Leo New Moon: Be Your Awesome Self

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Fun. When was the last time you had it?

If your five year old self could see you now, what would they say?

Would it be... Yeah! You’re so awesome. You’re my hero. Your life looks rad. (My five year old grew up in the 80s.)

Or… Who is that boring-ass sad sack? Where did your awesome go?

Be honest. Your inner kid knows. And they’re waiting for you to quit being such a bland kale smoothie, and own your inner rockstar.

This New Moon is the firecracker that can liberate you from business-as-usual, and into being who you really are. Because you’ve only got one life. And whose life is it, anyway?

What if, instead of working your butt off trying to be someone else, you were put here to enjoy being you?

Last night, I wanted to grab a bottle of wine, book a plane ticket, and go dance at a festival.

For ever.

Burn down the prison I’ve built for myself.

Say fuck it all.

Quit the bits that aren’t fun, and go chase the sun.

Meet crazy people. Sleep under the stars.

Sit by the road and sell paintings while my man plays guitar.

Because this safe ol’ life has become boring. And it’s time to have some fucking fun.

Hello, Leo New Moon, conjunct Mars and square Uranus. You are the burst of shameless pleasure and self-celebration we’ve been waiting for. The permission to be who we are, without holding back. 

Because the bright, shiny playful kid inside has been held down too long, dammit.

Leo rules the kingdom. It’s his way, or the highway. And with the New Moon conjunct Mars in Leo this month, we'll fight to rule our world, to be the leaders of our lives, and to express our special brand of magic for all the world to see.

Having just moved out of a square with Uranus, we're feeling the break from old limits, the thrust towards rebellion, and the earthquake of radical shifts in some fundamental aspect of life. This is a dont-give-a-fuck energy, that when harnessed, can free us to be who we are like never before.

Leo's job is to enjoy himself, express himself, and take pleasure in what he loves most. He's here to be the fullest expression of love the universe has ever known. 

Yep. That's his actual job. While Capricorn chose to climb that big ol' mountain to success, so we'd have a society that stands the test of time, and Pisces returns home to Divine Source, so we'd remember All that We Are, Leo plays like a child, unapologetically in love with himself and his own joy, so his giant heart can overflow and light up the world around him.

Sure, he needs an audience. But his best audience is himself. If he’s laughing, that's enough, because as the centre of the solar system, everything literally revolves around him.  

Wherever there’s a Leo, there’s a party. 

Even if it’s a party of one.

The big ball of fire we call "Sun" is where Leo power lives. It brings us light, grows our food, and lets us exist on this place called "Earth."

We’d be nothing without it. That’s why I worship it. With coconut oil and a good book. All day, sometimes, when I let myself have that much fun.

It heals me. Enlightens me. Recharges me.

It's the unconditional love I seek. The cosmic heart I long to be at-one with.

It's where I return to when life down here gets too much and I wanna go home.

This New Moon falls within a degree of my own Moon, in the Leo-ruled fifth house. So, you could say I'm a child of the Sun. This is the month to roar to my creative power. To play, create and prank the seriousness my grown-up life has become. To remember who I Am, rather than who others want me to be.

When the Leo parts inside us don't feel the love, Leo's sulky, dominating shadow appears. 

The playful kid is devoured by the narcissistic drama queen, a big roaring beast who sucks the joy out of the room to validate his wounded pride and desperately fill his gaping black hole of a heart.

Love me. Praise me. Notice me. Don't you know how special I am???   (How sick is my partner of hearing that ol' phrase...)

Do what I say, or hear me roar!!!!!!!  (Oh yep. And that one.)

If you're feeling low on Leo power, or like something in your life needs to break out of its shell and express itself more, look to your Leo-ruled house. It's being activated by this moon, and you'll find instructions on how to discover where that is for you by clicking right here.

When we turn off the playful tunes of our childlike heart, and stop giggling with its silly attempts to win our serious minds, we turn off our inner Sun.

And our lives quickly turn to dust.

The other morning, I was hit by a wave of sadness. We all have those days when we want to call in sick to our business. But I was sick of having them.

Isn’t that why I went into business… To do what I love?

Not just what other people love me to do?

Isn’t that why I rebelliously quit every other job I had? Because I didn’t love being restaurant manager, strip-club bartender, healing centre co-ordinator, or wedding dress maker as much as other people loved me doing it?

Because the closer I got to success on someone else’s ladder, the more I realised I was succeeding myself into a prison that would choke the life from me and send me to a slow, painful death surrounded by comfy pay checks and enough cash to pay the rent and buy sufficient wine or weed to drown out the gnawing pit of despair in my stomach urging me to


And bring my true soul gifts to the world.

Bring my true self to the world.

To do what I love.

Not just what I’d do for money.

Before it was too late.

That’s what business used to be. A way to express myself. To do what I loved, and get paid. 

Before the internet marketers wormed their way into my brain and told me how to think, speak and sell. Before the almighty dollar became king. Before I squashed my magic into a cleverly-branded box so I could hawk it on the internet in exchange for PayPal love.

First rule of business: do what makes money. Or else you don’t have a business.


And so we put on a show to get love from the world, hoping that they'll find us worthy of their cash and applause, while the magical kid in our heart goes quiet.

Two days ago I was sitting here, writing a sales page for an offer that seemed like a sure thing. 

A group program to help entrepreneurs make their own kick-ass brands and websites. I've been doing it 1:1, and it's been a big part of my revenue.

But as I’m writing…. I feel no passion. There's no joy in what I’m selling here.

It’s a no-brainer to make this offer. There are people waiting to buy it. Ca-ching! 

Rent’s due.

I’m the breadwinner.

I should just do it, right?

Show up and get paid. Create the stuff, take the money, deliver the program.

Just like the gurus say: scale that shit, serve more people, and pump it out.

Just like I did running bars in the city. But at least back then I got free tequila.

The problem is, I don’t love it enough to create it. Let alone show up and inspire my students to love it, and to love them into getting results. I'll probably wanna stay in bed with the covers over my head because I’ve created a prison that I’m obliged to keep showing up to.

I’m going through the motions again.

Putting more obstacles in between me and what I really love. Putting off the thing that lights me up until “later.” When there's more money. More time. More security. 

That old pattern.

Can't make money doing what I love.

Gotta work, rather than play.

I've been whoring my talents.

I've prostituted my gifts.

Putting off my pleasure because I needed to get paid.

Sold the stuff that makes a profit, and ignored the thing that puts joy in my heart: that crazy, simple thing of leading people back to who they really are, and what they're here to do. As if that's not already enough.

We chop off limbs to be who we think we should be online.

When all we wanna do is be who we are.

Make the stuff that only we can make.

And let the money be the icing on the cake.

When is enough, enough?

My old coach was already making multiple six figures from just one program, but she was hustling full time for more.

Signing new clients.

Rushing around like a mad woman.

Her daughter in full time daycare.

Her husband full time in the business.

Fuck that.

The sick message of striving for more is a cancer that rots the heart of why we go into business for ourselves:

To be free.

To have a life.

To see our family.

To have time out.



To unshackle ourselves, not be enslaved all over again.

If I'm going to work to build a business in the world, investing hours and hours each week into making it happen, it's because I'm doing that thing I love to do most in the world. The thing I was put here to do. Not just the thing I think I can sell.

Does nature strive so hard for success?

All nature strives for is the sun.

Life’s too short to run a business you hate.

Life’s too short to live a life you hate.

Sometimes we have to get out the sledgehammer and tear down a few walls.

Sometimes we have to start typing and not give so many fucks.

About who will like it.

Who will care about it.

Who will be angry with it.

Who will be bored by it.

And whether they’ll buy anything at the end.

And just. fucking. do it.

Cos its fun.

Cos it makes us laugh.

Cos we like it.

Cos we want to.

Cos it brings us joy.

Not because it changes the world.

Or serves someone else needs.

Or is strategic and sale-able and someone said we should.

Fuck that.

What if doing what you loved was enough?

What if doing what makes you feel good was who you're supposed to be?

What if freeing your inner kid from its lonely prison was your greatest spiritual mission?

What if that's the greatest change you could ever bring to the world?

This is your one life. Is it your true life?

One day, it'll be gone.

You'll be dead.

I'll be dead. Drifting out to sea on a raft set ablaze, ready to swim with the fishes.

How do you want to live?

How do you want to love?

What will they remember you for, when you’re gone?

L.O.V.E. is what holds the universe together. It's what makes the planets spin in their obits.

Not duty.

Not obligation.

Not smart marketing strategy.

Not the word of Gurus, or Gods.

And if you believe in the angry god who keeps score of how good you’ve been, then you need to get new beliefs.

Anyone who tells you god’s love is conditional needs to come with a mental health warning.

Anyone who says you can only love the opposite sex, anyone who says you can’t enjoy sex, anyone who says you were born a sinner and must repent before you’re worthy of love...

Seriously. That is some fucked up shit.

The Sun doesn’t ask for anything. It can’t help but shine on you.

No matter how unholy you’ve been told you are. 

No matter how many mistakes you’ve made in your life.

No matter how long you’ve spent pretending to be someone else.

It’s love just is.

That’s what real love is.

All we have to do it bask in its glory, and remember our own. So we can blaze our own brand of expression and be who we came here to be.

If you’re waiting for permission, here it is.

Now go be you. Ok?

Do you dare?

It’s risky.

It’s crazy. 

There are a million reasons why you shouldn’t do it. 

But what if life was a play? What if you were a creator? What if creation was fun?What if you had nothing to lose but all the bullshit holding you back?

Ask your heart what it wants to do today.

And listen.

I dare you.

Follow your crazy-ass heart wherever it wants to go, even if that looks like death to your crusty old ego.

Is it immature?

Is it selfish?

I don't know. I don’t care.

Does the sun ask itself if it should tone down its light in case the other planets are offended?

It just does what it was designed to do and shines its bright-ass light throughout the black of space.

It’s better than being the suffering martyr too scared to take a risk, shrivelling slowly inside a life built for someone else, going to her deathbed bitter and twisted after a life spent working her butt off to get somewhere she doesn’t really want to go.

Wondering what if…..?

Take the risk.

Book the ticket.

Have the baby.

Kiss the hottie.

Sing the song.

Drink the wine.

Write the blog.

Wear the crazy jacket.

Laugh at the cosmic joke.

Start the business.

Kill the business.

Fuck the rules.

You make 'em. You break 'em.

It's your life.

You are the king or queen.


So stop scrubbing the floors of someone else’s castle and take your own throne.

Be the star of your own show.

And enjoy it.

Why don’t you?


Happy Leo New Moon.

If you want to quit trying to be someone else, and bring your real gifts to the world, so you can get paid to show up as you, and do what you love - not just what you think you should be doing - then I'm here to help you remember who you are, why you're here, and what that special thing is that only you can do. Click here to Brand Your Soul with me.

This is what Tarnya emailed me the other day:

"What can I say but wow, I feel like you dived down into the depths of me and bought to the surface the core of who I am and illuminated my soul.  You were then able to provide me guidance specific to me, based on my innate nature, on how to use my soul gifts to step in and trust what my soul is guiding me to do.

It truly has made sense of why I am the way I am, the struggles I face or have faced and given me permission to be the real me, not something that is expected of me or more acceptable to the masses.

So. Is it time for you to show up powerfully and authentically in your biz, full of LOVE for who you are and what you do?  Then click here and let me be your cosmic guide.

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