep inside you, cultivate it in the forefront of your mind.

And when you believe, without doubt, that you are that which you love, then one day, you'll wake up, and you'll find it.

Living, breathing, embodied, right next to you.

Because you are it.

And you know it.

How could it not be?

You've bridged the only gap there is: in your mind.