Gemini New Moon: Freedom of Speech

After an intense, sticky and revealing Scorpio Full Moon, where big transformation happened for those willing to go deep, face the rage, and feel the pain, we’re now in the curious and lively energies of Gemini.

We’re being provoked into saying something radical this month to clear the stuck energy in our expression centre.

Gemini are the uber-restless twins who love nothing more than a book (or thousand) to read, someone else (or the whole of social media) to chat to, and something new to explore (preferably followed immediately by something else, and something else, and something else).

Gemini is the mind, interfacing between spirit and the world.

Always looking for new bits of information to compare against what’s already been learned. Seeking to categorise and understand, so it can tell everyone it knows.

Gemini, if you hadn’t already guessed it, is all about information.

Communication. Exploration. Conversation.

It breaks the monotony of Taurus’ slow and steady materiality, where the stabilisation of resources (aka money, baby!) is the be-all and end-all to the oh-so-practical Bull.

Gemini brings a breath of fresh, the winds of change, the latest gossip, and more data than any other sign could Google in a lifetime. It's the one who falls down the rabbit-hole of the interwebs, ending up utterly fascinated by the updates on Pippa Middleton's wedding. (That, and Neptune. Ahh... A girl can dream.)

Gemini thrives on mental stimulation. It always has the wittiest, most sparkling conversation to liven up any occasion.

In short: Gemini always has something to say. What it needs, more than anything, is someone to say it to.

This month, we’re being called to find out voice, and speak our truth.

To start a revolution in our communication, and say what's been hidden for too long.


Radical expression

The sabian symbol (a set of intuited stories that depict the wheel of life) for 5 Gemini is: A RADICAL MAGAZINE OR PUBLICATION, ASKING FOR ACTION, DISPLAYS A SENSATIONAL FRONT PAGE.

We’re being provoked into saying something radical.

To take a side. To take a stand. Because we need action. And words are our sparring partners.

Gemini, ruled by quicksilver Mercury, is happy to take sides, but in five minutes time, it will just as happily take the other side. And it’s so damn clever, that before you know it, it’s shadowy trickster spirit will cheekily inspire you to say something "you didn't really mean."

This month, we will have to navigate the trap of hasty, flippant communication that unconsciously starts a civil war, as we strive to open our mouths and speak the things which have been kept secret from the world.

Where we are compelled to speak, sometimes we need to just go with it. Suffer the consequences. Accept that sometimes, we will fuck up, say the wrong things, and regret it.

Because the price of staying quiet, blocking our expression, and strangling our power is too high a price to pay.

Especially just to avoid the risk of stepping on someone else's toes.

But sometimes, we do need to practice the art of diplomacy. As the Moon makes a trine to graceful, noble Jupiter in Libra, we'll be offered the chance to come to a common agreement, if needed. With Mercury in sensible, loving Taurus (ruling the moon), there’s an extra element of patience and serenity that we can use to get the message across. 

But with Venus in Aries, locked in a feisty t-square between Jupiter and Pluto, expect power struggles in love and finances to flip the switch on some almighty rows. If you’ve been stuffing your words down your throat instead of having those much-needed heart-to-heart chats - be warned. Now is the time to clear the air.

And with Mars currently in Gemini, watch out for signs that the God of War is gearing up his arsenal of words in a strategic attack. Intelligence, over flippance, always.

Don’t assume you have to bite your tongue to keep the peace, or on the other hand, fight to be heard. Speak freely in the spirit of transforming your relationships, rather than severing them completely. Aim for win-win, without compromising your right to free speech.


gemini magic

When we lose our voice, we lose the ability to speak our dreams into existence. And when we use our voice, we command the energy all around us to vibrate at the level we intend it.

Gemini also rules magic. Magic, on the mental plane, is the incantation, or en-chant-ment of energy, in the form of words and language.

The word, after all, is what the Creator used to set the primal energy into motion.

Think of how sound heals. Then think of how you speak life into being.

Do your words hurt, or inspire? No judgement from me. I've sent many a verbal arrow flying that I later regretted. It's all about how you choose to own - and use - your power. 

Do they cut down your dreams, or do they help them to take root? 

When we don’t speak our truth, we end up with lives that don’t suit us.

With wire wrapped around our mouths, rather than free-flowing expression. Habitually creating more of what we don't want, word by word.

But when we choose to use the words that align with our real intention, we harness the power to move heaven and earth.


healing the wound of expression

So many have suffered debilitating wounds to the ability to speak up and be heard in the world. Stay quiet. Shut up. It's easier that way. Don't rock the boat. Don't cause a fuss.

Public speaking, group speaking, or being the one with the talking stick, can send pure terror into the heart. How many would rather walk through burning coals, than put their hand up in class?

To speak the truth sometimes meant death, exile, or abandonment to the impressionable mind.

When we shut down our power, our voice is the first thing to go. 

The mind holds onto those memories, and they shape the lives we create in the now.

Until we change it, our future was written long ago. 

But just as the mind’s flexibility has been proven by neuroplasticity, Gemini is totally open to change. So flexible, in fact, that trying to pin a Gemini down is more futile than trying to catch soap bubbles.

Which means that your thoughts are utterly flexible, too. The things you tell yourself daily are in your command. It’s all about the way you are wired.

If your wiring is defunct, you can change it. By feeling into what's blocking it, and holding your intention to create a new pathway instead.

This month is the perfect time to write, think and speak everything you desire into existence - and to change the mental patterns creating what you don’t want. 

Get clever with your thoughts, or else they’ll get clever with you. Watch how your inner trickster always has to have the final say. And start telling your mind what to think instead. It will listen to you.


revolutionary brain food

The changes you make now can be far-reaching, revolutionary and radically stable as well. 

Practical change is the theme of the long-term grand fire trine between Saturn, Uranus and the North Node. We’re bringing order to the last several years of chaos, and settling into a new global normal, with the potential to still change things up on the fly. It’s all in service to the collective evolution, of our souls together, and each one of us as individual sparks of the divine.

Mercury, the moon’s ruler, is activated in an agitating Yod (the big finger of God) with Neptune and Jupiter. There’s a crisis of adjustment needed between what we’re saying (Mercury), what we’re believing (Neptune) and what the truth really is (Jupiter). 

We can’t fool ourselves this month. The practical way we communicate needs to harmonise with our imaginative powers, and to adjust to the big picture as well.

In short - a damn good energy to be practicing some potent New Moon manifestation, centred around speaking new things into existence. A perfect time to clear the air in relationships, put a fork in out-dated beliefs, and re-wire the way your mind works.

Conjunct Ceres, the nurturing principle that keeps us fed and clothed, the Moon brings us the ability to nurture through words. To use our intelligence to feed ourselves, and others. To harness our curiosity and mental energy as a sort of intellectual harvest that will keep us from going hungry.

What do you need, or have to offer, in terms of delicious brain food?

For me, the New Moon falls right on my Immum Coeli (IC), the roots of the soul, the house of home and family, and the midnight point of the chart. This month is about digging down into the mental foundation of my being, exploring what’s been hidden since childhood (especially the thoughts and words shaping my mental perceptions), and retreating inwards to tap my well of deep intelligence.

Ultimately, it’s about calling my energy back home from where it’s been so easily expressed in the world (the MC), so I can get curious about the family I’m with, and the family I’m from. And create loads of great Gemini content, to keep feeding everyone who wants this wisdom; so these branches can stretch higher in the long term.

You can find the place where the Gemini New Moon is activating your life here. This is your portal to re-writing and re-wiring your life this month. To speaking and thinking your revolution. And to getting curious, starting a conversation, and exploring the possibilities that exist - in truth, not just in the mental lens you’ve been seeing the world through.

See it. Think it. Express it.

Speak your truth freely, and start a revolution with your voice.

Use your Gemini magic. Choose your language wisely.

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