Leo Lunar Eclipse: The Magic Flight

The Leo Full Moon eclipse is calling on us to shine lighter and brighter than ever before, so we can play our part in the collective revolution. Our creative fire will free ourselves, and liberate the world in turn.

As this royal Leo Moon is crossed by the Aquarius Sun’s shadow, we’re reminded that to create, play and express from our hearts (Leo), is to benefit all of humanity (Aquarius). Our creative passion spreads the love, joy and freedom the world needs right now.

When we withhold our creative spark, we not only deny our own pleasure, but we deny those around us the chance to remember their own glory. And where we cling to our power out of fear, we will fall from our inflated ego’s height. 

Leo calls on us to share our love, shine our creations, and serve the collective from our heart. And when we do, we open our heart's portal, and co-create magic and miracles with above.

What brings us joy enlivens the world. When we shine, the world shines with us. 


A New Eclipse Season Begins

This Moon closes the door on 2016 for good. The last eclipse season, in September 2016, stirred some mighty angry demons into the personal, social and political fire.

Anything left lurking in the shadows was released into the light last year. We got to meet the meanest, most fearsome parts of ourselves, straight from the darkest corners of the cosmos. 

The shock and awe tactics of the US election agonised the collective pain-body through two dark and potent eclipses. Don’t think those who control the world are ignorant of the stars. Magic is woven behind global scenes, yet ridiculed for public display. That’s why we conscious folk must harness cosmic powers for good, instead of sacrificing ourselves on the altar of someone else's agenda.

Pluto in Capricorn is bringing the ugly side of power to the surface to be purified. Any faith and trust we have in the character of our elected officials, and the system that created them, is truly done and dusted.Last decade, Pluto cleaned house in Sagittarius, and killed-off organised religion as we know it. Next, government and big business will have their heads on the chopping block.

Now is the time to reclaim our power. From whomever, and whatever, has claimed it from us. From wherever we have given it away, leaked it, discarded it. Now we must call it back.

From the tiniest parasite in our gut, to the string-pullers behind global curtains, we have the choice to release what seeks to destroy us, and rise into sovereignty again. 

To be the creative power that fuels a global revolution. To be the ruler of our life. To be the artist of our own adventure.

To free our hearts and minds, to express our love and power, as sparks of Divine creative energy, incarnate.

This is the promise of this magic eclipse, if we harness it wisely.


Magick Pentagram Moon

This eclipse is a rare gift, a portal of true magic under which we can craft a spell of our own loving design.

As the Moon turns full, a perfect Pentagram will form in the sky. Five planets will align to form the points of a five-pointed star: Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius, the Moon in Leo and Sun in Aquarius. In Air and Fire signs, this lunar eclipse is like a cosmic hot air balloon, rising to take us as far as we dare to go.

The cosmos will blow fuel into our dreams over the next long months, and steer us towards the life that's waiting on the horizon.

The Moon, Jupiter and Chiron also form a perfect Yod. The Yod is a high-intensity aspect, also known as the Finger of God, and it forces a crisis of adjustment that’s been a long time coming. Something HAS to change now, within and without.

As Chiron in Pisces is the trigger point, our greatest potential lies in creating a bridge between our ego and the Divine, and in healing spiritual wounds of exile from Self.

Use this Full Moon to craft a ritual to release whatever is blocking the full, free expression of your love and power in the world. Then call in your heart’s desire, in service to your own personal joy, and the freedom of all on earth. 

Prepare to shift your ego-self desires and open to the Divine Plan for your life. 

This eclipse will cause a shut-down in your Leo-ruled house, that will usher out old ways of expressing your personal power, and make room for your new creativity to be born. What lies opposite, in your Aquarius-ruled house, will illuminate how you can best serve the world with your art.

For me, the eclipse falls in my sixth house of work, health and daily routines. I write this from the base of a magnificent Sequoia tree, where I'm camping on an old volcano. My family and I packed up our things and drove across country from Byron, to step into a brand new life of adventure.

Along the way, I lost my workaholic drive to push and achieve, and received my lush, creative spirit. Taking photos of my family as we travelled woke up a long-dormant creative seed in my soul. And doing my work under tree-branches, rather than with EMFs bouncing off the walls, feels like the healthiest way to do business online.

So I'm claiming my power in my work this year. Intending to make a living from my art, alongside my astrology. And do my service from places that increase my health, rather than disempower it. 

My Lunar eclipse ritual will involve three sequoias in this volcano crater, a place where I've crafted many Full Moon rituals. After carving a giant pentagram in the earth, I'll light a circle of candle flames, and call in my intention for the highest good.

To find out where this eclipse falls for you, click here.

What will you do, what shall you create, under the magic lunar eclipse?

What does your heart desire, purely for your own joy?

And how does it serve the collective?

It's time for our magic flight.

Assistance arrives with this Moon.

Align, intend, release.

May your heart's will be done.

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