Leo Solar Eclipse: Be Your Own Hero


Victory is only ensured when the hero is so inherently strong that his enemy cannot defeat or destroy him.

This Leo New Moon is a total Solar eclipse that will shut down old ways of using and owning our personal power over the next 3-5 years. As it brings endings to the way we handle royal Leo energy, it opens new avenues of playful creative expression and fierce, loving action that can empower us to become heart-led warriors rather than unwilling agents of fear and tyranny.

In the current socio-political drama enchanting the globe, America takes centre stage, and the Great American Eclipse can be expected to further release the darkest shadows of authoritarian and egocentric leadership playing out on its grand arenas.

With the eclipse falling within a degree of Trump's own Ascendant and Mars in Leo, expect the King to take a big fall.

As the lights go out on the way America expresses its power, the people can awaken to their inner sovereignty.

Only a society of strong, empowered and creative individuals can ever produce enlightened leadership. The world needs leaders with true blood, not just blue blood.

So under this Leo eclipse, if your leaders aren’t cutting it, it’s up to you to set the example.

We live in an era where leadership is willingly outsourced to the richest, the loudest, and the most self-interested - in other words, those willing to do whatever it takes to claim the throne. Or worse, those simply born into it, by virtue of bloodlines rather than morality, merit and virtue.

This is the height of Leo's authoritarian shadow. Self-service, rather than public service. Modern Kings and Queens who believe themselves divinely ordained, when in fact they made a deal with the devil.

As the people they "serve" become weaker and more complacent, these leaders become more shameless in the pursuit of power, profit and control.

While most of those we elect to serve us aren’t worth the paper they’re sworn in on, likewise we who accept their unconscionable rule are the perfect hosts for the parasites to feast on.

Kept weak on a steady diet of fear, chaos and uncertainty, we’re told to stay in constant alert against a lurking, shape-shifting “other.” Then, out of the terror emerges a strong, powerful leader, a King amongst men, the hero to unite us all against a common enemy.

Just like the great marketers we buy from every day, our leaders know the dark arts of persuasion, how to spin a story, and how to engineer the perfect response from the flock who consume their message.

And honestly, aren’t we relieved when someone else steps up to take charge? So we can go back to our vapid little bubbles, hook into the umbilical cord of instant entertainment, and dissociate ourselves on the medicated bliss and narcissistic programming we’ve grown to know and love. 

While our so-called leaders play chess behind closed doors, we’re chained like Pavlov's dog, distracted by the theatre that goes on in the world and triggered to keep blindly groping for more.

More money. More power. More status.

Even the New Age empowerment movement spins the same tune, just in more palatable ways: "The more money you make, the bigger difference you can make." Ever heard that one before? 

As Aldoux Huxley said, “Most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution.”

Or, as Adolf Hitler said, "what a great advantage for leaders that the people do not think."

If every adult in the western world devoted as much time to learning how to think, rather than to blindly repeating what they've been told to think, the wool could never be pulled over our eyes en masse.

If we worshipped our sovereign human rights the way we worship Facebook likes, we’d never allow them - or those of others in our world - to be taken away in the name of "freedom".

If we paid attention to history rather than cleverly-engineered media narratives we mightn’t be so naiive as to think “it could never happen to us.”

But instead our fragile Leo egos keep scurrying to prop themselves up, while the world around us burns.

When the Sun’s light returns, those who weren’t blinded by the spectacle will receive a new burst of creative solar power to wield. Using both inspired action and measured responsibility, we can harness the power of this eclipse to create long-lasting change in the status quo and our individual lives..

The eclipse is conjunct Mars in Leo, and part of a grand fire trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. Saturn's about to go direct, bringing old Sagittarian dogmas and belief systems into sharp focus, where they can be reappraised, reworked or released.

The power of the individual is emphasised in this eclipse, as is courageous, lion-hearted expression and fierce, heart-centred action. The actions we take now will lay the foundation for a revolutionary new reality wherever we have Leo in our chart. 

So if there’s something you want to change, use this eclipse to plant the seed for long-term growth, and take practical, rebellious action to bring it into reality.

Stop waiting for mummy and daddy government to fix the world’s problems, because it's not going to happen. External power structures are invested in keeping, not changing, the status quo.

Stop giving your power away to the media hysteria whipped up to infect the collective consciousness with more fear. You're playing right into their divide and conquer strategy.

Stop feeding the parasites.

Start using your creative power instead.

There’s a lot wrong with our world.

Racial hatred doesn’t just happen with neo-Nazis in Virginia. It’s sanctioned the world over. It’s part of the strategy that keeps us weak, distracted and fighting each other. It's how the great Empires were built, and it's the blood they're soaked in to this day.

Women aren’t just left out of the highest levels of office in business and government. They’re tortured and killed for crimes other people committed in places like Pakistan and Nigeria. The Handmaid's Tale might seem like Sci-Fi, but it's happening to degrees right now. And are we really silly enough to believe it could never happen "here?"

We still imprison and torture the animals we use for food. We bomb innocent civilians relentlessly to make a point. We allow our water to be infected with toxic chemicals, and our children to be injected with toxic cocktails, because we've given away our power.

We rape and pillage the Earth to power our homes, make our mobile phones, and feed the ginormous military-industrial-complex which is more interested in escaping the planet for Mars than fixing any of its mess.

But there’s also a lot right with the world we live in. People like you will not keep giving your power away to those who do not deserve it. The sooner you take it back, the better.

As R Buckminster Fuller says, "You never change things by fighting the existing reality."

You change it by withdrawing your energy from the drama, the lies and the manipulations that seek to feed off your sovereignty and syphon your life force. And by plugging back into the power inherent within you, and accessing the power within the Earth. Because she called you here, now.

Use the power you have to change the way you live your life.

Use it to heal the traumas in your psyche that keep you split-off and avoidant, so you can deal with the darkness within you, rather than be paralysed by the darkness without.

Use it to raise the next generation of thinking, feeling individuals who will not be zombies to the technocracy, but inspired, fearless leaders who serve our world from the heart.

Use it to build a strong community that cares for each other, so you're supported by, and supportive of, the real people who live on your patch of the Earth.

Use it to act with love, not react from fear. Be in full awareness of the injustices present in our world, but not defeated by them. Not afraid of them. Not recoiling from them. Not denying them for some fantasy land you can escape to when shit gets rough.

But meeting what goes on in the world you belong to with all the love in your heart.

Moving towards it, and saying:

"I see what goes on. I know what goes on. And I am the change. It starts with me."

I use astrology to help conscious leaders and entrepreneurs share their authentic gifts and align their business to their true self.

"It's given me permission to be the real me, not something that is expected of me or more acceptable to the masses.”  - Tarnya.

If you're ready to be who you were born to be, and do the work you came here to do, in service to your purpose and our world, click here to work with me.