Gemini Full Moon: Adventures in Wonderland

She drank from a bottle called DRINK ME
And she grew so tall,
She ate from a plate called TASTE ME
And down she shrank so small.
And so she changed, while other folks
Never tried nothin' at all.” 

― Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

This Full Moon is a leap forward on the quest, where we'll wrangle riddles, contradictions and confusing wrong-turns, and keep on keeping the faith that somehow, it will all work out.

The moment before it manifests, you see the project you’re leading, the canvas you’re painting, the love you’re seeking, or the meal you're cooking, and wonder what the fuck you were thinking.

This will never work.

It’s too chaotic. Too messy. Totally beyond your capacity.

You lose it in a flood of tears, like Alice, too big to get through the door.

You give it up. Let it go. Lighten the load.

Slip through the keyhole.

The curious persist, led by their vision, deeper into the mystery.

A higher power has it sorted. We will have what we believe - if we listen, open, and do the work to make it real on Earth.

The Trickster & the Dream.

Gemini is the curious, quick-witted, trickster spirit, the the first to try new things. As soon as something more interesting appears, the fickle Twins are off, tumbling down rabbit hole after rabbit hole, with enough wonder and curiosity to end nine feline lives.

It was the Gemini search for information that led Alice into Wonderland, but once she got there, nothing was as it seemed. The topsy-turvy, logic-bending land of Neptune had her in a spell, and the more she consumed its mysterious elixirs, the less she knew herself.

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” 

Such is the theme of this Mercury retrograde Full Moon, closely square Neptune. We’re exploring the strange laws of a strange land, trying to find answers to questions that don’t make sense, on a quest for some kind of utopian vision that keeps beckoning us onward, into the fog.

Swept up by the curiosity of what lies behind each new and fascinating door, we’ve nothing to navigate with but the smoke from a hookah, a mad hatter’s tea leaves, and the darting flash of white from a rabbit who (hopefully) knows the way.


Heaven Beckons.

Bringer of dreams, fantasies and illusions, and the mystical union with divine inspiration that strikes poets, artists, cult-leaders, politicians and entrepreneurs, when we meet Neptune we surrender ourselves, and melt into the imagination of God.

Neptune’s not limited by rules, boundaries, or anything earth-based, time-sensitive, or gravity-dependent. Think the levitating guru, too pure for the human world, seeking instead to disappear from the appearance and return to non-dual no-thing-ness. Or the shape-shifting leader or marketing magician, entrancing individuals to forget their identity, and become One under his emotional spell. 

 Transcendent, ascendant, love and light atonement await in Neptune's domain. If we can make it that high.

Here, we either receive the Higher Power, or lose ourselves in despair. Return to the Source as a vessel for divine love; or escape into the melting pot of self-undoing. Walk lightly upon the earth, having tasted the Amrita; or wander lost forever, a split-off spectre with a body half-forgotten. 

One way, or another, Neptune dissolves who we think we are and delivers us back home. 

 One more drink, one tiny bite, and we slip out of this world and into Wonderland, for as long as the enchantment has us.

I lived for years in the hills between Mullumbimby and Uki, filled with retreats, ashrams, and cults of every coloured robe and guru. Places to lose yourself, your mind, and (hopefully) your human suffering, too.

One night, a woman got lost on the dark winding roads on her way home from a meditation retreat. Robed in orange, confused, dissociated, and hyper-sensitive to imagined chemical smells, she knocked at my door, and did her best to heed the directions. 

I later heard she was found on the road, and taken to the closest mental health ward. A harsh, cold world for a soul as fragile as hers. But the law of the land, no less, on the planet we know as Earth.

Boundaries. Neptune’s natural enemy, Saturn brings the order, structure and limits that keep feet on Earth, kids in school, and the universe ticking over like clockwork.

As Mercury goes retrograde exactly conjunct Saturn under the Full Moon, its time to review the fine print and put our dreams in order.

Where must we get real, and commit, to make the most of our finite time on Earth?

Where do we need to lay the foundations of that big ol' vision, so we can guarantee its realisation?

Where have we been deluding ourselves, and need to keep it real?

This Full Moon is an opportunity to either space out and lose our GPS, becoming entangled in the fog of Wonderland, waylaid by curious creatures leading us farther and farther from home. 

Or its time to follow the nudges from a divinely inspired plan, chasing curiosity and listening to the whispers calling us deeper into the grand imagining of a life beyond the known. 

Nothing is too big, too much, or too unrealistic for this inspired spiritual kool-aid.

Just make sure you bring it down to earth.

Cos all the dreams in your idealistic heart ain't worth a penny, unless you make em real in the world.

Hard Work Saves the Day.

I have a friend who’s empire is close to seven figures. She gets the download, feels the vision, listens to the nudges, and then does the things. Her dreams become reality. No doubt, she's a Virgo.

How many of us get the download, but never really do the things?

Saturn knows that we’re not judged by how big we dream, or how wondrous our potential, but by what and how we execute in 3D reality.

The pros keep doing the things, even when the things get hard. That’s what makes them pros.

With the Moon in Gemini, Sun and Venus in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces, the mutable T-square is dissolving old forms and allowing the flexible places inside us to morph into something new.

If you’ve got personal planets or points around 11 Pisces, Sag, Gemini or Virgo, you’ll be feeling extra pinned during this lunation. 

Its hitting all the angles of my chart: the self/other, home/work axis that my whole life hangs upon. So I'm nurturing my roots with Gemini mind-food. Expanding the branches of my business with Sag wisdom. Redefining my appearance with Pisces inspiration. And healing my relationships with Virgo fix-it-ability. Nothing works without the other.

So, to solve the riddle of this mutable puzzle for everyone right now, we turn to the missing leg of the square: Virgo.

Sweet, sensible Virgo. Maker of lists, cleaner of rooms, doer of things.

Here we find relief by keeping things organised, paying attention to the details, checking and double-checking the work, tidying up and bringing order to chaos, and being oh-so-practical when everything collapses. 

Rolling up our sleeves, and doing what needs to be done, finished, fixed, improved or perfected in the human realm, Virgo is how we navigate the flood of inspiration this month.

When Carl Jung felt his psyche starting to collapse, he went to the country and built a wall. Brick by brick, he sat there and did the work. In the end he had a castle.

Impenetrable, permanent, protection against the storm, a fortress of fortitude to hold the dreams being born through him.

There’s no angel above to save you from the human toil. You’re the earthly channel who must get the shit done.

Otherwise, you might as well stay in the lofty ethers, beaming visions into the astral plane and waiting for some other foolish human to land it on Earth.


An Enemy on the Road.

The Moon is ruled by Mercury, the guide of souls, going retrograde in truth-seeking, adventurous Sagittarius. We're on a quest for Truth, the Answers, the Knowledge that we are Right, after asking all those questions. Conjunct dogmatic, time-bound Saturn, we really, really want to have an adventure, but there’s something in the way. 

The old ways. Limits to what we believe is possible. Boundaries about who we are, and how much we can become. Religious dogma, spiritual vows, worldviews built on lack and poverty rather than abundant truth.

It's time to run over your dogma on the way to wash your karma.

It’s time to weed out the beliefs and personal religions that keep you living in miniature, and collapse them like a pack of cards. To see that the rules you live by can be turned on their head, and the limited logic of what you "believe" is truly relative, indeed. 

Grand plans slow down, the brakes grind slowly on grandiose wanderlust, and we’re being forced to read the fine print before setting foot in the potent new horizons November promised us.

“No wise fish would go anywhere without a porpoise.” 

Wherever late Sag falls in your chart is the scene of this tenacious exploration; be prepared to seek the Truth here, live within limits (at least for a while), or feel the crush of Saturn as the walls come crumbling down.

If you have personal points or planets close to 28 Sag, you’ll be feeling the squeeze intimately. Click here to find out where Mercury retrograde is affecting you.

Time to get your grit on, follow the signs, and look for the silver lining in every obstacle in your path.

Limits lead you closer to one thing: Mastery.


Calling to the Deep.

Meanwhile, the Moon is exactly inconjunct optimistic Jupiter in shamanic Scorpio.

As mystical Neptune has her way with our soul’s grandest visions, and Saturn smacks us with harsh reality, Jupiter, like a heavily-tattooed Tony Robbins, abducts us to his Dungeon of Unlimited Power, promising permanent change and limitless abundance if we can face what lies in the shadows.

Take the medicine, he says. It will heal your soul. 

The drink is sour, putrid, laced with unholy poison. We retch and purge as fetid toxins leach out of us, into the earth.

Have you come to be a spectator?  He taunts in the dim light, flanked by the skeletons of those who came - and failed - before.

Or do you dare to jump out of the jar? 

We breathe. Tremble. Cry.

Unless you let go of all that shit, you'll never make it high enough.

We want to run away, but our legs have collapsed. We’re pinned to our darkest edges, surrendered to the journey. We hand ourselves over to the pain, the feels, the portal opening to swallow us.

We jump.

A blanket appears, woven by angels from gossamer threads. Our heart is plugged into the heart of the universe. With Jupiter trine blissful Neptune, we’re soothed by the promise of nirvana that lies beyond this death.

Soaring over the bodies of those who didn't make it, we release our grip and fall into the abyss. 

Reborn in the flames, we crack open so wide that the greatness we seek has no choice but to emerge from us.

We Know that the dreams whispering to us are truly ours to hold.

Our candle lit by faith alone, we tumble off the map. And into the arms of the beloved waiting for us.


How to Make it in Wonderland

The false authorities have you cornered in the docks, screaming Off with your head! 

Call them out as a pack of cards, and watch it all collapse.

Strange creatures offer delicious morsels in the forest.

Eat some, and save some for later. 

Everything you planned is washed away, leaving you naked in a flood of tears.

Stay afloat, go with the flow, and wait for the boat to your next level.

Something beyond what you imagined is waiting to appear.

The only way through the tiniest of doors is to let go of who you once were.

Do you dare to live a life outside the lines?

Eat Me, or Drink Me?

Do both.


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Hey, I'm Eloise, and I inspire kick-ass coaches, healers and creatives to express their authentic self using astrology. If you're bored as hell with business as usual, I'll help you remember who you are, why you're here, and how to do special thing that only you can can do.

"I feel like you dived down into the depths of me and bought to the surface the core of who I am and illuminated my soul.  You were then able to provide me guidance specific to me, based on my innate nature, on how to use my soul gifts to step in and trust what my soul is guiding me to do. Most importantly you provided me clarity around my vision, charisma and leadership style and potential and what my soul clients really need from me. 

Your Brand your Soul report resonated so deeply with me, it provided me with clarity and purpose enabling me to trust and propel myself forward in my business, confident in the services I provide to those soul clients guided to work with me.

It truly has made sense of why I am the way I am, the struggles I face or have faced, and given me permission to be the real me, not something that is expected of me or more acceptable to the masses.  I have never been the fluffy, affirmation saying, crystal toting type intuitive.  I am drawn from old witch energy, I work in the dark, diving deep, and calling bullshit on peoples stories they tell themselves and drawing out old energy and ancestral memory that no longer serve a purpose. I have never felt open to being "out of the closet" so to speak, the fear of persecution is still very strong.  But now is my time, shadow hunting is rising and that is where I like to work."  Tarnya.

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